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Thursday, November 30, 2006
#3 - BAGS!

#3 011206

i went to the Giamax Warehouse sale.


AND I BOUGHT 3 BAGS!! muahahhaha. i'm a happy camper!:) hehe.

a pink hobo-ish
pink hobo
a pink metallic-ish
pink metallic
a purple butterly-ish
purple butterfly
a black (mum's)

Giamax is like a Malaysian brand la...founded by Chinamans from Kepong. Hence the factory is at Kepong! hehe. i googled it, and i found a website! How cool! hahahah.


the logo says "GIAMAX-GERMANY" but they manufacture it in Kepong Baru!! It should say "GIAMAX-KEPONG BARU"!! muahhahahahahha. seriously, i wonder where the "London, Milan...etc" thing came from! hahaha. its not like that kinda quality bags can export until so far! haha.

Owh, did i tell you, my mum bought an oven already! so now i'm going to cook loads of things! Especially from the Jaime Oliver's Naked Chef cookbook! hehe. yums..

Karen wrote this at.. 11/30/2006 11:51:00 PM


#2 301106


Karen wrote this at.. 11/30/2006 05:16:00 PM

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Karen wrote this at.. 11/29/2006 11:31:00 PM

trusting you, totally..

*imagine me playing repeatedly on my itunes*

my assignments are all done. except my group member did not hand in our assignment!!! i wonder WHY is she doing it. so hard meh, print out assignment and pass up? she's like stalling for no reason. i'm pissed. i hope my lecturer doesn't minus marks!

exams next thursday. i only have interviewing paper to sit for. its 10%. but i need to score the paper. i need. need.

i just found out from Sarah that me joining UIU, its impossible to get First class honors!:( somehow i think it was a mistake to join UIU. she said, the highest you can reach is Second Class..that also dunno whether im capable or not. i interviewed her about the internship. sounds exciting. i can't wait to work. i hope i can contribute a lot to emmagem.

reminds me, i have to prepare a "portfolio" of my work! omg, i really don't have much to show! hehe. i shall just make a blogspot on my "portfolio". HAHHAHAAHAHa. i shall do that tmr evening. tonight i just wanna sleep and wake up and pass up assignment and do last interviews for ADPSC and throw ADPSC to the new Committee. and enjoy life.

i'm officially joining the tutor-people next sem. i'm determine to join. i want to. haha. i hope i pass the exam and interview to become tutor! hehhehe.

guess who fetched me from main block to KPDe?????



omg, i was shocked when she asked me if i wanted to join her in her car to go to main block! :O < meant to look shocked not scared! haha..she was really nice and friendly. asked me questions and stuff. heehee. Elaine thinks i'm Miss Winnee's friend already! haha.. nola. i doubt! she just knows me since i took last 2 classes with her. but seriously, its today's main topic. i told everyone! haha.. im so jakun, i know.

today, i went to Mid Valley to shop for clothes for Darryl. He spent RM150 on two shirts and a pants! i think it was a bit too expansive, but owh well, its hard to find guy's clothes for cheap okay!!

i think i lost the "drive" to blog anymore.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/29/2006 10:47:00 PM

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
facial outing




Karen wrote this at.. 11/28/2006 11:51:00 AM

Saturday, November 25, 2006

so sidney's away officially!


feel like sleeping the whole day so that i feel better when i wake up. but i have tons of assignment to finish. i shall finish interviewing today and continue with design tomorrow.

Yesterday Elaine, Christine, Manda and Elaine's friends went for a facial!:) hehe. it was super fun. just walking around, talking to them... having dinner at Shanghai 10. just lepak-ing la. made me forget about the fact that sidney's going off. for a few hours. The facial was super nice. i slept when she applied the mask (sp?). it was a refreshing massage too!:) thanx Sueann for the voucher!:) heehee.

and thanx elaine for inviting me for the girly day out!:)

i miss hanging out with girlfriends!

litle shoutouts:
Lavenaaaaa, where are youuuuuu? are you okay? please come online!
Karen Lee, u coming back this wednesday right???hehe. owwhh...and TL(her bf) is coming too! haha.
Wing Sun...when u coming back? can't wait to meet u guys again...
Lea! when are you hitting malaysian soil? We'll both be working! so i guess we can only meet at night? hehe.

i miss my friends loads.

i miss tk too. even if we're in the same college. we hardly see each other, or even hang out. hahaha... and also miss phan shean too. Ps messaged me today! :) nice to msn after so long.

