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Monday, November 13, 2006
staircases are dangerous

i was looking through Myspace just now and guess who added me? LEA!! hahaha. no one i know ever adds me on myspace.

not only lea, C.Loco also added me!! he has a new single and its AWESOME! hehe. maybe cos i got sentimental liking towards poetic ammo and anything malaysian, so whatever they do, i will support!:) go check it out!:)

talking to Christopher now. about YAC. heehee. Hazel, still up for the christmas gathering? i found another willing member. hehe. i shall revamp the YACblog soon.

owh well.

Laily asked me if i wanna intern with her at this online magazine place. its called EMMAGEM. its a new fashion online mag for the females. :) it would be cool!:) i so can't wait. i hope the lady takes me in also. :D because Laily is already 90% in for a 3 week internship during the holidays!:) so what if i have to work during christmas! : p im not going anywhere this holidays anyways.

i gtg make poster for SOAPBOX and the Long Short Short Long issue.

OMG, before i leave, BIG NEWS at KPD(E), today Huey Ming fell down from Level 4!!! through the staircase. super sad okay!:( i was in elaine's design class when that happened. Serena and a few people there heard a girl screaming and loud "thud" sound, but then they all just did not bother to find out what is that, i mean, it could be people playing right? i did not hear the sound...(weird..im like a super eavesdropper.) so anyways, i was at the back near the windows and i saw Dr. Goh, Mr. Gerard and SO MANY PEOPLE at the back area and i also saw an ambulance! when we went to the "scene" there was a litle blood on the floor and they left for the hospital already..According to eyewitnesses, she was bleeding on her chin and she complained her ribs hurt. She slipped and fell through the railing and fell all the way from level 4 while talking on the phone.... :( i really really hope she's doing alright and nothing bad happens to her. everyone please pray for her.

staircases are dangerous. i fell once. always use the lift. :(

Karen wrote this at.. 11/13/2006 04:09:00 PM

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