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Monday, May 01, 2006

im curently doing Hazel's Layout. who's next? HAHA. Roberta, Melissa, astrorat? add me on msn (karen_lyyyl at hotmail.com) cos i can only work with you if im chatting with you, or else, i wouldn't know what you want right? :)

so on sunday, i was out from 7am till 930pm!:) what a way to start the hols right? :p

I woke up at 615. sent my brother to work and went to park my car at KLCC RM1 carpark. so i brought my camera and breakfast (which consists of cookies i bought the day before at IKEA with 30% off from BreadStory and water). when i went there, i sat down and started taking pictures of KLCC! haha. din eat breakfast until later. i love taking pictures and lookign at them!

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center, not KL Convention center!) pictures overload ;)
(because i thot it all looked pretty!)

i love this one!:)

at 8am. it was so serene and calm.


looked photoshopped, no? well, its not! its the reflection of the building on water.


high up...

lookie dolphins! its actually a reflection too. see how calm the water was?

the real deal.


the dolphin in all its glory! ahha.

So after taking so many pictures, sidney finally came from the station. We wanted to go to the Skybridge, since we were there at 8am!(there won't be another day where we will be able to wake up so early! ahhaha) so i said, "Let's be Kiasu and go damn early to line up!" when we went there, there were already about 100 people waiting in a zigzag line! like whoa we were are not that kiasu after all!:P we thought we would never get the tickets because they were limited tickets available. after lining up for an hour, we got the 1215pm tickets. luckily! The people there were mostly tourists. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Sweedish, Backpackers...etc. (i was obviously eavesdropping!:)

so anyways, we bummed around KLCC until 1200 and went up the sky!:) here are the many many pictures i took :)

the bridge.

the pretty park. still not filled with people yet. it was SO PACKED with people at 4pm.

mendung day.

the famous Ampang Junction

more tiny ant cars.

and look, i spotted a familiar ant car!:) its MINEEEE!:)

looks like a tunnel.



looking down...

i dunno what building this is, but it lookks pretty in front of the other tiny buildings.

the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Place? is it? thats what Sidney told me.

and finally, the greatest company for the day :)

sidney n karen

thanx for looking.


We went to BB afterwards using the new Rapid KL bus system. Nice bus but a bit too pricey for just going to Bukit Bintang area from KLCC. so anyways, we went to StarHill, FINALLY! it is SO PRETTY! i know, im so slow, Star Hill opened like so long ago. i loved the Lower Ground Floor. its so colourful and nice. and the toilet, unique to the tap!:) haha. i was too freaked out to take any picture. in case they chase me out. i mean, its not like i don't feel strange there. its a place for people who has so much money to waste (or the more politically correct term, rich people?), we felt so awkward just walking there.. we listened to some Jazz music in the concourse area from level 1. walked around. went to the starry starry area in between Star Hill and JW Marriot.

After that, we went to Sg Wang. Now that feels more like us. HAHA. we walked around. as usual, so many people! he bought some Anime PC DVD. i bought nothing, hehe. cheapskate. at 330, we ran to the bus station! haha. because i had to wait for my bro at 4pm. we reched KLCC at 450. went to the car and waited. hehe. sent Sidney to the bus station, then we left.

When i came home, Lavena called! she asked me if i wanted to go yam cha with melin, roswin and her. so i went. Spicy Kitchen. later went to the Pasar Malam. It was fun!:) bought a RM10 bag and ate Lok-Lok. its been a whil since i ate Lok-Lok. hehe. then came back at 930, took a long bath and Shermaine came!:) She stayed with me for the night. i slept at 1am. HAHA. i was watching Oprah, because Reese Witherspoon was on. i love Reese Witherspoon. she's so nice and pretty.

Today, i woke up, did some designing for Paru. Her STACT Club tickets for a party. Looks like this:



i think it looks so CRAP! haha. but i really din have any Creative juices flowing in the morning. so coral ish. whatever thalassocrat means! heehee.. sounds like astrorat.

Later Shermaine, my parents and i went to Selayang Mall. its been like AGES since i went there. in case you din know, used to stay in Selayang, near Ulu Yam. i miss that house!:) i practically grew up there!:) ate lunch and bought groceries(=biscuits,juices,chocolates...HAHA) there to last me for 3 weeks. came home and slept till 8pm!:) hahahaha.

Was chatting with Alvin tadi. Sidney's friend. He always asks me to come to Klang because he wants to meet me. HAHA. he's the only one of Sidney's friends from Klang that i know and is familiar with (through msn la!) . Besides Riki. He has this really cute friend, he's like a hobbit. Loong. he's so short and cute, you just wanna pinch his face! hahahha.

ok, i think i've written enough for today. see ya!

Karen wrote this at.. 5/01/2006 09:32:00 PM

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