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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Wish List

okay...so making a wish list, is really, for nothing, or no one. haha. its for me and me only to oogle on things...cos no one, except my family members, actually buys me christmas presents! haha. i'm lame, i don't have many friends who does secret santa or exchange presents, i know, thank you. only elaine bought me christmas present this year, yay!:) which reminds me, i need to bake cupcakes for her, since im always broke and buying a present would costs money and besides, im good at icing! hahahhaha..!:) okay...here goes my wish/oogle/iwantitbadly list (in no particular order)

1. Kitchen Aid Mixer


Since i've been baking, an AUTOMATIC mixer would make my life much easier!!! and the most famous one would be, Kitchen Aid!!! Its only USD$329!!! come on, i know you can get me one!:) i want the pink one okay? HAHA. mum wants to buy us a stand mixer already! yay! i think we'll get the cheaper brand from HSL Electric or SenHeng. HAHA. probably RM200/USD$50. HAHAHAHA. owh well. more baking tomorrow. I made choc chip cookies today!:) taste super sweet!!! but nice, if u have a sweet tooth!:)

2. Cupcake/Muffin Baking Tray


my first love wil always be baking cupcakes!:) so get me a cupcake baking tray, i would love you forever and ever!:) hahahah.its not that cheap!:p

3. Cupcake stand
cupcake stand is love. i can show off cupcakes. hahahha.

4. A new Mouse.
i wanted a new mouse since forever, and i actually bought one already, and its super cute!:)

5. Shoes

In my size! i wanna buy trendy, fashionable shoes, but i can never find size...i wear a size 9/10 okayy..super hard to find shoes. i want a fancy shoes and a normal flipflops.

7. 4GB SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo

Since the "incident" happened, my memory card was missing, so i am in need of a new memory card. Preferbly 4GB! hahaha. then i can have my own ipod/mp3 player in my phone. HAHAH.
4GB is USD$129 = RM400+
2GB is USD$80 = RM240+

hmmmm..decisions, decisions...

8. Watch
i am so in need of a watch too. i've been wearing my mum's watch...not fun!

9. New Haircut
i want something like this at first, when i curled my hair...
turned out a bit too crappy.

Long curls
this is lovely!:)

Maybe i should just do something mega drastic like go short, and perm it...

this is pretty, altho this picture is for damaged frizzy hair..but i like the curls..

maybe i shall just get a Peyton haircut! hahaha.


i want a new haircut, my hair is so unruly now!:( it is SO long and SO not straight or curly! super annoying...

10. Ride to Johor + friends to follow me there/courage to go alone...

all i want for christmas is to see him again...:(


i was talking to Hon Wai just now...surprisingly, he bakes too!:D hahaha. we are very much alike, hon wai and I!:) hahahha. we both are studying psychology, love malaysian music, and wa-hey, we bake too! without Hon Wai, my life would be so different now. HAHAHHAHAHA. well, you know what i mean...

its 230am. i think i need to sleep. wakey early to do my work. i've been slacking from work. ugh. and SO MUCH TO DO!!!:( sucks. and i still haven't bought my christmas outfit yet!

btw, this site offers free stock photos!:D lovely photos!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/21/2006 01:37:00 AM

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