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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

its 9 already. i need to go print one last page hoping it would trun out well. i already spent RM35 on so many wrong and spoilt pages!!:( and i dunno how to ask my dad for money. i was so sad yesterday that i had Baskin Robbins and Secret Recipe for lunch. thats RM12! wayyyyyyy more that wnat i'm supposed to spend. i only have RM50 for the next one week. nice!:(

no more eating when i'm sad....or at least only eat food that people buy for me instead of spending it on my own.

HELP i having a photoshoot for their new advertisements. (i guess) obviously, they only want foreign students to act in thier videos and be on ads. like as if only foreign students come here. owh, and they also only want supr smart students to be on their ads. they don't want stupid students to come to HELP. haha. they only want smart students..hehe.

I met Alfred from CIMP today. it was an awkward moment. i barely knew him last time! thats why when i saw him in HELP lately, i never spoke to him, cos i really dunno him wan, he was only friends with Gracie. the only reason he talked to me today i guess cos he wanted a parking coupon! hehe. but haha, nola, i doubt he's that bad. he probably thought i wouldn't recognize me as i thot he wouldn't recognize him. we chatted. in my car. cos i was bumming around in my car cos it was wayyy to early. he was studying while chatting. we talked about CIMP? and who's here? and who's noe? it was really awkward i tell u!! i mean, we don't even have (or HAD) anythign in common. except Student Council. In second sem he was in council and i was not in council. owh well.

i need to loose weight. i need to walk more and exercise more and eat less. :) i wanna be hot and thin. i wanna be america's next top model...hahahha.. ok got carried away.

elaine, rowena, celestine and King Kien messaged me yesterday night. i was really "away" by then. was downloading Desperate Housewives. i need to stop abusing the "away" mode. HAHAHA. today's class is just to pass up my assignment.

so later i'll be free again.

there's an AMerican Flyer layout meeting on friday. there's also CSS. which to go for? decisions, decisions..

Amelia just messaged me. she said she dreamt of me. i miss talking, or more like listening to them!

ok, its 930. i have to go and print. i hope it turns out fine. have to go face that sad faced man at the stupid printing place. im dreading college today! i wanna go home and sleep. im depressed. :(


Karen wrote this at.. 11/07/2006 09:41:00 AM

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