SIDNEY!! when are YOU coming back? haha

i can never be close to anyone. cos they all leave!:( (omg, im being a Peyton!) but its true!!!

gtg watch tv. i miss tv and silly programs i watch when i'm bored.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/25/2006 10:17:00 AM

Thursday, November 23, 2006

i love the Amazing Race Asia! haha. its like people we can relate to, so thats why it is wayy nicer to watch!:) hehe.

so the interview went alright. She needs us for editorial and also marketing to college students.. i can't wait! I need to buck up on my writing though. Like write really good stuff with good storyline and good content. omg. i don't think i'm a good writer!:/ she asked me to send me my portfolio. i haven't uploaded all yet. :(

anyways, we start on December 7th onwards. cos thats when my exams are over.

today was my last day meeting up with Sidney before he is going to Johor. sad. don't wanna go into details. shall keep that locked on lj.

Soapbox and Cafe went well on wednesday. i have a great team!:) it was my last event. i'm quitting. looking for new president now. heeheehee.
my kek batik was sold out!!! muahahhahahha. my baking(cooking for this one) is not that bad after all. haha. maybe they just give face to me...hahhaha. but still...sold out okaaayyy :p

what else happened... owh, my interviewing assignment got an extension. yay! we can really do so much changes for our assignment. i got really good marks for my Publication Design. yay to me. i'm hoping for an A for this subject. but i shouldn't hope. cos if i do, i will never get A. just like religion. omg. so sad.

my phone went to the hospital. It's sick. it can't send mms. so sad.. whats a camera phone without mms function?? so now, i'm using this old school phone. i don't know what Nokia model is that.

im tired. i've been really tired lately. maybe because i'm depressed. :( but seriously, i get sleepy and sleep after like 3 minutes on the bed. i'm super duper lazy-fied already.

some photos:

At Kenny Rogers Mid Valley. last meet up before a long separation until we meet again dunno when..

At Main Block Car park. we were taking tourist-photos that day cos we were super bored.

i like this picture!:)

Elaine asked me to try on this girly outfit and she and sidney said it is nice...is it? or i look like super fat balloon here?

bye people. im going to sleep.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/23/2006 10:25:00 PM

Sunday, November 19, 2006

so, i went for the raffle draw thing today...super uber tiring. was standing from 11-5!:(

we did not win anything. Some lady won the Toyota Vios, but she donated it back to the church! how kind! i am not that kind.

standing on stage was okay. not that exciting. i actually look kinda okay on the pictures my mum took of me. actually, it was blur. thats why!:P hahahha.

Ching from One in a Million was there. She performed 2 of her new singles. She was alright..

the whole program was a success i guess! :) :)

went to Sg Wang with my parents. my phone couldn't send mms/GPRS since i bought. so we sent it to the shop. i'm camera-phoneless for like 2 weeks! :(

UNLESS, my deal with my parents comes through!:) HAHAHHA. will tell you when it is done. only Sidney and Elaine knows.

ohh wellll....here's my super simple collage of photos...:)

raffle draw

i'm tired. nights

Karen wrote this at.. 11/19/2006 11:14:00 PM

Saturday, November 18, 2006

+I like Peyton's old room better...

+Summer and Seth! omg, yay!

+Ryan runs weirdly.

