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Monday, May 29, 2006
Graphic Design

i'm doing a research on what type of food my *fake* restaurant wants to sell. It has to be exotic.

eg: Baba&Nyonya, Snakes+Worms, Morrocan, Mediterranean, Cambodian, Korean etc...

i'm stuck. but im not even sure if i'm going to take Grephic Design or not, since they might change the timetable! I HATE CHANGES ON MY TIMETABLE. But i really want to do Graphic Design....just because i can't fit any other subject on my timetable!

Australian food channel

Mamounia Restaurant-Morrocan food

Cafe Pacific

Ponzu Restaurant


Thai food?


Food history

-mediterranean food-
(this sounds nice, i can have belly dancing shows too!)



A Whole Menu on Med food, yay!

Tempo Restaurant&Bar

Bistro Paradiso

OK, im bored.

i know i won't die if i don't take GDesign, but i like it. we're supposed to design a brochure, flyer, menu and a website for a restaurant. nice!i'm such a geek.

so i was looking through the Job Section in The Star. I saw positions for Graphic Designers, and they need Photoshop+Illustrator knowledge. so now i need to get illustrator and learn. JUST IN CASE i become a sucky Psychologist! and besides, i can become a GDesigner (as extra income) to pay for my Post Grad, seeee, smart or not? HAHA. at least i won't have to burden my poor (literally) parents. haha.

My design class has 12 people by the way. how nice...! Bella+Suraya+Ephraim are the only people i know from Intro To Design Class. Made a new friend Aimee (i dunno how to spell her name!)

Cheryl's in my Human Comm class! yayness!:) got relaibel group mate!:) tho, Jessica Did not come, hmmmm...

World Religion is cancelled so i left college at 1130. HAHA.

came home, ate lunch, slept, went to Wangsa Maju wit Sidney.

Bought a notepad that says "LOVE". They also come in "JOY", "PEACE" and "HAPPINESS" . very pretty colours.

FOS is having this weird cheap sale. There are tshirts/blazers/pants/shorts/skirts for as low as RM5, RM7, RM10....Recommended for the cheapskates at heart.

i still have not been to forever 21. hehe. sounds/looks like it has so many nice stuff, but i doubt it will be in my budget, unless its christmas!:)

X x X


Karen wrote this at.. 5/29/2006 10:19:00 PM

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