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Thursday, May 25, 2006
whats in a smile...

if you look back in my old posts, zaman CIMP and school, i never smiled properly. i smiled with my mouth close, which is to some people, not a smile. but i always thought i look better smiling with my mouth close, not showing any teeth. then, when i met gracie, wingsun and karenlee, they ALWAYS bug my life to smile showing my teeth. i remember gracie saying, "Just say gracie..." to show your smiley smile. hehe. twas damn funny. so i was then on a journey to perfect a smile. i took super duper many pictures to see how i did la, and they all turned out crappy. hehe. soon, i've learned to smile with teeth. :) it all thanx to Karenlee, Wingsun and Gracie!:)

but i'm still learning!:) still look like crap sometimes, because of my extra tooth on my right side. but owh well!


i missed american idol yesterday! hmmm...but from the msn nicknames, i knew who won! haha. owh well, america loves him.

i just found out that one of my friend is going for an operation next week. oh gosh, please pray for her. everything's going to be fine....:) i hope.

tmr's subject registration day, my semester planning meeting and results day. WHYohWHY must it be on the same day! i doubt i can register my subjects in time, because i have a meeting at 930. whyohwhy.

i was watching laguna beach just now. i wonder if its all real. i mean how can people's life be so perfect, and you only have boyfriend problems every other day! they wrote in the beginning of the show,"this show was taped in 8 months, and the people are REAL" HAHa. anyone can clarify the realness?

owh gosh, its raining. i love rains when im indoors. but hate it when i have to go to church later!today's a day of obligation for every catholic to go to church.


Karen wrote this at.. 5/25/2006 05:33:00 PM

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