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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
i hate mosquitoes

i have 7 -8 mosquito bites behind my stomach, did i mention it? its so annoyingly itchy!!!

I was Watching Oprah today, and today's ep (before i slept) was about this kid who is obsessed with her looks, and she's only 3!!!!!

Jordyn's looks occupy her every waking moment. She is obsessed with makeup, inconsolable when her hair is messy and glued to the mirror most of the time. She's not a grown woman…she's not a teenager—Jordyn is only 3 years old.

Margie, Jordyn's mother, says she and her daughter get into the worst fights about makeup. "She comes and tells me, 'I don't look beautiful. I want lipstick,'" Margie says. When Margie tells her toddler that she can't wear lipstick, Jordyn screams, cries and tells her mother "I hate you" and "I don't love you." Finding the perfect outfit and the right hairstyle is also a challenge. Jordyn wants to use hairspray and gets upset when she doesn't look "handsome."

A smile appears on Jordyn's face when she sits down with one of her favorite magazines—the Victoria's Secret catalog.

SO sad right?
then there was this 4 year old who was obsessed with her weight. SHE'S ONLY 4!!!


whats going on?

Karen wrote this at.. 5/30/2006 12:09:00 AM

Monday, May 29, 2006
Graphic Design

i'm doing a research on what type of food my *fake* restaurant wants to sell. It has to be exotic.

eg: Baba&Nyonya, Snakes+Worms, Morrocan, Mediterranean, Cambodian, Korean etc...

i'm stuck. but im not even sure if i'm going to take Grephic Design or not, since they might change the timetable! I HATE CHANGES ON MY TIMETABLE. But i really want to do Graphic Design....just because i can't fit any other subject on my timetable!

Australian food channel

Mamounia Restaurant-Morrocan food

Cafe Pacific

Ponzu Restaurant


Thai food?


Food history

-mediterranean food-
(this sounds nice, i can have belly dancing shows too!)



A Whole Menu on Med food, yay!

Tempo Restaurant&Bar

Bistro Paradiso

OK, im bored.

i know i won't die if i don't take GDesign, but i like it. we're supposed to design a brochure, flyer, menu and a website for a restaurant. nice!i'm such a geek.

so i was looking through the Job Section in The Star. I saw positions for Graphic Designers, and they need Photoshop+Illustrator knowledge. so now i need to get illustrator and learn. JUST IN CASE i become a sucky Psychologist! and besides, i can become a GDesigner (as extra income) to pay for my Post Grad, seeee, smart or not? HAHA. at least i won't have to burden my poor (literally) parents. haha.

My design class has 12 people by the way. how nice...! Bella+Suraya+Ephraim are the only people i know from Intro To Design Class. Made a new friend Aimee (i dunno how to spell her name!)

Cheryl's in my Human Comm class! yayness!:) got relaibel group mate!:) tho, Jessica Did not come, hmmmm...

World Religion is cancelled so i left college at 1130. HAHA.

came home, ate lunch, slept, went to Wangsa Maju wit Sidney.

Bought a notepad that says "LOVE". They also come in "JOY", "PEACE" and "HAPPINESS" . very pretty colours.

FOS is having this weird cheap sale. There are tshirts/blazers/pants/shorts/skirts for as low as RM5, RM7, RM10....Recommended for the cheapskates at heart.

i still have not been to forever 21. hehe. sounds/looks like it has so many nice stuff, but i doubt it will be in my budget, unless its christmas!:)

X x X


Karen wrote this at.. 5/29/2006 10:19:00 PM

Sunday, May 28, 2006

so, i still don't have photoshop!:(

made this layout with a colourbar from an LJ site.

what do you think?

Karen wrote this at.. 5/28/2006 01:30:00 PM

Saturday, May 27, 2006

i cried twice while watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.

it sucks that every tv series ends when summer begins. now we have to wait another 3 months till we can know whats going to happen! owh well!

Lionel asked me to join the blogathon for charity!:) maybe i should! but i dunno who would wanna donate money for me to blog. hmmm..anyone feels like sponsoring me to blog for charity?

my whole family is asleep. i guess the rain must have done it. its so rainy these days!i've got to go. sleep. haha. bye.

Karen wrote this at.. 5/27/2006 11:47:00 PM

mcdees at midnight

Yesterday was one tiring day!Woke up early to wash my hair, so that it looks curly. like TK said, my hair is a falied attempt to look like lavena! HAHA. went to the planning meeting. shucks. so many things happening, SO FAST!must stop procrastinating and really buck up. got so 3 studying subjects and one photoshop subject!haha. now, i really need my photoshop. worst come to worst, i'll ask Justin for it. so yea, after the whole registration ordeal. which was a total mess. ADP staff never learn how to control the crowd. semester after semester, they always fail in making the registration system more systematic. The Council will have to suggest something to the HOD.

