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Saturday, December 30, 2006
new shoes!

went to watch "my mother is a belly dancer" today!
it is a really cool movie, but not for 14 year olds! Its about housewives who are being emotionally abused by their husbands, cheating on them, ignoring them, etc. Then they discovered belly dancing, and it helped them get through everything...at least that part of their lives. andy Lau made an appearance!:) his name was "Adila" or something like that! hahaha. so funny.

i bought a new shoe today!:) By sketchers..Its called "SKECHERS Sport Fusion shoes - Women's Casual Shoes : Bikers - Sightsee" 40% Discount :) love discounts. if only it was in black!

Looks like this:

i finally saw the candies at Mid Valley!:) hahaha

pretty candies!

anyways, Russell Peters is coming to MALAYSIA!!!!

its TRUE! omg, i can't wait! *beams*

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/30/2006 05:57:00 PM

Friday, December 29, 2006
picture update

Elaine and I were at the curve that day, and we both got ourselves our name stickers for RM5! haha. its fun, and cheap. 100 stickers for 5 bucks!

okay, a bit waste of money la..ahhahaha, but its all good!

customary camwhore-pic. haha.


Elaine has been MIA on msn. Whereeeeee arrreeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu elaineeeeeeeee? i misssssssss youuuuuuuuuu!!

My friend, Sara got a job at Peake&Forrester...How cool, baru saja finish college, got job adey!and that company name is super cool! hahhaa.


Christmas Dinner at my Grandmother's Sister's place (my grandmother is mourning remember?) HAHA.
My cousin-Darryl, My Aunt-Sister Shanti (yes, she's a nun!), Me, Cousin Joshua on my lap, Bother and Cousin James!:)

again...with my adorable cousins... :)
All the cookies i baked last week :) come, come to my house to makan it all..cos im actually very sick of it already.

This one, i love!:) hahhaa. chocolate chip cupcakes!:) its so yummy i tell you! probably the best cupcakes i made so far! i didn't ice it tho..i thought it was too mah fan...and its already so good by itself, i donwanna spoil it. haha.

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/29/2006 11:43:00 PM

merry christmas!

you know, how you always get annoying flash images in your friendster and myspace testimonials/comments part?

In friendster, i got "merry christmas" testis from like people i dont even see often! haha. they still have to go to my page to put a testi right? they don't have mass testi feature, do they? haha.

anyways, i found this merry christmas one, so cute!

Since christmas is 12 days. here's for day number 5!:) Merry Christmas Everyone!:)

Want one? Go to www.geocities.com/testiflash

it will only play once. don't worry! haha.

my internship with the magazine is going to be almost over. I'll continue working..i think. but i think she must re-think the pay system! i'm not gonna get paid measly amount for doing so much work. ok, the only "much" work i did was doing the website html.

This guy,Nash found my blog and added me on msn. hahaha. i do have random blog readers! muahhahaha.

anyways, im going for a movie tomorrow with Shermaine...

movies ain't the same anymore :( there's a hole in me heart and i feel like i'm missing something in me...and the feeling sucks! imisshim.

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/29/2006 11:22:00 PM

Thursday, December 28, 2006
untitled. haha

so today was spent by doing nothing basically.

i will bake cupcakes tomorrow. . feel like icing. i hope i have enough butter...but i dont think so. haha. and i probably will not have a car tomorrow...TK!!! wanna go grocery shopping again??


shall not bug his life.

today i did not work. DARN! one day of -RM30. sucks. i wanna work. work gives me money.

anyways, good thing gmail works! of not i will not be able to send my files. hehe.

Since i did not work today, i shall read a book..Little Altars Everywhere By Rebecca Wells. The same author of the Divine Secrets of the yaya sisterhood!:)

i edited some pictures. but flickr is not opening...sucks. oh, btw, i think you should all try the google documents thing. it comes really handy..ccos it loads up pretty fast! haha.

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/28/2006 11:18:00 PM

all done

haha. i hope that webmaster guy doesn't laugh at me. HAHA. check it out here.

im going to sleep now. tmr/today is thursday. i hope there's more work to do. then i can get more pay! hahaha.

sidney says i'm a workaholic.

