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Monday, May 22, 2006
+ + +

the weeekend came and gone.

and i'm still here. doing nothing productive. can't think of anything productive.

meeting. was alright. nothign special. only i'm such a bad bad president. i bet aaron's thinking, "omg, what have i done to the council????". HAHA.

i woke up at 12. ate. watched tv. played Zuma. waited for my Brokeback Mountain and OC to finish. went to church. picked Jes up. ate dinner. went to bed at 11, talked to Jes till 2am. slept at 4am.

Woke up damn early. owh, but i did sell raffle draw tickets for my church at St John's Cathedral. went for mass again! haha. sold about 3 books!:) awesomeness...at philipino food. damn yummy. al pork and beef dishes. did i tell you how much i love the tagalog! haha. i just love listening to them speak!:) Went to Petaling Street, bought an oversized shades. :) came back and knocked out till 6pm!went to eat with Jes. and came back to watch my finished OC and Brokeback mountain.


Do i look like my mum?


St. John's Cathedral at Kuala Lumpur.


St. John's Cathedral at Kuala Lumpur.

x x x

Brokeback mountain is damn gross i tell you!:/ i mean, being a haterosexual female who is very much attracted to males, seeing Heath ledger kiss the other guy is just so weird! my brother was making puke sounds everytime there was a scene. its not that i have something againts a guy loving another guy, i'm just not used to it, i guess!

owh well, they have the right to fall in love with anyone they like!:) who am i to judge!

i'm so bored. i want to install photoshop but there is still no network between my comp and laptop. so no use installing photoshop, cos i can't upload any pics anyways (or at least it will be such a hassle!)

its been a while since i've oogled at friendster. hehe. whenever i'm super bored, i will look up my firends page, and see who's got a new bf, who's studying where, who's working, how pretty they've become after years since we've left highschool. Come on, i know YOU do that too! no matter how much you say you hate friendster, you still go through your friends pages...hehe.

its 4pm.

i haven't had my lunch or breakfast. hehe. shall fast. i did eat koko crunch. hope it'll last me till dinner. i'm too lazy to cook or anything .

ok, been snooping around friendster. just found out that two of my (lets just say, used to be, says hi when we meet every 3 years during some christmas party/mass, from school/church) friends just hooked up! haha.

i wonder how can people have so many relationships over the years and say "she/he's the one" when after a brief period, they are with another person. they post testimonials saying, "you're mine, iloveu" writing, in the "who i want to meet" part-"i've already founf the person i want to meet". and then, later they have another relationship, and the other bf/gf writes that. i wonder if they delete their testimonials of their ex-bf's/gf's. heehee. i always wonder.

but, owh well, i wish them luck!

some friendster pages are SO IMAGE HEAVY! can't even load! hehe. and the colours are just so clashing, it hurts the eye! HAHA. some people are just so colourful!

ok, headache adey.

i think i wanna bathe and watch more tv. ugh. life's so boring, but i can't have enough of it.


i miss..
+Sidney (duh)
(in no particular order...)
+Lavena and TK
+Louanne and Christopher
+Victor and YAC's madness
+Wei foong, Sue and my good ol primary school friends
+Phan Shean, Simon, Sze May, Liyana and 3B gang
+P, Row and Mel.
+Melissa Ong sitting beside me in class
+Lea, Asyikin, Sam, Nisha
+KarenLee, WingSun, Gracie and Daniel
+Kevin Lam, Riza, Mr Tan, Mr Avila and the entire Edboard's madness
+my choir meetings in highschool
+sunday school in Caritas, even if we dreaded it SO MUCH, i miss it.

i miss a lot of people.


Karen wrote this at.. 5/22/2006 03:31:00 PM

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