Lavina came at 7pm. we went to Taman Bukit Maluri to get other third person, TK. haha. left to 1U. supposed to go to Forever 21's Launch, but was too late, so we decided to go to IKEA for meatballs. we bought Ice Cream and headed towards the Cafe. When we wen to line up, it was closed! how sad, no meatballs for us. i really did not know Ikea's cafe closses at 8pm. hehe. so we went to the Ikano food court to eat instead.

After walking around for an hour, we left to Mc Dees, where all teh fun started. We talked about our old classmates and schoolmates, laughed so loud till people started staring at us! hahaha. fun fun fun.

Owh, yea, if you've been to the Curve's car park, you will notice the buggy (sp?) there. So i was telling Lav and Tk that i wanted to sit on it. As we were leaving the carpark, we saw one, Lav actually stopped and asked the guard, in malay, " Hi uncle, Ini Marie (pointed at me) Dia nak duduk kereta itu, boleh tak?" All three of us bursted out laughing, and i was like "Nooo, tak payah, tak payah..." Tk was closing his face at the back seat, but suggesting me to go sit on it. we were laughing till we were crying adey. HAHA. Tk was still closing his face with the pillow. hehe. it was a super funny moment. the guard was like looking at us weirdly, he probably thought we were insane.

Cineleisure was open yesterday. It was an "invite only" screening of Xmen. Lavena's friend from TGIF gave her one ticket. so we just did not go. hhehe. it looks nice. it is so HUGE! shall check it out soon.

i have 3033 songs in my HD now. makes Winows Media player so slow!

i know its only May, but i can't wait for christmas!

Alvin, Sidney's friend and Lavena just sent me a testimonial!haha. nice to have a testimonial, such self esteem booster, seeing how people write only nice things about you.

Karen's Afternoon music review crapping. (i'm just bored,and i wanna waste time doing absolutely nothing but listen to music)

was listening to o-town. haha whatever happend to them!:) boy bands are so the (late) 90's! and yes, i was in the craze once. it was fun, really. having crushes on the stars, going to concerts, buying albums after albums. hehe. i did not really fancy o-town tho.

i love Micheal Jackson. Man in the mirror is love. how can you not like micheal!he just wake divine songs.

hmmm...now playing-Cinta by Flop Poppy. i used to emember the words to ALL the songs in Flop Poppy's first malay album. listened to it everyday in the car. love the album. should search for it and listen soon. hehe.

Tempered Mental's Space in time. when i was in the malaysian music-gig-going craze, i used to love tempered mental. now, i don't know their new songs. would love to go back to the music scene. hehe. the song was so short, must be just a demo.

Who loves Bon Jovi???? MEEEE! this time its Jon Bon Jovi's Ugly. nice song, very meaningful. the only reason i like bon jovi is because of my brother. he listens to it somanytimes, that i also grew into liking their songs. i love their slippery when wet album.

hey ma, whats up, let's slide, alright....we gonna get it on tonightt...Cam'ron's Hey Ma is so singalong-nice. a lot of Malaysian-rap-bands at that time loved to cover this song. i know peoticammo did a cover of this song.

Do you remember watching Mis Tres Hermanas when you were in high school??? haha. well, my cousins, brother, everyone at my babysitter's house used to watch it religiously and we hafaled the song too! haha. Son by Four's song. sorry, i really dunno the title of it! in english its the purest of love? or sth like that!

Damage's i'll be loving you also brings back so much memories!:) it was zaman, standard 6, when i first listened to the compilation of..."music heals the soul" album. was it "music heals the soul"? its the various artists: BSB, Aaron Carter...etc. *sings*

when i was in YAC, once upon a time ago, we wanted to plan a youth conert, which failed, because of reasons i shall not mention. But, i was in charge of getting music for the band to listen so that they can choose what song they wanna play. so i stumbled across Mercy Me's I can only imagine and was hooked to it ever since. loe love love this song to bits. so freaking meaningful too. ofcourse, i also downloaded the famous hillsongs, and stuff. but i loved this song the most. it stood out among all the christian music i downloaded.

Y2K's Christmas time in Malaysia rocks my socks! Y2K is very well known for their funny lyrics and super funny stage performances. i loved to watch them play! this song was under the Musiccanteen's christmas album.

i remember listening to K-ci and Jojo's All my life so long ago! i was still staying in Selayang then and i used to listen to Hitz top 9. Thi song was very hip then. at that time, i also used to watch this chinese soap opera on ntv7. so i will bring my little radio and listen to it in front of the tv. multi tasking. its so hard to listen to my favourite songs then, dial up internet, no mp3 players, CD's all damn mahal! so radio was the only chance i can listen to my fav songs. hehe. we're so spoilt today!

alright, i shall stop here. haha.

Karen wrote this at.. 5/27/2006 03:32:00 PM

lost season finale

watching Lost is just so depressing!

gonna sleep now!

had a GREAT time catching up with lav+tk!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/27/2006 01:53:00 AM

Friday, May 26, 2006

after year 1 at ADP, my gpa is 3.59.

this sem i got 3.7!!! quite proud of myself!A- for Design, business and Developmental Psychology!hahaha...and ugh. got a B for Intro to RM. SO SUCKY!!! a freaking B!!!! waaaaahhhh....should've taken it under ADP. then i'll prob get like B+(sounds nicer, no?)...thats if i was in the upper side of that freaking B. OWH WELL!