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/28/2006 03:15:00 AM


Big news of the day:

TGV is going to open at Jusco Metro Prima, KEPONG!
yes,yes...KEPONG. HAHA. i read it in CinemaOnline Forum. So, i'm not sure how true it is...

Second Big news of the day:

Internet is slow, caused by earthquake at Taiwan. ugh.

Third Big news of the day:

I'm currently doing a homepage layout on HTML for emmagem. how nice. and i don't even have dreamweaver or what nots. i wanna get paid more for this man (i mean, do HTML also, not only Designing it?)...how do i ask boss? :/ sucks.

bye now...

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/28/2006 01:15:00 AM

Monday, December 25, 2006
Google Docs & Spreadsheet

geek moment!

i'm updating my blog from Google Docs & Spreadsheets! haha. i don't even know if it will work, but there was a link on blogger, and i went to try it. It is like a rich text format thingy, where you can even edit HTML here. how cool. its like i can work on a normal document like in MS word, then just transfer to MSWORD. whoaaa.

Christmas mass was last night, and it was fun! seeing and wishing people i only see during christmas (or any other favourite celebration:Easter, Good Friday, etc)! haha. wishing and hugging and air kissing everyone. i met my old sunday school/YAC mates: Michelle, Victor, Louanne, Christopher, Patrick, Eugene, Hazel.......i miss them loads. we still have money from our YAC days. we were SUPPOSED to meet up and do smething together. but no one is planning anything. how sad... ):

HAHA.. ok, i'm gonna try a table..

Christmas Presents Recieved:

Shopaholic T shirt + Lip Balm (haha, i knew what she was getting me like few weeks ago!:P)
MNG Handbag! yay!(i love handbags!)
Aunty Linda

Well, thats it!:p haha. my mother and father is not giving me any presents, unless i ask for it. like you know, when we're shopping, "diiii, please buy for me this (*shows stuff with a pity face*), Christmas present!!!!" haha. it works most of the time, only this time, we did not go to any shopping mall together yet. haha.

funny all 3 who gave me any presents are non-christians:) hahaha. i find that so many of my non-christian friends are celebrating christmas full blast and i'm not. haha. i guess its because we have been always somewhere holidaying for christmas that we don't know what to do when we're at home. HAHA. We've been going for holiday almost every year since we got the Berjaya Vacation Club Thing.

Anyways, Thanx for all your comments on my dress. I wore it yesterday...White tube with Gold Belt. :D i felt so dressed up in church last night. but then again, everyone is so dressed up!! its christmas!! haha. at least mine was least dressed up. cos its just a black dress, cotton one somemore. some people wear such sparkly and shiny dress.

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/25/2006 12:22:00 PM

its christmas!

just got back from mass :D

Merry christmas everyone!:)

i need to finish up my Sabah Article today! hahaha...so much for a holiday! :P i've been procrastinating alot lately. i guess work = study = procrastination!

i guess i'd better finish it today, if i want to go out tomorrow. must visit people here and there. hahaha.

Riki just got back from the OC! super cool!! my brother's going to California next year, i wanna go too!!!!! i'm bugging my mom to sponsor me to go. but i doubt i will get to go :( maybe if i get multiple jobs, like continue working for Emmagem, then work for theworldofus also! muahhahaha. get loads of money (as if!) then i can go!:) hehe.

bye now!

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/25/2006 01:28:00 AM

Sunday, December 24, 2006

So, i went on a shopping spree today! well, not exactly, i didn't manage to buy shoes and accessories and a new handbag...but oh wells, i had fun shopping with Elaine!:)


lookie what i bought:

A julie cooper type of dress! hahaha. im so perasan okay. but what the heck, high self esteem is good.nice or not? its super red okay!!

Next, is the dress elaine and i bought. hahaha. its really pretty. (**ignore my heavy bottom area...its super ugly, once again, who cares!!! i love how i look! hahaha**) altho, i still need someone t kick me and ask me to exercise!! hahaa.


Now, the question is...(for all my fashionista lj+blospot friends...)

