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Saturday, November 11, 2006
itchy hands

i wanna bake!:) even if i'm very very new at it, but i wanna learn. i wanna be a domestic goddess!:)


ook, so, i've been a bum lately. i've been sleeping like mad since friday. oogling at cakes/cupcakes pictures...so unproductive. click here. some lady seeling cupcakes too.

hazeeeelll, i still haven't bought an oven yet!:(

i stumbled upon this Marie Biscuits Kek Batik. i had it once at Amelia's house. and it was AWESOME! click here for pictures and recipe. no oven needed...

i'm making it tomorrow. yay!

Shermaine's here. she asked me what blog provider i use. i told her i don't have a blog. HAHA. owh well, she probably knows i have a blog already. but i don't admit i own a blog. haha. im such a liar.

anyways, Fitness first called me. "a friend of mine invited me for a free workout. and the girl who called me would like to show me around" YEAH RIGHT! probably give me one free day of entry and bug my life later on. if they gimme one free year of gym, i don't mind. i shall ffk the girl. cos i might have accidently said i will come.. but i have no intentions of going, cos i already know what they're going to tell me. they will say i'm over weight and i need to work out. GIMME MONEY CAN OR NOT, then you talk to me! :)

omg, did any of you guys watched Lost? omg.omg.omg. i hope all goes well. The OC also started and not bad la. its not the same anymore because they're not in Harbor High anymore. bummer.

had steamboat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. how boring. mum cooked.

Dangerous Variable! haha. yes, i am indulging in food i am not supposed too. but but, emo eating is different okay! :p

Sidz is leaving to work in Johor in December.

it's been a hard week trying to understand the fact that i won't be going for movies with him anymore, or bumming around doing nothing, or just being with him anymore. i will probably only see him during his holidays. bummer.

seeing him and doing the things we always do on thursday (i met him that day) made me cry. haha. i actually cried all the way from 1U to Subang while driving. i really could not take it. cry baby. even cried all the way back and at night too.

its a wonder how i woke up so early and did really well in my mock interviewing thing the next morning.

went for elaine's design class after that. learnt a thing or two in illustrator and photoshop too!:) CSS after that. it was fun. probably the most fun CSS cos we were actually laughing and having fun instead of the serious discussion we have other days.

nothing much happened. i'm a geek+loser+nolifeperson...:)

Karen wrote this at.. 11/11/2006 10:01:00 PM

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