84 – 88




79 – 83




74 –78




69 – 73




64 - 68


59 - 63


54 - 58


49 - 53


0 - 48

not bad. 74-88. so, i might get 88 (if i feel very smart) OR 74 (if i feel stupid). Is there any way i can get to know what i really got? hmmmm....

i finally got my subject list from the admin people. now i can trace my subjects and what i need to take.

here's to another 3 years at SUCKY HELP!!!

This sem, i'm taking...

Human Communication (with Jessica!yayness got teman! Sheu also)
Research Methods (with Jess, Mel, Row, P, Huey Min...many itro friends)
World Religions ( with elaine!)
Graphic Design 1 (with no one? i did see ephraim's name there...in the groupings)

hope i can do as well as last sem. this means MORE HARDWORK!:(

i just found out that IGS moved to USJ area. beside Summit. i might just transfer there in year 4!:) hahha. simply la. hate HELP. but then again, by the time i reach year 4, i'll probably grow into HELP adey!


i told my mum my results, she was like, "why you got a B???????" so i explained the UIU system. then she finally said i did good. HAHA. she is always not satisfied with what i get because she thinks i always get A's! but i know secretly, she's happy! hahaha.

ok, enough rambling abt my dumdum results.

play this parking game
, damn cool!Christina linked to me.

i gtg bathe.

Lavena's coming to pick me up at 6. i'm going for the Forever 21's launch at 1U!!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/26/2006 05:02:00 PM


ok, so registration is at 2pm. yay! no need to wakey early!:) i think i'd better sleep. meeting tmr. damn nervous. first ever meeting with other people, instead of my members. but i can'e sleep so early!:(

played with Picasa.

My new shades from Petaling Street. *** Nando's periperi ***James doing ultraman.
Me, Bro, Jes at Selayang Church selling tickets. *** Shih Lin Korean Street snacks (chicken floss egg thinyg) *** Joshua and me.
Bro, Joshua, James. *** Taman Tun Dr Ismail from level 5 car park at 1U *** my colour coordinated cupboard!:) HAHA.

Karen wrote this at.. 5/26/2006 12:25:00 AM

Thursday, May 25, 2006
whats in a smile...

if you look back in my old posts, zaman CIMP and school, i never smiled properly. i smiled with my mouth close, which is to some people, not a smile. but i always thought i look better smiling with my mouth close, not showing any teeth. then, when i met gracie, wingsun and karenlee, they ALWAYS bug my life to smile showing my teeth. i remember gracie saying, "Just say gracie..." to show your smiley smile. hehe. twas damn funny. so i was then on a journey to perfect a smile. i took super duper many pictures to see how i did la, and they all turned out crappy. hehe. soon, i've learned to smile with teeth. :) it all thanx to Karenlee, Wingsun and Gracie!:)

but i'm still learning!:) still look like crap sometimes, because of my extra tooth on my right side. but owh well!


i missed american idol yesterday! hmmm...but from the msn nicknames, i knew who won! haha. owh well, america loves him.

i just found out that one of my friend is going for an operation next week. oh gosh, please pray for her. everything's going to be fine....:) i hope.

tmr's subject registration day, my semester planning meeting and results day. WHYohWHY must it be on the same day! i doubt i can register my subjects in time, because i have a meeting at 930. whyohwhy.

i was watching laguna beach just now. i wonder if its all real. i mean how can people's life be so perfect, and you only have boyfriend problems every other day! they wrote in the beginning of the show,"this show was taped in 8 months, and the people are REAL" HAHa. anyone can clarify the realness?

owh gosh, its raining. i love rains when im indoors. but hate it when i have to go to church later!today's a day of obligation for every catholic to go to church.


Karen wrote this at.. 5/25/2006 05:33:00 PM


i made jess' blog purdy!

its freesing in my brother's room. i think i wanna sleep!:(


**astrorat, add me on msn/ mail me. (karen_lyyyl at hotmail.com) or (marie.karen at gmail.com) for your layout.

Karen wrote this at.. 5/25/2006 02:24:00 AM

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
dum dee dum

Karen wrote this at.. 5/24/2006 11:41:00 PM

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

recent pictures of me. and some OLD ones. i just don't have much recent pictures of me. or at least decent, nice ones!:)

edited using Picasa!:) so confusing!:/ and i can't resize pics? i really dunno how to use Picasa! hehe.

 i need my photoshopppppp!!!!

i took a snapshot using VLC!:) nice hor?

happy ending of the OC season finale!
no, it wasn't happy. i wonder if there is going to be a season 4....

