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Friday, December 08, 2006

#10 081206


so, today i went to college surprisingly early! haha. i actually managed to wakey early today! hehe. studied at library. so rajin hor. haha. today's the only day i actually studied. other days i just wrote notes!

anyways, i predicted the wrong thing. omg. so stupid! study so hard, actually its just one small part in the beginning! madness. so sorry elaine!:( i really thot it would be "client centered approach"! owh well, i managed to answer because i kinda studied the whole chapter...there were about 5 or so question on something that was not even in the book(or at least the chapters he asked us to study!) :O can die lor. so many MCQ i bantai like mad.

owh well, its over!

i tried making cupcake with a different recipe. By Nigella Lawson. FAILED! teruk, teruk OKAY!! but i did like the super simple and super sweet icing!:)


ok, maybe its my fault for not following her recipe word for word. british/american conversions might be a little wrong. haihs. owh well, at least the 3rd and 4th one jadi. but too flat as i did not put baking powder! well, Nigella's recipe said dun need! but Elaine said, MUST PUT WAN, even if its self raising flour...hehe. sorry la, i'm a newbie in the kitchen!:)

i also baked one of Jaime Oliver's cakes. also tak jadi. it jadi la. only i cut the cake too BIG and we used whipped cream instead of double cream and there were TOO MUCH icing! haha. man, i suck at baking cakes!:( not giving up!:)

i have a dream. i wanna be Bree Vanderkamp!:) hahaha. *smacks face*


My niece!


This is the new edition to my family!:) her name is Ern Ern. haha. i think they call her Yan Yan. maybe its come mandrin pronounciation or something. she doesn't like girls. only boys.

i love my nephews and nieces. Because they try hard to talk to me in english and they sound so cute!:) hahhaha.

i think i wanna sleep :) but i am SO NOT sleepy! can die. insomnia..

i need to call emmagem editor. i want my job! muahahhaha. :p


Karen wrote this at.. 12/08/2006 01:40:00 AM

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