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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

what happened since thursday?

+Went to the hospital with my mum
+Went to my "office" at Kuchai Lama!
+Saturday-what did i do ar? owh yea, ROCK THE WORLD! It was super fun! i think i lost weight by just standing up and walking around and head banging! hahaha. i miss the fun! altho, i think i will need VIP passes next year, just because they serve free buffet dinner, booze and tables and chairs in air cond! hahah. when you've been standing for more than 5 hours, that VIP area looks pretty nice. :) overall=fab day!:)
+went into the LV store at Bukit Bintang! haha. felt so awkward! knwoing that i can never afford anything, even the smallest key chain! hahaha.
+Sunday-church, Pay Less Book Sale, Bought Baking supplies, slept, cleaned my room, watched Full House Season 4
+Monday-wake up, baked Butter Almond Cookies, watched Full House, did some work.

and today, i woke up, went to Subang to pick up my earrings at Osixnine with Elaine, camwhores, drank bubble tea, met with my editor at Austin Chase, came home and finished all 26 episodes of Full House.

i wanna be Uncle Jesse's Mistress! (because he's married to Becky!:( )

anyways, i sent email to the writers to be, please reply yea?

i wann go take a shower now. and sleep. i need sleep.

buhhbye now, have a nice day!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/20/2006 12:31:00 AM

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