+ i have to go hang clothes before my dad gets home...haha! bye

Karen wrote this at.. 11/18/2006 12:06:00 PM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
fashionista me!

omg, im excited! i just called the Editor of Emmagem (according to Laily, its pronounced "i'magem") and she scheduled an interview with Laily and I next Wednesday!:) its going to be at BSC she said probably Austin Chase >>>is this place expansive?? must budget my money first. in case i need to buy my own coffee.

i'm excited and scared at the same time. This magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine and omg, i'm NOT fashionable at all!:( i don't know how to make up or whatsoever. I'm like Andrea Sachs from the devil wears prada (starting part) okay! besides, i'm like er, lifeless wan. no super "lifestyle" at all. what if she asks me, "What do i do for fun?" i say i watch tv? how fun is that! omg, i need an exciting life!!

but i am super excited to work for a magazine, even if its online and not print. its a great start!:) i do wanna work in the future in Magazines or Event company (Elaine's opening a wedding planning company...muahahahhaha. hire me okay Elaine!).


i need to grow up right? i mean, i'm 20 and i haven't worked before. Something is so wrong there! heehee.

dum dee dum.


got raffle draw rehearsals again today. Last rehearsal until the real thing. and omg, i haven't written the template for the prizes yet! got to get to it now! byebye.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/14/2006 05:27:00 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006
staircases are dangerous

i was looking through Myspace just now and guess who added me? LEA!! hahaha. no one i know ever adds me on myspace.

not only lea, C.Loco also added me!! he has a new single and its AWESOME! hehe. maybe cos i got sentimental liking towards poetic ammo and anything malaysian, so whatever they do, i will support!:) go check it out!:)

talking to Christopher now. about YAC. heehee. Hazel, still up for the christmas gathering? i found another willing member. hehe. i shall revamp the YACblog soon.

owh well.

Laily asked me if i wanna intern with her at this online magazine place. its called EMMAGEM. its a new fashion online mag for the females. :) it would be cool!:) i so can't wait. i hope the lady takes me in also. :D because Laily is already 90% in for a 3 week internship during the holidays!:) so what if i have to work during christmas! : p im not going anywhere this holidays anyways.

i gtg make poster for SOAPBOX and the Long Short Short Long issue.

OMG, before i leave, BIG NEWS at KPD(E), today Huey Ming fell down from Level 4!!! through the staircase. super sad okay!:( i was in elaine's design class when that happened. Serena and a few people there heard a girl screaming and loud "thud" sound, but then they all just did not bother to find out what is that, i mean, it could be people playing right? i did not hear the sound...(weird..im like a super eavesdropper.) so anyways, i was at the back near the windows and i saw Dr. Goh, Mr. Gerard and SO MANY PEOPLE at the back area and i also saw an ambulance! when we went to the "scene" there was a litle blood on the floor and they left for the hospital already..According to eyewitnesses, she was bleeding on her chin and she complained her ribs hurt. She slipped and fell through the railing and fell all the way from level 4 while talking on the phone.... :( i really really hope she's doing alright and nothing bad happens to her. everyone please pray for her.

staircases are dangerous. i fell once. always use the lift. :(

Karen wrote this at.. 11/13/2006 04:09:00 PM

Sunday, November 12, 2006
Oh no i didn't!

hehe. new layout, how do you like/dislike it?

too girly huh?

girly's good.

anyways, im bored out of my head. i should be studying for my interviewing exams on friday. but i got a really good excuse okay! i had diarhhea this morning. UGH. woke up at 6am, went to toilet. watched the OC at 630am cos i couldn't sleep. then skipped church cos i needed to shit every 10 minutes. haha.

slept till 2. ate lunch and bummed around until i decided to do something productive. i made a new layout!:) see ya


Karen wrote this at.. 11/12/2006 06:42:00 PM

Saturday, November 11, 2006
itchy hands

i wanna bake!:) even if i'm very very new at it, but i wanna learn. i wanna be a domestic goddess!:)


ook, so, i've been a bum lately. i've been sleeping like mad since friday. oogling at cakes/cupcakes pictures...so unproductive. click here. some lady seeling cupcakes too.

hazeeeelll, i still haven't bought an oven yet!:(

i stumbled upon this Marie Biscuits Kek Batik. i had it once at Amelia's house. and it was AWESOME! click here for pictures and recipe. no oven needed...

i'm making it tomorrow. yay!