Karen wrote this at.. 5/23/2006 11:35:00 PM


ok, so i cannot tahan adey! i am downloading Picasa!:)

i need to edit some pics and post some here, gatal already!:)

editing, editing....brb

Karen wrote this at.. 5/23/2006 10:51:00 PM


dum dum trial version does not work. sheesh. no new layout today!:(

Karen wrote this at.. 5/23/2006 03:27:00 PM

wish i

Jem's Wish I is so nice to sing a long and dance to when you just finished bathing and dancing naked in front of the mirror!:)nobody can see you....heheheh

i wish i had router(sp?) in my house!then i can go online anywhere and listen to music in my room.

 I feel like i wanna redecorate and redesign my room. it needs a change. i want my bed to be elsewhere. my study table(namesake only la, i study on my bed anyways!) to be in another corner. my dressing table to be in another corner. maybe i'll get a single bed? then my room will be SOMUCH bigger compared to now. ish. i think i want a change. but its too late. its already tuesday. no time to clean my room and change position of things. besides, my dad will think its an insane idea as the plugs are in one side of my room only. owh well. maybe after my summer semester.

Which reminds me, i need to see the counselor. i already emailed her, she said i need an audit form? haih. sucks. now i need to follow the subjects that i'm required to do. i can't just do whatever i wanna do! haha.

after long considerations, i think i wanna do a minor in Communication. That way, i can stil consider doing Graphic Design I and apply photoshop knowledge in my work next time. or at least the employees will think i'm capable of doing it, instead of just a hobby. But still, communication still sounds nicer than business. hehe. owh well.

i love this Performancing thing. its so easy to blog now, i can blog anytime.

i wanna chnage the layout TODAY!:) because i just downloaded trial version of photoshop!


Karen wrote this at.. 5/23/2006 03:05:00 PM

testing testing 123

i'm currently blogging using the performancing tool as suggested by Mr. Tan on his blog. Its really cool for firefox users!:)

try it!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/23/2006 11:51:00 AM

Monday, May 22, 2006
+ + +

the weeekend came and gone.

and i'm still here. doing nothing productive. can't think of anything productive.

meeting. was alright. nothign special. only i'm such a bad bad president. i bet aaron's thinking, "omg, what have i done to the council????". HAHA.

i woke up at 12. ate. watched tv. played Zuma. waited for my Brokeback Mountain and OC to finish. went to church. picked Jes up. ate dinner. went to bed at 11, talked to Jes till 2am. slept at 4am.

Woke up damn early. owh, but i did sell raffle draw tickets for my church at St John's Cathedral. went for mass again! haha. sold about 3 books!:) awesomeness...at philipino food. damn yummy. al pork and beef dishes. did i tell you how much i love the tagalog! haha. i just love listening to them speak!:) Went to Petaling Street, bought an oversized shades. :) came back and knocked out till 6pm!went to eat with Jes. and came back to watch my finished OC and Brokeback mountain.


Do i look like my mum?


St. John's Cathedral at Kuala Lumpur.


St. John's Cathedral at Kuala Lumpur.

x x x

Brokeback mountain is damn gross i tell you!:/ i mean, being a haterosexual female who is very much attracted to males, seeing Heath ledger kiss the other guy is just so weird! my brother was making puke sounds everytime there was a scene. its not that i have something againts a guy loving another guy, i'm just not used to it, i guess!

owh well, they have the right to fall in love with anyone they like!:) who am i to judge!

i'm so bored. i want to install photoshop but there is still no network between my comp and laptop. so no use installing photoshop, cos i can't upload any pics anyways (or at least it will be such a hassle!)

its been a while since i've oogled at friendster. hehe. whenever i'm super bored, i will look up my firends page, and see who's got a new bf, who's studying where, who's working, how pretty they've become after years since we've left highschool. Come on, i know YOU do that too! no matter how much you say you hate friendster, you still go through your friends pages...hehe.

its 4pm.

i haven't had my lunch or breakfast. hehe. shall fast. i did eat koko crunch. hope it'll last me till dinner. i'm too lazy to cook or anything .

ok, been snooping around friendster. just found out that two of my (lets just say, used to be, says hi when we meet every 3 years during some christmas party/mass, from school/church) friends just hooked up! haha.

i wonder how can people have so many relationships over the years and say "she/he's the one" when after a brief period, they are with another person. they post testimonials saying, "you're mine, iloveu" writing, in the "who i want to meet" part-"i've already founf the person i want to meet". and then, later they have another relationship, and the other bf/gf writes that. i wonder if they delete their testimonials of their ex-bf's/gf's. heehee. i always wonder.

but, owh well, i wish them luck!

some friendster pages are SO IMAGE HEAVY! can't even load! hehe. and the colours are just so clashing, it hurts the eye! HAHA. some people are just so colourful!

ok, headache adey.

i think i wanna bathe and watch more tv. ugh. life's so boring, but i can't have enough of it.


i miss..
+Sidney (duh)
(in no particular order...)
+Lavena and TK
+Louanne and Christopher
+Victor and YAC's madness
+Wei foong, Sue and my good ol primary school friends
+Phan Shean, Simon, Sze May, Liyana and 3B gang
+P, Row and Mel.
+Melissa Ong sitting beside me in class
+Lea, Asyikin, Sam, Nisha
+KarenLee, WingSun, Gracie and Daniel
+Kevin Lam, Riza, Mr Tan, Mr Avila and the entire Edboard's madness
+my choir meetings in highschool
+sunday school in Caritas, even if we dreaded it SO MUCH, i miss it.

i miss a lot of people.


