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Friday, March 07, 2008
mp3 soon!

Okay, so i'm going to get an Mp3 Player soon. Can't waittttt...
I've been listing songs on my cell phone (like those that i listened on radio and needs to have it)...
also the ones i want to and CAN listen repeatedly without getting bored or just songs i really like
or would love to listen when i want to.

(Just for my reference la, you can listen, if not don't bother la!:)

Songs I can't find, but would love to have!

Faithful- George Micheal
I wanna dance with somebody-Whitney Houston
i'd do it for you/lookin to my eyes? (not sure of this title) - Bryan Adams
Owh, a song by John Cena!Ko, send to me!!!the one i like....

Songs I must put on my mp3 player
My 90's boyband/pop~BSB, 911, Boyzone, Take That, Kavana
Kate Voegele - just because i like her atm

All time favourites!
*Micheal Jackson - Man in the mirror and a couple of other classics! (FIND!)
*Sister Act 2 - soundtrack (FIND!)
*Damage - i'll be loving you (FIND!)
*Mercy Me - I can only imagine
*K-ci and Jojo - All my life
*TLC-waterfalls (FIND!)
*Nelly ft. Jaheim My Place
*Mandy Moore - Extraordinary
*Rihanna and Neyo - hate that i love you
*Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe - Hold You Down
*Thalia featuring Fat Joe - I Want You
*Bryan Adams - Star (FIND!)
*James Morrison - You Give me something
*Thicke - Brand New Jones

Songs i Found, oh the joy!:)

Now playing : Nelly ft. Jaheim - My Place.mp3
Get your own mp3 player @ mp3charm.com

Nelly Ft. Jaheim

Thanks Christina for the link! It has awesome music from the 9o's too. click on it:)

you know, my brother always think i like songs which has like "ting" sound in the background music! hahaha...which is kinda true!


Karen wrote this at.. 3/07/2008 07:32:00 PM

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