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Thursday, May 29, 2008
Staring outside my house for 10 minutes

It was 5.10pm, when I started to stare outside my large sliding door. Everything seemed calm as the rain just stopped about half hour ago. I had just finished watching "Chuck" the series on my computer and it was a happy ending, so I was feeling a little happy from that movie.

My house faces an end of a shopping lot. From the little room that I had to look into, I could only see the back door of the shop lot, which is actually a small shoe warehouse. It is painted in green and had many shoe boxes lying around the back corridor. There was a car parked in front of my house and it was black in color. It was a Wira car with a shiny silver rim on the tire. He must have just sent his car for washing as the rims looked really shiny. I could tell it was my neighbor’s car because my dad usually curses the owner of this car for parking in front of my house.

A few car passed by as I sat there looking outside. I could tell it was really windy because the red bougainvilleas potted plants located opposite my house, just in front of the shoe warehouse, were moving away. It was a great day to be outside, just enjoying the wind, I thought to myself. A few minutes passed and I heard my neighbors talking. They were speaking in Hokkien and from the little I could understand, I could tell what they were planning to do. The little neighbor girl wanted to go out to the park to play, but, her grandfather told her that she could only go for a while as he had to come back soon to bathe.

After a while, I saw her passing by my tunneled vision with a Skippy rope. Her grandfather followed her with a tiny toddler in his arms. They walked passed my house. There I was again, staring at the shiny black car and the potted bougainvillea plants opposite my house. A few cars passed by and my dog, Timtam boy seemed to be alerted. There could only be one reason why he's up and standing in front of my sliding door. My dad was reaching home. I saw the grandfather and his two grandchildren walk pass my house back to their home. That was fast, I thought. The wind chimes hung in front of my house started to make noise, and my dad's van was then in front of my house.

x x x x

That was my assignment for tomorrow. I was supposed to stare at a window(mine was er, sliding door) for 10 minutes and write what i saw afterwards for 10 minutes.

My feature writing class is so awesome! lols, we get to write about really cute things(points at the above)! lols. I'm not really good at writing or playing around with words. This class should really help me with my writing. and also bring down my SE, because we have to read out a loud our assignments and er, mine isn't exactly that awesome compared to my classmates! lols!

This past few weeks has been really awesome!:) I mean, I spent money like SHIT, but who cares, I did it in style! wtf.

I actually (In no particular order):
I need to get back to "student" mode and start some of my assignment and studying. For psych, we have this new anti plagiarism thing to do now, so annoying! No more last minute assignments.
Owh wells!

Can't believe 3 years ago, i stepped into this placed called HELP Uni College! Summer 2008 marks my 4th year in Uni. I'm 22 and I'm going to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Communications by the end of this year with a GPA of 3.6. Clap hands now, you think easy to get 3.6? huh huh huh???


You know, this semester, I'm planning to be a loner. wtf. I go to class, sit by myself and go back home. HAHAHAHA okay, so i miss my friends who all left me, but I will make new friends!!! lols!

I will post some pictures soon!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/29/2008 05:21:00 PM

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