Shermaine's here. she asked me what blog provider i use. i told her i don't have a blog. HAHA. owh well, she probably knows i have a blog already. but i don't admit i own a blog. haha. im such a liar.

anyways, Fitness first called me. "a friend of mine invited me for a free workout. and the girl who called me would like to show me around" YEAH RIGHT! probably give me one free day of entry and bug my life later on. if they gimme one free year of gym, i don't mind. i shall ffk the girl. cos i might have accidently said i will come.. but i have no intentions of going, cos i already know what they're going to tell me. they will say i'm over weight and i need to work out. GIMME MONEY CAN OR NOT, then you talk to me! :)

omg, did any of you guys watched Lost? omg.omg.omg. i hope all goes well. The OC also started and not bad la. its not the same anymore because they're not in Harbor High anymore. bummer.

had steamboat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. how boring. mum cooked.

Dangerous Variable! haha. yes, i am indulging in food i am not supposed too. but but, emo eating is different okay! :p

Sidz is leaving to work in Johor in December.

it's been a hard week trying to understand the fact that i won't be going for movies with him anymore, or bumming around doing nothing, or just being with him anymore. i will probably only see him during his holidays. bummer.

seeing him and doing the things we always do on thursday (i met him that day) made me cry. haha. i actually cried all the way from 1U to Subang while driving. i really could not take it. cry baby. even cried all the way back and at night too.

its a wonder how i woke up so early and did really well in my mock interviewing thing the next morning.

went for elaine's design class after that. learnt a thing or two in illustrator and photoshop too!:) CSS after that. it was fun. probably the most fun CSS cos we were actually laughing and having fun instead of the serious discussion we have other days.

nothing much happened. i'm a geek+loser+nolifeperson...:)

Karen wrote this at.. 11/11/2006 10:01:00 PM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

elaine, you don't have to stay back for ADPSC meeting k?

u can go back, i just wanna do the proposal, book equipments and stuff...:)

hehe just thot u should know!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 11/07/2006 06:24:00 PM


its 9 already. i need to go print one last page hoping it would trun out well. i already spent RM35 on so many wrong and spoilt pages!!:( and i dunno how to ask my dad for money. i was so sad yesterday that i had Baskin Robbins and Secret Recipe for lunch. thats RM12! wayyyyyyy more that wnat i'm supposed to spend. i only have RM50 for the next one week. nice!:(

no more eating when i'm sad....or at least only eat food that people buy for me instead of spending it on my own.

HELP i having a photoshoot for their new advertisements. (i guess) obviously, they only want foreign students to act in thier videos and be on ads. like as if only foreign students come here. owh, and they also only want supr smart students to be on their ads. they don't want stupid students to come to HELP. haha. they only want smart students..hehe.

I met Alfred from CIMP today. it was an awkward moment. i barely knew him last time! thats why when i saw him in HELP lately, i never spoke to him, cos i really dunno him wan, he was only friends with Gracie. the only reason he talked to me today i guess cos he wanted a parking coupon! hehe. but haha, nola, i doubt he's that bad. he probably thought i wouldn't recognize me as i thot he wouldn't recognize him. we chatted. in my car. cos i was bumming around in my car cos it was wayyy to early. he was studying while chatting. we talked about CIMP? and who's here? and who's noe? it was really awkward i tell u!! i mean, we don't even have (or HAD) anythign in common. except Student Council. In second sem he was in council and i was not in council. owh well.

i need to loose weight. i need to walk more and exercise more and eat less. :) i wanna be hot and thin. i wanna be america's next top model...hahahha.. ok got carried away.

elaine, rowena, celestine and King Kien messaged me yesterday night. i was really "away" by then. was downloading Desperate Housewives. i need to stop abusing the "away" mode. HAHAHA. today's class is just to pass up my assignment.

so later i'll be free again.

there's an AMerican Flyer layout meeting on friday. there's also CSS. which to go for? decisions, decisions..

