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Thursday, May 18, 2006

another of my image has been rejected!:( its not fun...owh well, just have to take more pictures! i have so many nice pictures, but its all below 3 mp. my old digicam was only 2mp. bleh.

anyways, my mum has been bugging my life! she calls me everyday asking me to do something for her! haih. times like this i wish i wasn't on holidays!if i was in college, she'll still bug my life, but not as much as when i was out. hehe. maybe also because my dad's away on business, and she has no one to call. usually she bugs my dad's life. haha.

there's a rat in my house!!!!!! i was watching the apprentice yesterday, when i saw something move. then i was so alert. kept on looking, and i saw it going back to the kitchen area! gross. i hope my dad comes back today! then at least we can set the trap. i really dunno how to fuction the rat trap! i wonder why rats exist anyway! its a pest that sooner or later people will want to kill or get rid of it. i mean, i know it helped a lot in science (and psychology too!operant conditioning) but come on, its a rat! who likes rats?

i'm so bored.

i wanna make a new layout, but the networking thingy is not working. so i cannot go online on my laptop. so no new layout. or no new images to edit and submit. i need to get out to some artistic area and take pictures. too many macro shots makes my eyes so sakit. haha. this is because i use light to make it brighter, and the light is so near, and i always end up with a headache after taking photos. hehe.

i've been elestec president of council. but i don't feel like i'm president at all! hahaha. maybe because the work won't start until college starts. i know i need to be SO MUCH more responsible now. i have to lead a freaking council. and it is supposed to be represented by students! ugh, the workload. can die lor. i have so regretted not saying no to aaron. i really have this sickness of not saying no. i really must learn to say no.


but owh well, its been done. i hope i can last for a semester. im sure the members will try to "menggulingkan" my presidency because i just suck at being one. haha. i've held one meeting, and i tell you, it was a disaster! everyone was talking! and i felt so er, not in control? are presidents supposed to be in control? haha. seriously, i'm still learning to be a person, and now i've to be a leader. hehe. big challenge, i hope i can do it. and i hope i can do well.

i'm going to take research methods next semester, and i dunno who wants me as a group member!:( hehe. i don't think i wanna raise the same misunderstanding issue i had last last sem again. i want a new group. i think i know who to ask. i just hope i will be accepted into their group!:/

i'm listening to my all time favourite song. bliss.

i think i wanna do some prep for tmr's meeting! see ya...... :)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/18/2006 04:38:00 PM

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