1) white tube or black tube?
2) with or without the gold belt?

**can ignore all the other words in the picture, thats just for boosting self esteem and trying to prove a point that camera angles makes someone pretty in picture! haha.**


i personally like the white tube one...


looks like this from the back...i need to tie the ribbons properly tho...

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Karen wrote this at.. 12/24/2006 03:15:00 AM

Saturday, December 23, 2006

i've officiallymoved to blogger beta. i mean, blogger now not beta anymore. i hope things go well.

i need to sleep.



Karen wrote this at.. 12/23/2006 02:31:00 AM

Friday, December 22, 2006

i found Be a Fashionista.com . how cute, you get to borrow designer bags for SGD$50 -SGD$150 per month! haha. i wonder if it will work in KL. Would you borrow bags for RM100 a month? haha. and the RM100 a month one is like a ciplak kinda designer bags, compared to the RM300 per month one. hahaha.

i'm going shopping tomorrow:) with elaine. at 11am. whoa i hope i can wake up. i need to send biscuits to my grandmother first. haha. i hope i can wakey! hehe.

my stomach feels weird. must be the crab i ate for dinner. sucks. i feel like puking...maybe i should drink water...sucks.

i got my first christmas present today!

went for confession. i wonder if priests really listens to your confessions. because, today, after i said all my little sins (not telling here la ofcourse!), then he told me to do my penance in like 3 seconds.whoaaa..super fast, no need to think about what i said wan ar? then say act of contrition,then he blesses me, then byebye. maybe because it was penitential service where the whole church goes for confessions, so he just moves on fast fast...hahaha.there were like super many priests that came today. HAHA. if you're not catholic, you'd probably go "har" after reading what i wrote!

There's a new priest in my church! i haven't seen him yet. His name is George Harrison.hahaha. whoa...such cool name...one of my aunty friend said he is a cute young fella. HAHA. my aunty friend oogling at priests!!

i need to reclaim my money back!:( i paid for petrol on monday, RM50 worth of MY MONEY, yo! (technically, it is all my dad's money la..) but still!i also bought groceries worth RM20 AND my mouse for RM30! thats RM100 worth of MY money!!!i'm such a bad kid. HAHA. i'm going shopping tmr, and i need money okay!

i'm such a geek, i should kill myself now. haha

anyways, i should try to sleep now...

Karen wrote this at.. 12/22/2006 11:45:00 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2006
karen rocks!

i went out with tk today. it was fun!:) nice having a lepak friend whenever i want to! hahaha. in one of our little conversations, he mentioned that i'm an all rounder. haha. am i? he said, i do well in school, i join clubs, i bake now, i design my blogs stuff....etc...HAHA.i don't think i'm an all rounder yet. well, at least until i'm super independant(have the courage to go to strange places myself), got drunk(or at least try drinking socially with friends), have a gazillion acquaitances(learn to network), what else, owh, work. i am working now...hahaha.

we went to Jusco for some grocery shopping and had Secret Recipe for lunch. it was fun!:) On Tuesday, i went to Subang and had lunch with Elaine!:) haha. i love my friends who make time to eat with me. or just hang out. haha. cos i get pretty lonely being in my house all day. usually, i'll go to Melati utama to bug that person who's far far away now. i get depressed and sad quite easily nowadays.. i just sleep on my bed and cry. haha. its not a good thing. being depressed...this christmas is going to be erm, quite depressing. we don't even have christmas tree up this year...hahah. and there will not be any christmas lunches or dinners as all my family members are supposed to be "mourning". HAHA. i bet my grandfather would say, "come on now, please celebrate christmas, and have booze!!!" haha. he was a drinker, my grandfather. haha. i miss him. he's super cute i tell you. because he always fights with me for the tv. he would wanna watch TV2-tamil shows and i won't let him. HAHA. he always mumbles and mumble about my grandmother, like all the time. i hope he's happy where he is now...:) merry christmas, tata!:)