Amelia just messaged me. she said she dreamt of me. i miss talking, or more like listening to them!

ok, its 930. i have to go and print. i hope it turns out fine. have to go face that sad faced man at the stupid printing place. im dreading college today! i wanna go home and sleep. im depressed. :(


Karen wrote this at.. 11/07/2006 09:41:00 AM

Sunday, November 05, 2006
White Board Girl

life's been hectic. haha. last minute works and stuff. usuals. i keep on blogging about it. no point!:)

i had lunch with King Kien that day! omg, primary school mate now college mate. hehe. i don't remember talking to him much in primary school. i guess since we have 6 years in common, we should have loads to talk about during lunch!:) and besides, we both love designing. hahaha. we chattted about primary school and how is everyone and where are they now...

friday was the most work i've done for my design. i totally redesigned my pages. and by 1120 i went to the printer to print. waited there for like an hour until i decided that i did not want to wait any longer. went back to KPD(e), went for CSS. then later showed James my work. came home and slept!:) hahahaha.

my printer is so spoilt! hahaha. now it won't print properly. how nice!!:(

i need a new printer.

saturday was spent by going to Subang's Bormas to try to print that one page that couldn't print...it couldn't print there also! ate lunch at Burger King and went to Church for raffle draw rehearsals. I'm officially the White Board Girl. I've u've bought raffle draw tickets(or just wanna see me memalukan myself) , come come and see me write the winning numbers on a white board on the 19th of November at 2pm. In case u won the Vios!:) its mine, ok!!!:p


yes, i'm going to be on stage in BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE!!! hahahhahaa. super funny man..

anyways, gtg talk to sidney now. byebye

Karen wrote this at.. 11/05/2006 01:12:00 AM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

if you love superhero shows, you would love this show! :)

its called Heroes!:) its like a twisted version of superhero movie. hehe. but super nice!:)

very very cool.

go watch!:)

and Hiro, the japanese guy, he's so cute!!!hehe.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/01/2006 07:27:00 PM

ol mates

one of me Olllllllllllllllllllllllllll school mate messaged me just now.

Kuan Shen

funny, i never ever spoke to him in school. he's a year younger than i am. we spoke, probably during choir, or when we're with mutual friends. i wonder how we got each other msn's. we chatted on msn after i left school. then, occasionally a few times, then probably did not chat like a year, and he messaged me just now! haha.

then we chatted abt the usuals, college, what you doing now kinda thing. then he wask me to go climbing with him! i was like, CLIMBING??? whaaaatttt....dah la im super fat, super heavy, i probably can't even carry myself 2 feet from the ground! hahaha. seriously, ever since me CIMP friends left for aussie, i never thought of climbing ever again. hahhaa.

don't play play okay, i am a certified belayer! muahhahaha. but, its been so long, the cert still exists somewhere in my old wallet, but i doubt my skills are still with me. hahhaa.

funny la. climbing, me. it just does not make any sense since im super fat right now.

darn, i need to loose weight...im so fat, its ugly. anyways. SE issues. shall just repress it for now.

Adrian Paul messaged me also few weeks back. nice to keep in touch again after like, 4+ years? hahhaha. we always had each others msn, just never chatted. hehe.anyways, he asked me about blog layouts tadi. so, now i got myself another customer waiting for my layouts! muahahahha.

yes, Hazel!!! i know u're waiting patiently...i'm so sorry. will do it soon ok? if u want normal one, i can do it anytime. but the one u asked, needs some understanding, thats why i am so malas. hehe.

ok, detour over.

back to downloading black and white pictures. i've decided to do front cover only tomorrow morning. so i must reach college by 730!:) heehee.

good night people!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 11/01/2006 12:36:00 AM

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