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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
wish i

Jem's Wish I is so nice to sing a long and dance to when you just finished bathing and dancing naked in front of the mirror!:)nobody can see you....heheheh

i wish i had router(sp?) in my house!then i can go online anywhere and listen to music in my room.

 I feel like i wanna redecorate and redesign my room. it needs a change. i want my bed to be elsewhere. my study table(namesake only la, i study on my bed anyways!) to be in another corner. my dressing table to be in another corner. maybe i'll get a single bed? then my room will be SOMUCH bigger compared to now. ish. i think i want a change. but its too late. its already tuesday. no time to clean my room and change position of things. besides, my dad will think its an insane idea as the plugs are in one side of my room only. owh well. maybe after my summer semester.

Which reminds me, i need to see the counselor. i already emailed her, she said i need an audit form? haih. sucks. now i need to follow the subjects that i'm required to do. i can't just do whatever i wanna do! haha.

after long considerations, i think i wanna do a minor in Communication. That way, i can stil consider doing Graphic Design I and apply photoshop knowledge in my work next time. or at least the employees will think i'm capable of doing it, instead of just a hobby. But still, communication still sounds nicer than business. hehe. owh well.

i love this Performancing thing. its so easy to blog now, i can blog anytime.

i wanna chnage the layout TODAY!:) because i just downloaded trial version of photoshop!


Karen wrote this at.. 5/23/2006 03:05:00 PM

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