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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Mission Impossible

you know what's impossible?

pleasing your parents!

x x x

anyways, i went out today. cos i thot, instead of rotting at home, out would be nicer. no?
so yea, woke up at 1130, thought of using the train to go meet Sidney at KL Central, but suddenly, i realised my mum did not take the car after all...*smiles* so yea, went to fetch Sid, and went to a RM5 buffet-ALL YOU CAN EAT vegetarian food. fyi, Sidney's sorta vegan, but not fully. so yea, it was HEAVEN for him and boohoo for me. haha. i love my chicken!:p no pictures today, just cos im too lazy to charge the batteries! haha. so yea, we ate at some Kepong Lama area there. and left for movies.

Watched Mission Impossible 3. kinda nice. i dun like reviews, cos i just don't have the ability to re-tell/summarize a story.besides, i wouldn't wanna spoil it for ya!so better ask the experts. went to IKEA to eat ice cream later. yea, we're that insane!:p

sent him to the station and came back. watched some tv, ate, watched my dose of grey's anatomy and came online.

was browsing through mom2ashley's blog. so cutttteeeee...a pictorial blog just for her baby. i wanna do something like that too!:) only i want a real scrap book for my pretty/handsome/cute baby!:)

i'm coming up with a whole list of previous posts listed by titles. so i can browse through nostalgia whenever i want to, and its easier, in a way, for me. you can read too if you want. see how i was back then.

im too lazy to blog.

maybe i will sleep. OWH, but no, i wouldn't wanna miss would i?

anyone waiting with me?

x x x

was at friendster, then one of my friend posted this...

PLanet shakers pastor matt fielder will be down
this sunday at sunway college 5 pm auditorium
7.the band is gonna be awesome and the entire
place is gonna be blown away..if ur not there,ur
missing the best thing !!he's the most
funniest,cracker joker,and the rest find out
yourselves..but the band is gonna rock up and the
place will be blown away..dont mis it for anything

AUDI 7!!!!! that was like CIMP's official auditorium!!:) hehe. i miss CIMP days!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 5/03/2006 11:10:00 PM

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