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Saturday, February 04, 2006
my life in words.

i started my developmental psychology class' assignment today. 3 pages done with 2 terms. yay for me. i just need another 8 terms and a zillion more pages. i have not started on my business and haven't tweaked my design. arrrgghhh...i hate myself for doing last minute. sheesh. and i promised myself earlier this year. resolution my butt. karen needs a kick in the butt.

so today i went to Aunty Margeret's house. 8 YAC members were there. sorry to those who were not invited/not there. i was only invited a day before and the organizers said they invited everyone(haha)!:) but it was all good. we were talking. and as usual they were asking us to quick, quick start the youth group again.

haih. i really envy FGA's youth church. i see WingSun and her gang all have SOMUCH fun and fellowship in church. i wish our church could be like them too. so once upon a time ago, i went all out for YAC. then people at church broke my spirit and i told myself (in december) that i will never go for any church youth thing. i gave up on everything we (YAC) did. YAC too did not meet anymore. we were almost gone.. then today i saw me good ol YAC gang and once again, i asked myself today, who am i doing it for? GOD! and i can't give up. i want what the oher youths are experiencing. i really do. so i shall try once again to be active.

owh well, i dowan any comment on that topic please. cos i know there will be a few of you readers who will be all angry (or comment-ey) about my take on religion. thats ur view, keep it to ur self. i know my god and i wanna do whatever i like with my religious life.

ANYWHOOO...we ate lunch there and hung out there until 3.

Top: Chris N, Louanne, Aunty Margeret, Yvette &Fat bum.
Bottom: Chris T, Uncle Ben, Thomas, Jia & Victor


i look fat there beside the super thin Yvette. owh well. i am. hehe. i went with Christopher Tham to their house. Thomas and Jia was with us. when balik time, i was so late adey! i was supposed to meet Sidney, you see. the moment i went home, i went to straight take the car keys and sped to subang! haha.

met him there, ate like a pig!!! haha. ate marshmellows and coleslow at Daves deli and ice creams at anderson's. (not really nice also! wasted money only) i had fun, the few hours we had. i missed him loads.

starting monday till wednesday i was not supposed to talk/sms/email or contact him in any way. he wants to reflect on stuff. he calls it the ultimate love test! HAHA. i can stand 3 days not talking (NOT!) haha. i shall reflect myself, on my journal assignment! haha.

hope all goes well.

i will be going out with Wei Foong and gang tmr. going "pai lin" (visiting) and getting a lot of ang pows!! just hope all their married family members are around!:) haha.

i was writing about my primary school life. hehe. funny how i look back and write about the things i did and thought. i love psychology classes!:) well, some of em.

i think i shall stop writing and sleep. i need some sleep. for tmr. cos tmr i'm going to have a tiring day of outing. shucks, i hope i x waste money tmr! i'm prone of finishing all the cash i have in my wallet. OWH YA, i need a new wallet. preferbly a long wallet. cos i've always wanted those!

anyone can suggest a few nice nice wallets?
please keep in mind that i'm a cheapskate and was never brought up with expansive things. HAHA. budget below RM50.

shucks. need to buy the financial planner papers for my organizer, so i can see how much i spend everyday!:) haha.

i give that one week!:)

good night people!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 2/04/2006 11:49:00 PM

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