Karen wrote this at.. 5/22/2006 03:31:00 PM

Thursday, May 18, 2006

another of my image has been rejected!:( its not fun...owh well, just have to take more pictures! i have so many nice pictures, but its all below 3 mp. my old digicam was only 2mp. bleh.

anyways, my mum has been bugging my life! she calls me everyday asking me to do something for her! haih. times like this i wish i wasn't on holidays!if i was in college, she'll still bug my life, but not as much as when i was out. hehe. maybe also because my dad's away on business, and she has no one to call. usually she bugs my dad's life. haha.

there's a rat in my house!!!!!! i was watching the apprentice yesterday, when i saw something move. then i was so alert. kept on looking, and i saw it going back to the kitchen area! gross. i hope my dad comes back today! then at least we can set the trap. i really dunno how to fuction the rat trap! i wonder why rats exist anyway! its a pest that sooner or later people will want to kill or get rid of it. i mean, i know it helped a lot in science (and psychology too!operant conditioning) but come on, its a rat! who likes rats?

i'm so bored.

i wanna make a new layout, but the networking thingy is not working. so i cannot go online on my laptop. so no new layout. or no new images to edit and submit. i need to get out to some artistic area and take pictures. too many macro shots makes my eyes so sakit. haha. this is because i use light to make it brighter, and the light is so near, and i always end up with a headache after taking photos. hehe.

i've been elestec president of council. but i don't feel like i'm president at all! hahaha. maybe because the work won't start until college starts. i know i need to be SO MUCH more responsible now. i have to lead a freaking council. and it is supposed to be represented by students! ugh, the workload. can die lor. i have so regretted not saying no to aaron. i really have this sickness of not saying no. i really must learn to say no.


but owh well, its been done. i hope i can last for a semester. im sure the members will try to "menggulingkan" my presidency because i just suck at being one. haha. i've held one meeting, and i tell you, it was a disaster! everyone was talking! and i felt so er, not in control? are presidents supposed to be in control? haha. seriously, i'm still learning to be a person, and now i've to be a leader. hehe. big challenge, i hope i can do it. and i hope i can do well.

i'm going to take research methods next semester, and i dunno who wants me as a group member!:( hehe. i don't think i wanna raise the same misunderstanding issue i had last last sem again. i want a new group. i think i know who to ask. i just hope i will be accepted into their group!:/

i'm listening to my all time favourite song. bliss.

i think i wanna do some prep for tmr's meeting! see ya...... :)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/18/2006 04:38:00 PM

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Ji-Eun Seong!

HAHA. i just watched Korean Fantasy Story(i can't find it in IMDB!). They are just so cute, Korean people! hehe. the story was nice. very highschool-romance-ish. i was so bored, that i had to watch a movie!:)

i slept at 4 am today, i just could not sleep, i have no idea why!:) maybe i do know why, but nah, not telling. only one person knows why! i hate the holidays! but i do love the holidays, you know? i don't know why, but i hate this holiday! whoever has holidays in the middle of May anyways? its just not fun. haih.

my life is so doomed. i have to go to school(in HELP somemore!ugh to the max) for the next three years and i'm already 20 this year. sucks. wish i was dead.

Karen Marie --

Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

well, at least i'm visually addictive. Have you seen my pictures on my photoblog? haha, i'm super promoting like madness. ok, that sentence wasn't that great. but yea, pictures make me happy, and people liking my pictures make me even happier. heehee.

you know what i wanna watch right now? Dennis the Menace. have you seen this version of the show? its freaking hillarious and i just love dennis.
Margaret: You know why men are so lousey when it comes to taking care of babies?
Dennis: They have better things to do.
Margaret: Like what? Play golf and drink beer?
Dennis: No, like hunting, having wars, driving cars, cleaning fish. Do you know how to do that?
Joey: Me?
Dennis: Margaret.
Joey: Oh, okay.
Margaret: If you didn't have women, you wouldn't have babies, which means you wouldn't have people.
Joey: And if you didn't have men, who'd drive the ladies to the hospital?