A bunch of youths from my church decided to sing carols for houses..they came to my house...bless them!:) haha. i wish they keep up the good work and continue coming as a group every other week to actually build up the youth in my church. :/ i highly doubt that'll happen! hahaha. i wish i had the courage to do that. be a leader for the youths. but the thing is, there are many highly experienced people out there who might think i'm a loser. hahaha. owh well. pray for my youth group development!:)

anyways, they came yesterday, and sang in front of my house. HAHA. i've never had carollers come to my house before, or at least, i used to be the one singing, instead of watching. its so weird, no? looking at people singing, in santa hats. haha.

i baked the last batch of my cookies at 930. ugh. so tiring. this time i mad sugar cookies. i haven't made the icing yet. maybe tomorrow. i need to do my work la. i haven't done anything yet..yikes. i hope the writers are writing, if not i have to write some articles. i am really not a writer kind of person.

i shall go and shower now. all that baking, my whole body is filled with flour! hahaa.

Karen wrote this at.. 12/21/2006 10:11:00 PM

Wish List

okay...so making a wish list, is really, for nothing, or no one. haha. its for me and me only to oogle on things...cos no one, except my family members, actually buys me christmas presents! haha. i'm lame, i don't have many friends who does secret santa or exchange presents, i know, thank you. only elaine bought me christmas present this year, yay!:) which reminds me, i need to bake cupcakes for her, since im always broke and buying a present would costs money and besides, im good at icing! hahahhaha..!:) okay...here goes my wish/oogle/iwantitbadly list (in no particular order)

1. Kitchen Aid Mixer


Since i've been baking, an AUTOMATIC mixer would make my life much easier!!! and the most famous one would be, Kitchen Aid!!! Its only USD$329!!! come on, i know you can get me one!:) i want the pink one okay? HAHA. mum wants to buy us a stand mixer already! yay! i think we'll get the cheaper brand from HSL Electric or SenHeng. HAHA. probably RM200/USD$50. HAHAHAHA. owh well. more baking tomorrow. I made choc chip cookies today!:) taste super sweet!!! but nice, if u have a sweet tooth!:)

2. Cupcake/Muffin Baking Tray


my first love wil always be baking cupcakes!:) so get me a cupcake baking tray, i would love you forever and ever!:) hahahah.its not that cheap!:p

3. Cupcake stand
cupcake stand is love. i can show off cupcakes. hahahha.

4. A new Mouse.
i wanted a new mouse since forever, and i actually bought one already, and its super cute!:)

5. Shoes

In my size! i wanna buy trendy, fashionable shoes, but i can never find size...i wear a size 9/10 okayy..super hard to find shoes. i want a fancy shoes and a normal flipflops.

7. 4GB SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo

Since the "incident" happened, my memory card was missing, so i am in need of a new memory card. Preferbly 4GB! hahaha. then i can have my own ipod/mp3 player in my phone. HAHAH.
4GB is USD$129 = RM400+
2GB is USD$80 = RM240+

hmmmm..decisions, decisions...

8. Watch
i am so in need of a watch too. i've been wearing my mum's watch...not fun!

9. New Haircut
i want something like this at first, when i curled my hair...
turned out a bit too crappy.

Long curls
this is lovely!:)

Maybe i should just do something mega drastic like go short, and perm it...

this is pretty, altho this picture is for damaged frizzy hair..but i like the curls..

maybe i shall just get a Peyton haircut! hahaha.


i want a new haircut, my hair is so unruly now!:( it is SO long and SO not straight or curly! super annoying...

10. Ride to Johor + friends to follow me there/courage to go alone...

all i want for christmas is to see him again...:(


i was talking to Hon Wai just now...surprisingly, he bakes too!:D hahaha. we are very much alike, hon wai and I!:) hahahha. we both are studying psychology, love malaysian music, and wa-hey, we bake too! without Hon Wai, my life would be so different now. HAHAHHAHAHA. well, you know what i mean...

its 230am. i think i need to sleep. wakey early to do my work. i've been slacking from work. ugh. and SO MUCH TO DO!!!:( sucks. and i still haven't bought my christmas outfit yet!

btw, this site offers free stock photos!:D lovely photos!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/21/2006 01:37:00 AM

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i got a new mice!:)

isn't it the cutest?

hehe. period came. ugh. sucks. luckily i'm not on vacation this christmas.

i got loads of cookies to bake and loads of WORK to do!!!:( emmagem + my dad!

sucks. i want a lazy holiday!:(

Karen wrote this at.. 12/20/2006 06:32:00 PM


what happened since thursday?

