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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

sorry for leaving my blog empty :)

So, i started work(at the above site). i wouldn't say its a 9-5 kinda job. more like a twice a month deadline job. i wrote a couple of articles to be released on the 15th. GO SEE OKAY!!:) my proud work. I KNOW, i'm no Denise, Laineyyyyyy or Sidz when it comes to writing...haha. my writing is just...... normal. like how i speak. maybe a little more organized cos i speak also a bit here and there wan. from the way i blog, you also know la, my writing sucks. hahahah.

LUCKILY i stripped my blog man!! i was on wi-fi with my editor, and she wanted to look at my blog and see how i write! OMG!!! haha.

i wrote about Phuket, Christmas Gifts and a review on a website. Only 3 i think. others are sourced from the internet. Emmagem really needs writers. i think the website lacks originality. because almost 50% of the articles are cited.

Denise, wanna join emmagem? i already asked Laineeyyyyand another friend already. anyone else willing to write? i'll pass a note to the editor...heehee. would love to work with all of you :)

being an intern i get paid very little. HAHA. so no asking for belanja all. i'm already super broke. Can't wait to get my pay(however little the amount), then i can get my new memory card. muahahhahaha.

i finished my last article at 12 something pm. hahaha. the Phuket one. was supposed to go do more research. but editor called and said okay. so i missed the ADPSC meetings with SW. Sorry SW. I really wasn't looking forward to meetings anymore. its over. my adpsc days. i'm bored already..

i went out with KL and WS afterwards. forgot to camwhore tho. :( we ate at Kim Gary's, went shoe shopping and tried out clothes at FOS and Nichii Fashion City. I found this top that i really liked!!!:) its RM39.90. fits perfectly and its a girly girl top. haha. happy. need to get money from mum to buy.

Guess who i saw in Nichii? Mr. JK! my design lecturer!:) (okay, notice the initials? i'm trying not to name my friends and aquaintances anymore!)

Guess what he said? I'm going to be happy with my design marks!!!!! that translates an A right? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA but better not get my hopes so high yet...:/

omg, super happy!:):) he was with his wife. so cute! hahaha.


i bought a long wife beater shirt at FOS. i love it!:D shopping with KL and WS is fun!:) i missed them loads. we plan to go to Laundry soon :) i really want to go man...Laiineeeeyyyyyy when u bringing the alco-virgin to be de-virginized? hahaha. i never really had alcohol before. one/two sips tak kira la!!

somebody buy me a flickr gift? pretty pleaseee?


end ad

HAHAHHAA. okay, so today is a massive update day. just because i wanna be like Laineeeyyy so rajin update blog. haha. she even made her wishlist...i shall make mine too. in the mean time, i shall post up some long overdue pics...


my pimped desktop. with loads of widgets!:) muahahhaa.

so this whole year, i've had a series of unfortunate events. like seriously. i need to mandi 7 bunga already. all in all, can summ it up to be, i'm super stupid. i had this mantra a few days ago. "karen is so stupid, karen is so stupid..." on my LED lights. well, i am stupid! :(

got distracted by "public opinions poll" call. i wonder if any of these ever gets published, or its just a prank! but ive done these a few times before. so nothing new. ofcourse i lied to answer most of the questions! hahahhaha. poor guy! get wrong information.

omg, flickr has an upload capacity of 100mb now! whoaaaa...it used to be 20 mb only..yay to flickr. i love flickr. everyone should stop using photobucket and use flickr!:)





Malaysian English Top 10 Awards!:)
(some of the nice (read:clear) ones)













OKAY i'm DONE!:) enjoy life. merrychristmas!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/13/2006 10:11:00 PM

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