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Saturday, May 24, 2008
“Veet Desirable Kit” meme

Got this Meme from Simple Cheryl while blog hopping.....hope to get the hamperrrrrr. yums!

What is required of you is actually very simple. Once you’ve done this meme, REMEMBER to email your name, mobile, email address, blog URL and Veet Meme answers to Veetenquiries.MY@reckittbenckiser.com. The first 50 bloggers who have completed this meme would win an exclusive “Veet Desirable Kit” worth RM100. So watcha’ waiting for? Start your Meme now and tag your friends to spread the fun !

1) If you could choose one, which would you rather be: desirable, popular or confident? Why?

Confident!:) This is becauseeeeeeee, when you're confident, you are desirable and popular what, unless people like popular kids who are not confident, but then again, you need to be confident to be popular, no? Ok, rambling adey.

2) I usually feel desirable when I have a
I usually feel desirable in 2 conditions: One after showering. and another after being dolled up to go out:) The after shower feeling is awesome (REALLY), especially when (hint, hint, veet advertisement) I am all clean-SHAVEN! leg hairs are gross, really, but sometimes i get super malas to shave/wax it is just so ugly. Feels like I have fur. So after mandi already, get dolled up, feel desirable again!:)

3) Which of these is your biggest no-no (in case you bump into your dream guy): messy hair, bad wardrobe combo, or unshaven legs (you’re wearing shorts!!)?

It is between bad wardrobe and unshaven legs! HAHA. bad wardrobe is just bad la, huh? Imagine wearing like super house clothes, like an OLD top with Pink Panther and it looks like it has been worn since you were 13! Unshaven legs on the other hand, not that visible lah, unless the guy actually looks down at your legs so closely... But then again, if dream guy doesn't like me anymore cos my legs are unshaven and I'm in my favourite Pink Panther house clothes, then he wouldn't be my dream guy anymore would he? Inner beauty baby!

4) When it comes to hair removal which is more important:Convenience? Fast? Silky smooth after-feel?

Silky smooth after-feel

5) Which Veet hair removal product have you tried?
Veet the pink one, I forgot what's the name, no blade one. (Googled) Veet® Rasera™ Bladeless™ Kit. For normal skin – softening with Lotus Milk and with Jasmine fragrance

6) What do you like most about Veet?

It burns the hair with the chemical, so gross, but awesome to watch the ruined leg hair!

7) What makes people notice you?

Wah, hard question man, I think it would be my whole appearance as a whole. How my hair is tied, what clothes i wear, how i bring myself etc.

The usual TAG:
Xue Zhen
Amelia Tan
Anyone la!:)

Now, I want my Veet HAMPER!! I wanna try the Wax strips :D :D

Karen wrote this at.. 5/24/2008 09:37:00 PM

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