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Monday, February 13, 2006

lookie, speed dating in Malaysia! haha. i never heard of this in Malaysia! ehehe. now i know. so if you want a date for valentines, you know where to look!

not that you need a date for valentines. valentines is too over rated anyways. expansive everything. i'm not celebrating it anyways.

Work progress
Developmental Psych Journal99.9%

Design Assignment 100%

Business Essay 20% (i think!)

so there. you know what did during the weekend..HAHA. i spent the whole of saturday doing my journal. haha. my business essay is so blah! i dunno what to write!! DIEDIEDIE!

wingsun and Karenlee asked me to stay over on thursday night, the friday go to back to Sunway to visit our ex-lecturers!:) hehe. fun fun fun!

dum de dum dum dum...

im waiting for rachel's design so i can print for her. poor girl. been sick the whole weekendand didn't realise that she has no printer and its due tmr. so i shall be a good person and print for her.

getting very sleepy tho. thats why im blogging. to keepme awake. is it working? am i writing craps yet? but how can i realise that i am writing crap? if i am that sleepy.

owwwwhh..maybe i shall do a new layout for my lj..hehe. ok set. shall do new layout.

see ya people. lookie down, i did this for my dev journal. will post some more of my pictures that i did for the journal.

karen kid

Karen wrote this at.. 2/13/2006 01:32:00 AM

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