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Monday, December 04, 2006
#4,5,6 - widgets!

haha. im hooked!:)

widget makes my desktop look so pretty! and i love pretty desktops. haha. thanx lynnfunkstar..for bringing me to the "light"! HAHA.

lookie (click on it for a bigger image)


i just had to put "karen rocks!" since im print screen-ing! hahaha. the geek smiley explains the studying. my itunes (ipod) thingy. countdowns to LOST and PRISON BREAK! Advent Candles! and countdown to christmas!:)

i downloaded SO MANY. even a bible! haha. they have so many widgets!!

i missed so many days of "imissu" picture. so here goes. saturday, sunday and monday.

#4 021206

#5 031206

#6 041206

sidney actually came online saturday!:) hehe. miss him loads. i could not sms him much also. our timing are so wrong. :(

my hair has been annoying me lately. i think its too long and curly. ugh. its not like i don't like curly hair. just that when its dried after my hair wash, it just flies everywhere and i feel like there's an ant on my shoulder all the time! ugh.

i need a haircut.

i joined a mp3 community at LJ. it super rocks! cos i get to listen to Backstreet Boys' first albuma nd Mariah Carey's greatest hits! muahahha. i love love love my playlist now. cos i also have TONS of christmas songs. Everyone should say thank you to sendspace.com.

you know, when i talk to like Maria or Pia or any of my malay friends, i tend to add in malay words/slang in my conversations. i sound super funny. i amuse myself too much when i add malay words/slang to my conversations. i actually laugh at myself afterwards (in my head la ofcourse!) HAHA. you have to admit, i don't sound one bit malay. haha. (it explains the B4 for Bahasa in SPM)

owh, Elaine and I went to PWTC on saturday for Edu Fair (We went to see post grad stuff). We met the Hitz Cruisers, and we got ourselves a pair of Malaysian English Top Ten Awards Tickets each!:) heehee. i can't wait to go! :) asked Lea if she wanted to go with me. HAHA. Old times relived. :D come kay? hehehe.
been seeing Hitz Cruisers a lot lately! but the last one was the most successful, cos we've got free tickets. Owh wait, previously we got Ryan Star tickets too! and an Amazing Race Notepad! heheh.

i want Rock the World 7 Tickets!!! anyone wanna gimme free tickets? i'm kinds super broke now. :( i hope my brother pays for me. but then again, he always wanna save his money...hmmm... Hitz Cruisers, gimme some tickets!!!!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/04/2006 12:58:00 AM

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