+Went to the hospital with my mum
+Went to my "office" at Kuchai Lama!
+Saturday-what did i do ar? owh yea, ROCK THE WORLD! It was super fun! i think i lost weight by just standing up and walking around and head banging! hahaha. i miss the fun! altho, i think i will need VIP passes next year, just because they serve free buffet dinner, booze and tables and chairs in air cond! hahah. when you've been standing for more than 5 hours, that VIP area looks pretty nice. :) overall=fab day!:)
+went into the LV store at Bukit Bintang! haha. felt so awkward! knwoing that i can never afford anything, even the smallest key chain! hahaha.
+Sunday-church, Pay Less Book Sale, Bought Baking supplies, slept, cleaned my room, watched Full House Season 4
+Monday-wake up, baked Butter Almond Cookies, watched Full House, did some work.

and today, i woke up, went to Subang to pick up my earrings at Osixnine with Elaine, camwhores, drank bubble tea, met with my editor at Austin Chase, came home and finished all 26 episodes of Full House.

i wanna be Uncle Jesse's Mistress! (because he's married to Becky!:( )

anyways, i sent email to the writers to be, please reply yea?

i wann go take a shower now. and sleep. i need sleep.

buhhbye now, have a nice day!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/20/2006 12:31:00 AM

Thursday, December 14, 2006

i baked cupcakes again!:) this time, it jadi! hahaha. super happy.

i bake, but i don't want to eat!

i need food colouring paste, instead of liquid. the colours are so bright! i want a darker pink and a darker green and a darker red!


if i went back 5 years from now, myself at 15, would laugh her ass off seeing the 20 year old me baking! hahhahaha.

im typing and calculating for my dad now. ugh. so much work!!!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/14/2006 11:42:00 PM

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

sorry for leaving my blog empty :)

So, i started work(at the above site). i wouldn't say its a 9-5 kinda job. more like a twice a month deadline job. i wrote a couple of articles to be released on the 15th. GO SEE OKAY!!:) my proud work. I KNOW, i'm no Denise, Laineyyyyyy or Sidz when it comes to writing...haha. my writing is just...... normal. like how i speak. maybe a little more organized cos i speak also a bit here and there wan. from the way i blog, you also know la, my writing sucks. hahahah.

LUCKILY i stripped my blog man!! i was on wi-fi with my editor, and she wanted to look at my blog and see how i write! OMG!!! haha.

i wrote about Phuket, Christmas Gifts and a review on a website. Only 3 i think. others are sourced from the internet. Emmagem really needs writers. i think the website lacks originality. because almost 50% of the articles are cited.

Denise, wanna join emmagem? i already asked Laineeyyyyand another friend already. anyone else willing to write? i'll pass a note to the editor...heehee. would love to work with all of you :)

being an intern i get paid very little. HAHA. so no asking for belanja all. i'm already super broke. Can't wait to get my pay(however little the amount), then i can get my new memory card. muahahhahaha.

i finished my last article at 12 something pm. hahaha. the Phuket one. was supposed to go do more research. but editor called and said okay. so i missed the ADPSC meetings with SW. Sorry SW. I really wasn't looking forward to meetings anymore. its over. my adpsc days. i'm bored already..

i went out with KL and WS afterwards. forgot to camwhore tho. :( we ate at Kim Gary's, went shoe shopping and tried out clothes at FOS and Nichii Fashion City. I found this top that i really liked!!!:) its RM39.90. fits perfectly and its a girly girl top. haha. happy. need to get money from mum to buy.

Guess who i saw in Nichii? Mr. JK! my design lecturer!:) (okay, notice the initials? i'm trying not to name my friends and aquaintances anymore!)

