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Sunday, November 05, 2006
White Board Girl

life's been hectic. haha. last minute works and stuff. usuals. i keep on blogging about it. no point!:)

i had lunch with King Kien that day! omg, primary school mate now college mate. hehe. i don't remember talking to him much in primary school. i guess since we have 6 years in common, we should have loads to talk about during lunch!:) and besides, we both love designing. hahaha. we chattted about primary school and how is everyone and where are they now...

friday was the most work i've done for my design. i totally redesigned my pages. and by 1120 i went to the printer to print. waited there for like an hour until i decided that i did not want to wait any longer. went back to KPD(e), went for CSS. then later showed James my work. came home and slept!:) hahahaha.

my printer is so spoilt! hahaha. now it won't print properly. how nice!!:(

i need a new printer.

saturday was spent by going to Subang's Bormas to try to print that one page that couldn't print...it couldn't print there also! ate lunch at Burger King and went to Church for raffle draw rehearsals. I'm officially the White Board Girl. I've u've bought raffle draw tickets(or just wanna see me memalukan myself) , come come and see me write the winning numbers on a white board on the 19th of November at 2pm. In case u won the Vios!:) its mine, ok!!!:p


yes, i'm going to be on stage in BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE!!! hahahhahaa. super funny man..

anyways, gtg talk to sidney now. byebye

Karen wrote this at.. 11/05/2006 01:12:00 AM

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