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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
fashionista me!

omg, im excited! i just called the Editor of Emmagem (according to Laily, its pronounced "i'magem") and she scheduled an interview with Laily and I next Wednesday!:) its going to be at BSC she said probably Austin Chase >>>is this place expansive?? must budget my money first. in case i need to buy my own coffee.

i'm excited and scared at the same time. This magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine and omg, i'm NOT fashionable at all!:( i don't know how to make up or whatsoever. I'm like Andrea Sachs from the devil wears prada (starting part) okay! besides, i'm like er, lifeless wan. no super "lifestyle" at all. what if she asks me, "What do i do for fun?" i say i watch tv? how fun is that! omg, i need an exciting life!!

but i am super excited to work for a magazine, even if its online and not print. its a great start!:) i do wanna work in the future in Magazines or Event company (Elaine's opening a wedding planning company...muahahahhaha. hire me okay Elaine!).


i need to grow up right? i mean, i'm 20 and i haven't worked before. Something is so wrong there! heehee.

dum dee dum.


got raffle draw rehearsals again today. Last rehearsal until the real thing. and omg, i haven't written the template for the prizes yet! got to get to it now! byebye.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/14/2006 05:27:00 PM

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