Guess what he said? I'm going to be happy with my design marks!!!!! that translates an A right? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA but better not get my hopes so high yet...:/

omg, super happy!:):) he was with his wife. so cute! hahaha.


i bought a long wife beater shirt at FOS. i love it!:D shopping with KL and WS is fun!:) i missed them loads. we plan to go to Laundry soon :) i really want to go man...Laiineeeeyyyyyy when u bringing the alco-virgin to be de-virginized? hahaha. i never really had alcohol before. one/two sips tak kira la!!

somebody buy me a flickr gift? pretty pleaseee?


end ad

HAHAHHAA. okay, so today is a massive update day. just because i wanna be like Laineeeyyy so rajin update blog. haha. she even made her wishlist...i shall make mine too. in the mean time, i shall post up some long overdue pics...


my pimped desktop. with loads of widgets!:) muahahhaa.

so this whole year, i've had a series of unfortunate events. like seriously. i need to mandi 7 bunga already. all in all, can summ it up to be, i'm super stupid. i had this mantra a few days ago. "karen is so stupid, karen is so stupid..." on my LED lights. well, i am stupid! :(

got distracted by "public opinions poll" call. i wonder if any of these ever gets published, or its just a prank! but ive done these a few times before. so nothing new. ofcourse i lied to answer most of the questions! hahahhaha. poor guy! get wrong information.

omg, flickr has an upload capacity of 100mb now! whoaaaa...it used to be 20 mb only..yay to flickr. i love flickr. everyone should stop using photobucket and use flickr!:)





Malaysian English Top 10 Awards!:)
(some of the nice (read:clear) ones)













OKAY i'm DONE!:) enjoy life. merrychristmas!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/13/2006 10:11:00 PM

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i'm not dead yet.


clickie here


merry christmas, yo!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/12/2006 06:10:00 PM

Saturday, December 09, 2006

blogger beta anyone?

i wonder if i should change.

Karen wrote this at.. 12/09/2006 09:33:00 PM

Friday, December 08, 2006

#10 081206


so, today i went to college surprisingly early! haha. i actually managed to wakey early today! hehe. studied at library. so rajin hor. haha. today's the only day i actually studied. other days i just wrote notes!

anyways, i predicted the wrong thing. omg. so stupid! study so hard, actually its just one small part in the beginning! madness. so sorry elaine!:( i really thot it would be "client centered approach"! owh well, i managed to answer because i kinda studied the whole chapter...there were about 5 or so question on something that was not even in the book(or at least the chapters he asked us to study!) :O can die lor. so many MCQ i bantai like mad.

owh well, its over!

i tried making cupcake with a different recipe. By Nigella Lawson. FAILED! teruk, teruk OKAY!! but i did like the super simple and super sweet icing!:)


ok, maybe its my fault for not following her recipe word for word. british/american conversions might be a little wrong. haihs. owh well, at least the 3rd and 4th one jadi. but too flat as i did not put baking powder! well, Nigella's recipe said dun need! but Elaine said, MUST PUT WAN, even if its self raising flour...hehe. sorry la, i'm a newbie in the kitchen!:)

i also baked one of Jaime Oliver's cakes. also tak jadi. it jadi la. only i cut the cake too BIG and we used whipped cream instead of double cream and there were TOO MUCH icing! haha. man, i suck at baking cakes!:( not giving up!:)

i have a dream. i wanna be Bree Vanderkamp!:) hahaha. *smacks face*


My niece!


This is the new edition to my family!:) her name is Ern Ern. haha. i think they call her Yan Yan. maybe its come mandrin pronounciation or something. she doesn't like girls. only boys.

i love my nephews and nieces. Because they try hard to talk to me in english and they sound so cute!:) hahhaha.

i think i wanna sleep :) but i am SO NOT sleepy! can die. insomnia..

i need to call emmagem editor. i want my job! muahahhaha. :p


Karen wrote this at.. 12/08/2006 01:40:00 AM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


#9 071206

my exams tomorrow, and here i am onlineing, watching the OC, heroes you tubeing, surfing the net.

i need a tight slap!:(
actually, i've gone through all 4 chapters, just need to hafal/remember everything now. thats the worst part of studying. yucks.

