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Saturday, May 06, 2006
curly me


ok, so the rich text thingy appeared now. i miss Sidney. he went out with his mother today!:) and i permed my hair today!:) did you see the curly-fied me?
lemme refresh your memory...

the curly me


HAHA. mom and Lea thinks its not curly enough, i think its too curly. i was thinking less curly..HAHA. thats too much curly in a line. owh well, its done. and i kinda like it, in a way...hehe. its different what, how many times i get to say i got curly hair? hahaa.i had straight hair all my life!

Something weird happened today, when i walked into the hair saloon, my cousin and i saw the lady blowing this person's SUPER LONG (like until lower than the butt long) hair. so i thought, like, whoa, how does she wash her hair everyday? then after a while, the saloon lady said that SHE was a SMALL BOY! he's a 11 year old Sikh. i got a shock, but then it sunk in, cos they wore a turban!:) haha. his hair was so straight and nice after blowing. hehehe. but the Saloon Lady said, he has a lot of dandruff and his hair was so tangled up. hehe. damn! i'll never have that long hair.

So anyways, i downloaded Frequency Cannon's new version of "Girl". IMO i think the old version of "Girl" that was from the EP(shout CD) was nicer! the editing is not nice at all!:( boo. i remember talking to Kuachee on msn last time (he was still in Australia), when he was asking me to promote Frequency Cannon on XFresh! haha. so funny. he had this idea to make a music video with a lot of fans/people when he come back from Australia. he asked me to kumpul people to be interested. but the idea was err...lost in space.. haha. now he's like super famous. i bet there are loads of girls after him, haha. those were the days where i live to try to talk to all these new band members. HAHA. such a sucker right? hehe.

i really hope i do well in my exams this time...i doubt i can do well, as in remain in 3.5. but i think i won't do so bad. but you'll never know! i might just flop this sem. you never know. i just realised that i'm going to be studying until im so old. ugh. so unfair!:( i hope im making the right decision. really. im very disappointed with my dreams. but owh well, lets not go there. its depressing.
i wish i had the will power to exercise!really, i've become such a fat thing. :( its depressing. maybe because of my depressing life that i have become fat? haha. or am i too happy and prosperous (the bug belly thingy) that i've become fat? i always say i wanna lose the weight, but i never do anything about it. i think i wanna start a new diet/exercise blog. HAHA. like Ena. to write about my crap eating habits. haihs. i need to learn how to cook!:) cos when i cook, i will surely eat the food satisfyingly, even if it taste so bad. haha.

i LOVE blogging. really, i always feel much better after blogging. a sense of satisfaction.. i dunno, i just am in love with my blog/lj~!:)

tmr i'll be following my mum to the bank!:) i still have not bought my jeans and shoes yet. i'm waiting for the Member Day Jusco Sales. hehe. cheap stuff. hope so!:) then later, i think its going to be CLEAN THE HOUSE time. haha. my mum will be at home. so yea. cleaning house phase should be coming very soon. She's always like that, every once in a while, she'll whine and whine about how the house is so messy, and will scold and scold everyone, like as if its not her fault the hall is messy. she will make everyone's life miserable until they clean the house and respective rooms. hehe. its a monthly thing. like getting her pms, only she does not have her uterus anymore and probably menopausal.

more curly me pics

i look like a mushroom! haha

Karen wrote this at.. 5/06/2006 12:48:00 PM

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