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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
trusting you, totally..

*imagine me playing repeatedly on my itunes*

my assignments are all done. except my group member did not hand in our assignment!!! i wonder WHY is she doing it. so hard meh, print out assignment and pass up? she's like stalling for no reason. i'm pissed. i hope my lecturer doesn't minus marks!

exams next thursday. i only have interviewing paper to sit for. its 10%. but i need to score the paper. i need. need.

i just found out from Sarah that me joining UIU, its impossible to get First class honors!:( somehow i think it was a mistake to join UIU. she said, the highest you can reach is Second Class..that also dunno whether im capable or not. i interviewed her about the internship. sounds exciting. i can't wait to work. i hope i can contribute a lot to emmagem.

reminds me, i have to prepare a "portfolio" of my work! omg, i really don't have much to show! hehe. i shall just make a blogspot on my "portfolio". HAHHAHAAHAHa. i shall do that tmr evening. tonight i just wanna sleep and wake up and pass up assignment and do last interviews for ADPSC and throw ADPSC to the new Committee. and enjoy life.

i'm officially joining the tutor-people next sem. i'm determine to join. i want to. haha. i hope i pass the exam and interview to become tutor! hehhehe.

guess who fetched me from main block to KPDe?????



omg, i was shocked when she asked me if i wanted to join her in her car to go to main block! :O < meant to look shocked not scared! haha..she was really nice and friendly. asked me questions and stuff. heehee. Elaine thinks i'm Miss Winnee's friend already! haha.. nola. i doubt! she just knows me since i took last 2 classes with her. but seriously, its today's main topic. i told everyone! haha.. im so jakun, i know.

today, i went to Mid Valley to shop for clothes for Darryl. He spent RM150 on two shirts and a pants! i think it was a bit too expansive, but owh well, its hard to find guy's clothes for cheap okay!!

i think i lost the "drive" to blog anymore.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/29/2006 10:47:00 PM

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