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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

its been a while since i used that word, awesomeness.

i miss kevin lam!:) hehe. saw that message (awesomeness) on his msn nickname. somehow, we have nothing to talk about anymore, now that CIMP's over.

owh well.

i hate people who never put on signal light when turning. is it that hard to tell others that you're turning??? daymmm

haih. im super bored+missing sidney = not efficient at all!

my stomach has been feeling pretty weird since last week. and i keep on farting and having the feeling of wanna go toilet to shit..weird. i hope nothing's wrong with me :(

i am sort of close friendless in college. walking alone around "campus" (had to use the " " cos there is NO campus!) is not that scary anymore. has become a norm. i dun feel like i use to feel anymore. its not like i loved the place before. i hated it the moment i entered. but i learnt to like it as it will be my "campus" for the next 3 years!its good in a way that i have more aquaintances (however u spell it) but kinda boring when i have break time on tuesdays. but it was settled because i have intro to RM's tutorials from 12-1pm. another hour of break. usually spent with friends from intro. luckily wednesdays im free after 12. but adpsc meeting is also at 12. then thursdays, i like too. business and design. monday is 6 hours of classes. its fine when lecturers finish on time. but not fine when they finish early and im all alone again.

but its all good. i love my current lifestyle at college. i'm more free to do whatever the heck i want.

i became member of the CFP student council. class rep for developmental psychology class. haha!more commitments.

i don't think i am in American flyer, but i'm still on their mailing list! take me out!!!! i'm still unsure. maybe i should not join flyer. maybe i should. but heck i have 3 more years here. i have loads of time to be in flyer. so flyer out.

i wanna concentrate on being a tutor. i wanna get paid for being a tutor! HAHA.


Karen wrote this at.. 2/07/2006 06:50:00 PM

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