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Thursday, November 23, 2006

i love the Amazing Race Asia! haha. its like people we can relate to, so thats why it is wayy nicer to watch!:) hehe.

so the interview went alright. She needs us for editorial and also marketing to college students.. i can't wait! I need to buck up on my writing though. Like write really good stuff with good storyline and good content. omg. i don't think i'm a good writer!:/ she asked me to send me my portfolio. i haven't uploaded all yet. :(

anyways, we start on December 7th onwards. cos thats when my exams are over.

today was my last day meeting up with Sidney before he is going to Johor. sad. don't wanna go into details. shall keep that locked on lj.

Soapbox and Cafe went well on wednesday. i have a great team!:) it was my last event. i'm quitting. looking for new president now. heeheehee.
my kek batik was sold out!!! muahahhahahha. my baking(cooking for this one) is not that bad after all. haha. maybe they just give face to me...hahhaha. but still...sold out okaaayyy :p

what else happened... owh, my interviewing assignment got an extension. yay! we can really do so much changes for our assignment. i got really good marks for my Publication Design. yay to me. i'm hoping for an A for this subject. but i shouldn't hope. cos if i do, i will never get A. just like religion. omg. so sad.

my phone went to the hospital. It's sick. it can't send mms. so sad.. whats a camera phone without mms function?? so now, i'm using this old school phone. i don't know what Nokia model is that.

im tired. i've been really tired lately. maybe because i'm depressed. :( but seriously, i get sleepy and sleep after like 3 minutes on the bed. i'm super duper lazy-fied already.

some photos:

At Kenny Rogers Mid Valley. last meet up before a long separation until we meet again dunno when..

At Main Block Car park. we were taking tourist-photos that day cos we were super bored.

i like this picture!:)

Elaine asked me to try on this girly outfit and she and sidney said it is nice...is it? or i look like super fat balloon here?

bye people. im going to sleep.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/23/2006 10:25:00 PM

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