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Saturday, November 25, 2006

so sidney's away officially!


feel like sleeping the whole day so that i feel better when i wake up. but i have tons of assignment to finish. i shall finish interviewing today and continue with design tomorrow.

Yesterday Elaine, Christine, Manda and Elaine's friends went for a facial!:) hehe. it was super fun. just walking around, talking to them... having dinner at Shanghai 10. just lepak-ing la. made me forget about the fact that sidney's going off. for a few hours. The facial was super nice. i slept when she applied the mask (sp?). it was a refreshing massage too!:) thanx Sueann for the voucher!:) heehee.

and thanx elaine for inviting me for the girly day out!:)

i miss hanging out with girlfriends!

litle shoutouts:
Lavenaaaaa, where are youuuuuu? are you okay? please come online!
Karen Lee, u coming back this wednesday right???hehe. owwhh...and TL(her bf) is coming too! haha.
Wing Sun...when u coming back? can't wait to meet u guys again...
Lea! when are you hitting malaysian soil? We'll both be working! so i guess we can only meet at night? hehe.

i miss my friends loads.

i miss tk too. even if we're in the same college. we hardly see each other, or even hang out. hahaha... and also miss phan shean too. Ps messaged me today! :) nice to msn after so long.

SIDNEY!! when are YOU coming back? haha

i can never be close to anyone. cos they all leave!:( (omg, im being a Peyton!) but its true!!!

gtg watch tv. i miss tv and silly programs i watch when i'm bored.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/25/2006 10:17:00 AM

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