Joey is the cutest! hehe.

i also want to watch Big Daddy. i wanna eat ice cream, watch this movie and cry at the end. its so saddddd...haih. my vcd is missing. someone must have taken it and never gave me back! i hate vcd/dvd stealers! OK, they're not stealers, they asked first, but heck, most of them don't give back my vcd/dvd's like until 5 years later, and half of the vcd/dvd's are missing! damn, hate hate hate hate people who take away my dvd's!:(

i remember once, one of my family friend, (so, ok, this is way off topic, but its in the same theme) she's about 2 years younger and we used to play a lot, since we're both girls and i was probably about 10/11. I used to have a lot of story books, you know titles like "Stephanie", "Sweet Valley", "Sabrina the teenage witch" kinda books. this girl, borrowed some of my books, without telling me. and when i went to her house one day, she freaking said it was hers! and all the titles were the same as what i had that was missing! Waaahhhh...i was so mad. i didn't even tell my parents. i just kept quiet. i let it go.

see, its the same theme of taking someone else's thing. but not dvd la. the same family also borrowed my "A walk to remember" VCD and never gave me back! i remember that vcd because i loved the show and watched it over and over again. luckily Sidney bought me a DVD!:)

i love to watch shows over and over again, i don't know why.
i have this crazy idea to list down all the shows that i've watched over the years or at least what i can remember. but i don't know where to start.

i'm so bored. i still can't download some grey's anatomy episodes. sucks. at the most suspense scene adey!

i think i wanna make a new layout. see ya!

Karen wrote this at.. 5/17/2006 03:35:00 PM

Monday, May 15, 2006
Stars + Grey's Anatomy


today was fun.i did a lot of things, i think. woke up at 11. watched a movie on HBO. Cinderella? the one with Chad Micheal Murray and Hillary Duff. took a bath, went to wait for an hour for Sidney!:( then went to Carrefour at Wangsa Maju for lunch. ayamas. they have these new stuff on their menu. don't try, its not worth it! went walking, bought a short pants from FOS. damn cheap. RM10 for one. it was a steal. i could not resist! hehe. then later sent sidney back. came back. ate dinner. took pictures of stars. edited them. watched Grey's anatomy while waiting for it to upload. hehe.what a day! i love holidays. just do mindless things everyday!:) sweet, dude!

MSN is PMS-ing.ugh. owh shit, its 12am! i wanted to ask elaine if she wanted to go to Jean's home tmr! haih, now must sms. time flies when you're having fun. hhhmmmm...
ok, GAs2e6 now!:) see ya!

Karen wrote this at.. 5/15/2006 11:58:00 PM

Sunday, May 14, 2006


OK, so i've been busy. taking dumdum photos. hehe. but i like taking photos. makes me happy. especially when it turns out nice!:) click on those thumbnails above. you'll be directed to my number 19997382nd photoblog! haha. i have so many photoblogs in the past, it all never lasts. but i wanna keep this one!:) heehee.

i've been shopping a lot this few weeks. giordano+jusco mostly. hehe. bought so many things. its nice being the youngest daughter in my family, even if im fat, i still get to buy clothes!:)

i so need to do something about my fatness. sheesh. i really dowanna be obese!:( haih.

ok, its 1130, im going to watch the repeat of Oprah, will continue later! see ya!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/14/2006 11:20:00 PM

Saturday, May 13, 2006

so i've done it again! but this time, im maintainign this blog! haha


go check it out!:) and comment on those photos k? tell me whats nice and whats not!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/13/2006 10:08:00 PM

Blue Pebbles*

Do you like it?

Karen wrote this at.. 5/13/2006 12:10:00 AM

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


hazel, please see here and see if u like that...tell me ASAP.

Roberta, you never got back to me..or maybe i wasn't on msn when u are on, if so, email me.

as for Melissa, i'll be doing yours tonight. i hope you will like it!:)

Paru, so sorry for not replying you that day, my brother restarted my computer before i could read everything, i was on "away" and really was away!tho he said he read the msn conversation...u wanted me to design another ticket? please tell me soon!:)

sorry for not being online/blogging for a while. been going out, watching tv, shopping, watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air. i did not wanna be online HAHA. tho, i did come and get my daily fix of blogs and emails. heehee.

Karen wrote this at.. 5/09/2006 03:08:00 PM

Saturday, May 06, 2006
curly me


ok, so the rich text thingy appeared now. i miss Sidney. he went out with his mother today!:) and i permed my hair today!:) did you see the curly-fied me?
lemme refresh your memory...

the curly me


HAHA. mom and Lea thinks its not curly enough, i think its too curly. i was thinking less curly..HAHA. thats too much curly in a line. owh well, its done. and i kinda like it, in a way...hehe. its different what, how many times i get to say i got curly hair? hahaa.i had straight hair all my life!

Something weird happened today, when i walked into the hair saloon, my cousin and i saw the lady blowing this person's SUPER LONG (like until lower than the butt long) hair. so i thought, like, whoa, how does she wash her hair everyday? then after a while, the saloon lady said that SHE was a SMALL BOY! he's a 11 year old Sikh. i got a shock, but then it sunk in, cos they wore a turban!:) haha. his hair was so straight and nice after blowing. hehehe. but the Saloon Lady said, he has a lot of dandruff and his hair was so tangled up. hehe. damn! i'll never have that long hair.

