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Friday, December 22, 2006

i found Be a Fashionista.com . how cute, you get to borrow designer bags for SGD$50 -SGD$150 per month! haha. i wonder if it will work in KL. Would you borrow bags for RM100 a month? haha. and the RM100 a month one is like a ciplak kinda designer bags, compared to the RM300 per month one. hahaha.

i'm going shopping tomorrow:) with elaine. at 11am. whoa i hope i can wake up. i need to send biscuits to my grandmother first. haha. i hope i can wakey! hehe.

my stomach feels weird. must be the crab i ate for dinner. sucks. i feel like puking...maybe i should drink water...sucks.

i got my first christmas present today!

went for confession. i wonder if priests really listens to your confessions. because, today, after i said all my little sins (not telling here la ofcourse!), then he told me to do my penance in like 3 seconds.whoaaa..super fast, no need to think about what i said wan ar? then say act of contrition,then he blesses me, then byebye. maybe because it was penitential service where the whole church goes for confessions, so he just moves on fast fast...hahaha.there were like super many priests that came today. HAHA. if you're not catholic, you'd probably go "har" after reading what i wrote!

There's a new priest in my church! i haven't seen him yet. His name is George Harrison.hahaha. whoa...such cool name...one of my aunty friend said he is a cute young fella. HAHA. my aunty friend oogling at priests!!

i need to reclaim my money back!:( i paid for petrol on monday, RM50 worth of MY MONEY, yo! (technically, it is all my dad's money la..) but still!i also bought groceries worth RM20 AND my mouse for RM30! thats RM100 worth of MY money!!!i'm such a bad kid. HAHA. i'm going shopping tmr, and i need money okay!

i'm such a geek, i should kill myself now. haha

anyways, i should try to sleep now...

Karen wrote this at.. 12/22/2006 11:45:00 PM

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