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Thursday, December 21, 2006
karen rocks!

i went out with tk today. it was fun!:) nice having a lepak friend whenever i want to! hahaha. in one of our little conversations, he mentioned that i'm an all rounder. haha. am i? he said, i do well in school, i join clubs, i bake now, i design my blogs stuff....etc...HAHA.i don't think i'm an all rounder yet. well, at least until i'm super independant(have the courage to go to strange places myself), got drunk(or at least try drinking socially with friends), have a gazillion acquaitances(learn to network), what else, owh, work. i am working now...hahaha.

we went to Jusco for some grocery shopping and had Secret Recipe for lunch. it was fun!:) On Tuesday, i went to Subang and had lunch with Elaine!:) haha. i love my friends who make time to eat with me. or just hang out. haha. cos i get pretty lonely being in my house all day. usually, i'll go to Melati utama to bug that person who's far far away now. i get depressed and sad quite easily nowadays.. i just sleep on my bed and cry. haha. its not a good thing. being depressed...this christmas is going to be erm, quite depressing. we don't even have christmas tree up this year...hahah. and there will not be any christmas lunches or dinners as all my family members are supposed to be "mourning". HAHA. i bet my grandfather would say, "come on now, please celebrate christmas, and have booze!!!" haha. he was a drinker, my grandfather. haha. i miss him. he's super cute i tell you. because he always fights with me for the tv. he would wanna watch TV2-tamil shows and i won't let him. HAHA. he always mumbles and mumble about my grandmother, like all the time. i hope he's happy where he is now...:) merry christmas, tata!:)

A bunch of youths from my church decided to sing carols for houses..they came to my house...bless them!:) haha. i wish they keep up the good work and continue coming as a group every other week to actually build up the youth in my church. :/ i highly doubt that'll happen! hahaha. i wish i had the courage to do that. be a leader for the youths. but the thing is, there are many highly experienced people out there who might think i'm a loser. hahaha. owh well. pray for my youth group development!:)

anyways, they came yesterday, and sang in front of my house. HAHA. i've never had carollers come to my house before, or at least, i used to be the one singing, instead of watching. its so weird, no? looking at people singing, in santa hats. haha.

i baked the last batch of my cookies at 930. ugh. so tiring. this time i mad sugar cookies. i haven't made the icing yet. maybe tomorrow. i need to do my work la. i haven't done anything yet..yikes. i hope the writers are writing, if not i have to write some articles. i am really not a writer kind of person.

i shall go and shower now. all that baking, my whole body is filled with flour! hahaa.

Karen wrote this at.. 12/21/2006 10:11:00 PM

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