So anyways, i downloaded Frequency Cannon's new version of "Girl". IMO i think the old version of "Girl" that was from the EP(shout CD) was nicer! the editing is not nice at all!:( boo. i remember talking to Kuachee on msn last time (he was still in Australia), when he was asking me to promote Frequency Cannon on XFresh! haha. so funny. he had this idea to make a music video with a lot of fans/people when he come back from Australia. he asked me to kumpul people to be interested. but the idea was err...lost in space.. haha. now he's like super famous. i bet there are loads of girls after him, haha. those were the days where i live to try to talk to all these new band members. HAHA. such a sucker right? hehe.

i really hope i do well in my exams this time...i doubt i can do well, as in remain in 3.5. but i think i won't do so bad. but you'll never know! i might just flop this sem. you never know. i just realised that i'm going to be studying until im so old. ugh. so unfair!:( i hope im making the right decision. really. im very disappointed with my dreams. but owh well, lets not go there. its depressing.
i wish i had the will power to exercise!really, i've become such a fat thing. :( its depressing. maybe because of my depressing life that i have become fat? haha. or am i too happy and prosperous (the bug belly thingy) that i've become fat? i always say i wanna lose the weight, but i never do anything about it. i think i wanna start a new diet/exercise blog. HAHA. like Ena. to write about my crap eating habits. haihs. i need to learn how to cook!:) cos when i cook, i will surely eat the food satisfyingly, even if it taste so bad. haha.

i LOVE blogging. really, i always feel much better after blogging. a sense of satisfaction.. i dunno, i just am in love with my blog/lj~!:)

tmr i'll be following my mum to the bank!:) i still have not bought my jeans and shoes yet. i'm waiting for the Member Day Jusco Sales. hehe. cheap stuff. hope so!:) then later, i think its going to be CLEAN THE HOUSE time. haha. my mum will be at home. so yea. cleaning house phase should be coming very soon. She's always like that, every once in a while, she'll whine and whine about how the house is so messy, and will scold and scold everyone, like as if its not her fault the hall is messy. she will make everyone's life miserable until they clean the house and respective rooms. hehe. its a monthly thing. like getting her pms, only she does not have her uterus anymore and probably menopausal.

more curly me pics

i look like a mushroom! haha

Karen wrote this at.. 5/06/2006 12:48:00 PM

Thursday, May 04, 2006
to curl or not to curl?

im in a hair (18 ) dilemma!!:(


not really, i just wanna ask you all, if i should curl my hair...

ok, so i've got 2 examples...

(Ignore the faces, just see the hair...i KNOW i cannot be Joss Stone and the other model, but just focus on the hair, ok?)



you think i can pull it off? i'm scared...but how many times you get to be 19?

Karen wrote this at.. 5/04/2006 07:36:00 PM

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Mission Impossible

you know what's impossible?

pleasing your parents!

x x x

anyways, i went out today. cos i thot, instead of rotting at home, out would be nicer. no?
so yea, woke up at 1130, thought of using the train to go meet Sidney at KL Central, but suddenly, i realised my mum did not take the car after all...*smiles* so yea, went to fetch Sid, and went to a RM5 buffet-ALL YOU CAN EAT vegetarian food. fyi, Sidney's sorta vegan, but not fully. so yea, it was HEAVEN for him and boohoo for me. haha. i love my chicken!:p no pictures today, just cos im too lazy to charge the batteries! haha. so yea, we ate at some Kepong Lama area there. and left for movies.

Watched Mission Impossible 3. kinda nice. i dun like reviews, cos i just don't have the ability to re-tell/summarize a story.besides, i wouldn't wanna spoil it for ya!so better ask the experts. went to IKEA to eat ice cream later. yea, we're that insane!:p

sent him to the station and came back. watched some tv, ate, watched my dose of grey's anatomy and came online.

was browsing through mom2ashley's blog. so cutttteeeee...a pictorial blog just for her baby. i wanna do something like that too!:) only i want a real scrap book for my pretty/handsome/cute baby!:)

i'm coming up with a whole list of previous posts listed by titles. so i can browse through nostalgia whenever i want to, and its easier, in a way, for me. you can read too if you want. see how i was back then.

im too lazy to blog.

maybe i will sleep. OWH, but no, i wouldn't wanna miss would i?

anyone waiting with me?

x x x

was at friendster, then one of my friend posted this...

PLanet shakers pastor matt fielder will be down
this sunday at sunway college 5 pm auditorium
7.the band is gonna be awesome and the entire
place is gonna be blown away..if ur not there,ur
missing the best thing !!he's the most
funniest,cracker joker,and the rest find out
yourselves..but the band is gonna rock up and the
place will be blown away..dont mis it for anything

AUDI 7!!!!! that was like CIMP's official auditorium!!:) hehe. i miss CIMP days!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/03/2006 11:10:00 PM

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


im curently doing Hazel's Layout. who's next? HAHA.

