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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
ol mates

one of me Olllllllllllllllllllllllllll school mate messaged me just now.

Kuan Shen

funny, i never ever spoke to him in school. he's a year younger than i am. we spoke, probably during choir, or when we're with mutual friends. i wonder how we got each other msn's. we chatted on msn after i left school. then, occasionally a few times, then probably did not chat like a year, and he messaged me just now! haha.

then we chatted abt the usuals, college, what you doing now kinda thing. then he wask me to go climbing with him! i was like, CLIMBING??? whaaaatttt....dah la im super fat, super heavy, i probably can't even carry myself 2 feet from the ground! hahaha. seriously, ever since me CIMP friends left for aussie, i never thought of climbing ever again. hahhaa.

don't play play okay, i am a certified belayer! muahhahaha. but, its been so long, the cert still exists somewhere in my old wallet, but i doubt my skills are still with me. hahhaa.

funny la. climbing, me. it just does not make any sense since im super fat right now.

darn, i need to loose weight...im so fat, its ugly. anyways. SE issues. shall just repress it for now.

Adrian Paul messaged me also few weeks back. nice to keep in touch again after like, 4+ years? hahhaha. we always had each others msn, just never chatted. hehe.anyways, he asked me about blog layouts tadi. so, now i got myself another customer waiting for my layouts! muahahahha.

yes, Hazel!!! i know u're waiting patiently...i'm so sorry. will do it soon ok? if u want normal one, i can do it anytime. but the one u asked, needs some understanding, thats why i am so malas. hehe.

ok, detour over.

back to downloading black and white pictures. i've decided to do front cover only tomorrow morning. so i must reach college by 730!:) heehee.

good night people!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 11/01/2006 12:36:00 AM

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