anyways, my grandmother (well, actually my grandmother's youngest sister) asked me to bake 2 types of cookies for her for christmas! haha. yay, my first orders! ofcourse i'm not going to charge her. hehe. i'm like so not pro in baking yet. and besides, i've never made cookies before! waahh. diediedie. my godbrother, who is her grandchild ate the Kek Batik and told her i made really good cookies. *dies*

shall find pretty cookies recipes now. omg, the pressure, baking for other people!

get back to Counselling interview now :)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/06/2006 10:47:00 PM

Ronan Keating All Over Again ft Kate Rusby

i love this song!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/06/2006 04:12:00 PM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

#8 061206

What a boring day!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/05/2006 11:56:00 PM

Monday, December 04, 2006
baby come back!

baby V is so pretty!:) she's Venessa Hudgens. the High School Musical Star.

i wouldn't say her album's nice. haha. not my type!:) but i did like "Baby come back"

need to sleep. but im not sleepy~:(

i talked to Sidney today!:) mish him loads.

#7 051206

i love one liners update. haha.

my phone should be ready. i need to call the phone people. remind me please.

i'm pretty excited to start work, go for MET 10 awards and Rock The World!:)

i should sleep. i really should. but im not sleepy. i need to finish 2 chapters tmr. NEED. NEED!

YAC's having this uber cool gathering. only for YACians! hahaha. :P i don't know details yet, but we are planning!:) come kay, those of you who are still in KL!:)

bsb ish the besh boyband!maybe cos i loved them loads when i was a teenager. haha. omg, i just said "when i was" hahaha. well, i am technically 20~! haha.

Karen wrote this at.. 12/04/2006 11:52:00 PM

#4,5,6 - widgets!

haha. im hooked!:)

widget makes my desktop look so pretty! and i love pretty desktops. haha. thanx lynnfunkstar..for bringing me to the "light"! HAHA.

lookie (click on it for a bigger image)


i just had to put "karen rocks!" since im print screen-ing! hahaha. the geek smiley explains the studying. my itunes (ipod) thingy. countdowns to LOST and PRISON BREAK! Advent Candles! and countdown to christmas!:)

i downloaded SO MANY. even a bible! haha. they have so many widgets!!

i missed so many days of "imissu" picture. so here goes. saturday, sunday and monday.

#4 021206

#5 031206

#6 041206

sidney actually came online saturday!:) hehe. miss him loads. i could not sms him much also. our timing are so wrong. :(

my hair has been annoying me lately. i think its too long and curly. ugh. its not like i don't like curly hair. just that when its dried after my hair wash, it just flies everywhere and i feel like there's an ant on my shoulder all the time! ugh.

i need a haircut.

i joined a mp3 community at LJ. it super rocks! cos i get to listen to Backstreet Boys' first albuma nd Mariah Carey's greatest hits! muahahha. i love love love my playlist now. cos i also have TONS of christmas songs. Everyone should say thank you to sendspace.com.

you know, when i talk to like Maria or Pia or any of my malay friends, i tend to add in malay words/slang in my conversations. i sound super funny. i amuse myself too much when i add malay words/slang to my conversations. i actually laugh at myself afterwards (in my head la ofcourse!) HAHA. you have to admit, i don't sound one bit malay. haha. (it explains the B4 for Bahasa in SPM)

owh, Elaine and I went to PWTC on saturday for Edu Fair (We went to see post grad stuff). We met the Hitz Cruisers, and we got ourselves a pair of Malaysian English Top Ten Awards Tickets each!:) heehee. i can't wait to go! :) asked Lea if she wanted to go with me. HAHA. Old times relived. :D come kay? hehehe.
been seeing Hitz Cruisers a lot lately! but the last one was the most successful, cos we've got free tickets. Owh wait, previously we got Ryan Star tickets too! and an Amazing Race Notepad! heheh.

i want Rock the World 7 Tickets!!! anyone wanna gimme free tickets? i'm kinds super broke now. :( i hope my brother pays for me. but then again, he always wanna save his money...hmmm... Hitz Cruisers, gimme some tickets!!!!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/04/2006 12:58:00 AM

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