Roberta, wait yaaaaa....will message you when im done doing hazels...

astrorat? you really want one? haha. either add me on msn, or email me

Melissa, email me at marie dot karen at gmail dot com

kthanx, bye!:)

so anyways, im bored..enjoy my "artwork", while waiting for hazel's photo to arrive. HAHA

bored black

Karen wrote this at.. 5/02/2006 09:49:00 PM

Monday, May 01, 2006

im curently doing Hazel's Layout. who's next? HAHA. Roberta, Melissa, astrorat? add me on msn (karen_lyyyl at hotmail.com) cos i can only work with you if im chatting with you, or else, i wouldn't know what you want right? :)

so on sunday, i was out from 7am till 930pm!:) what a way to start the hols right? :p

I woke up at 615. sent my brother to work and went to park my car at KLCC RM1 carpark. so i brought my camera and breakfast (which consists of cookies i bought the day before at IKEA with 30% off from BreadStory and water). when i went there, i sat down and started taking pictures of KLCC! haha. din eat breakfast until later. i love taking pictures and lookign at them!

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center, not KL Convention center!) pictures overload ;)
(because i thot it all looked pretty!)

i love this one!:)

at 8am. it was so serene and calm.


looked photoshopped, no? well, its not! its the reflection of the building on water.


high up...

lookie dolphins! its actually a reflection too. see how calm the water was?

the real deal.


the dolphin in all its glory! ahha.

So after taking so many pictures, sidney finally came from the station. We wanted to go to the Skybridge, since we were there at 8am!(there won't be another day where we will be able to wake up so early! ahhaha) so i said, "Let's be Kiasu and go damn early to line up!" when we went there, there were already about 100 people waiting in a zigzag line! like whoa we were are not that kiasu after all!:P we thought we would never get the tickets because they were limited tickets available. after lining up for an hour, we got the 1215pm tickets. luckily! The people there were mostly tourists. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Sweedish, Backpackers...etc. (i was obviously eavesdropping!:)

so anyways, we bummed around KLCC until 1200 and went up the sky!:) here are the many many pictures i took :)

the bridge.

the pretty park. still not filled with people yet. it was SO PACKED with people at 4pm.

mendung day.

the famous Ampang Junction

more tiny ant cars.

and look, i spotted a familiar ant car!:) its MINEEEE!:)

looks like a tunnel.



looking down...

i dunno what building this is, but it lookks pretty in front of the other tiny buildings.

the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Place? is it? thats what Sidney told me.

and finally, the greatest company for the day :)

sidney n karen

thanx for looking.


We went to BB afterwards using the new Rapid KL bus system. Nice bus but a bit too pricey for just going to Bukit Bintang area from KLCC. so anyways, we went to StarHill, FINALLY! it is SO PRETTY! i know, im so slow, Star Hill opened like so long ago. i loved the Lower Ground Floor. its so colourful and nice. and the toilet, unique to the tap!:) haha. i was too freaked out to take any picture. in case they chase me out. i mean, its not like i don't feel strange there. its a place for people who has so much money to waste (or the more politically correct term, rich people?), we felt so awkward just walking there.. we listened to some Jazz music in the concourse area from level 1. walked around. went to the starry starry area in between Star Hill and JW Marriot.

After that, we went to Sg Wang. Now that feels more like us. HAHA. we walked around. as usual, so many people! he bought some Anime PC DVD. i bought nothing, hehe. cheapskate. at 330, we ran to the bus station! haha. because i had to wait for my bro at 4pm. we reched KLCC at 450. went to the car and waited. hehe. sent Sidney to the bus station, then we left.

When i came home, Lavena called! she asked me if i wanted to go yam cha with melin, roswin and her. so i went. Spicy Kitchen. later went to the Pasar Malam. It was fun!:) bought a RM10 bag and ate Lok-Lok. its been a whil since i ate Lok-Lok. hehe. then came back at 930, took a long bath and Shermaine came!:) She stayed with me for the night. i slept at 1am. HAHA. i was watching Oprah, because Reese Witherspoon was on. i love Reese Witherspoon. she's so nice and pretty.

Today, i woke up, did some designing for Paru. Her STACT Club tickets for a party. Looks like this:



i think it looks so CRAP! haha. but i really din have any Creative juices flowing in the morning. so coral ish. whatever thalassocrat means! heehee.. sounds like astrorat.

Later Shermaine, my parents and i went to Selayang Mall. its been like AGES since i went there. in case you din know, used to stay in Selayang, near Ulu Yam. i miss that house!:) i practically grew up there!:) ate lunch and bought groceries(=biscuits,juices,chocolates...HAHA) there to last me for 3 weeks. came home and slept till 8pm!:) hahahaha.

Was chatting with Alvin tadi. Sidney's friend. He always asks me to come to Klang because he wants to meet me. HAHA. he's the only one of Sidney's friends from Klang that i know and is familiar with (through msn la!) . Besides Riki. He has this really cute friend, he's like a hobbit. Loong. he's so short and cute, you just wanna pinch his face! hahahha.

ok, i think i've written enough for today. see ya!

Karen wrote this at.. 5/01/2006 09:32:00 PM

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