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Monday, December 25, 2006
Google Docs & Spreadsheet

geek moment!

i'm updating my blog from Google Docs & Spreadsheets! haha. i don't even know if it will work, but there was a link on blogger, and i went to try it. It is like a rich text format thingy, where you can even edit HTML here. how cool. its like i can work on a normal document like in MS word, then just transfer to MSWORD. whoaaa.

Christmas mass was last night, and it was fun! seeing and wishing people i only see during christmas (or any other favourite celebration:Easter, Good Friday, etc)! haha. wishing and hugging and air kissing everyone. i met my old sunday school/YAC mates: Michelle, Victor, Louanne, Christopher, Patrick, Eugene, Hazel.......i miss them loads. we still have money from our YAC days. we were SUPPOSED to meet up and do smething together. but no one is planning anything. how sad... ):

HAHA.. ok, i'm gonna try a table..

Christmas Presents Recieved:

Shopaholic T shirt + Lip Balm (haha, i knew what she was getting me like few weeks ago!:P)
MNG Handbag! yay!(i love handbags!)
Aunty Linda

Well, thats it!:p haha. my mother and father is not giving me any presents, unless i ask for it. like you know, when we're shopping, "diiii, please buy for me this (*shows stuff with a pity face*), Christmas present!!!!" haha. it works most of the time, only this time, we did not go to any shopping mall together yet. haha.

funny all 3 who gave me any presents are non-christians:) hahaha. i find that so many of my non-christian friends are celebrating christmas full blast and i'm not. haha. i guess its because we have been always somewhere holidaying for christmas that we don't know what to do when we're at home. HAHA. We've been going for holiday almost every year since we got the Berjaya Vacation Club Thing.

Anyways, Thanx for all your comments on my dress. I wore it yesterday...White tube with Gold Belt. :D i felt so dressed up in church last night. but then again, everyone is so dressed up!! its christmas!! haha. at least mine was least dressed up. cos its just a black dress, cotton one somemore. some people wear such sparkly and shiny dress.

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