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Thursday, January 26, 2006

OMG, HELP's computer sucks so bad!

i was doing my work, in photoshop, then i opened 3 browsers to find pictures while i blog. OK, so 4 browsers. and it hung on me!:(

now everyone can see my freaking browsers cos it hung and yea, it is shown. luckily it hung on my Photoshop, instead of blogger.

ok. so i was complaining about my wasted time here at HELP. before the stupid computer hung. Sidney said he was coming, and i din wanna bring my laptop. so, i just used HELP's computer's and now i realise that it sucks. after almost one year of being here, i realise that the computer sucks. and i freaking paid SO much for only one freaking semester! haihs.

haihs. ok Mr. James is leaving now. and i have been here since 1030. haih. i went out at 11 to makan and eat at Dunkin donuts until 12.

in dunkin donuts, i was reading Angela's Ashes. now im hooked. :) i shall start reading again. buy buku-buku's..and waste mum's money. HAHA. yay!

i need to sleep and pee.. really. i so wanna pee, but i dowan to leave my stuff here. and go pee. maybe i can ask the person beside me to take care of it and go pee. hum hum hum hum..

i love spaces. i think spaces makes my blog look more readable. like Mr. James said, 50% of the page must be empty. i need a new layout. cos this one sucks so bad. i can make one now, but i dun have my resources. my codes. my pictures. my photoshopCS2. photoshop 7 here sucks! really. *stop freaking complaining!*

there's 2 people here. and they are friends. i wish i had friends to talk to now..so bored. i have to wait till 315. then my observation starts...then its half an hour of nothingness but looking at people..i bought rocky, mamee and a donut from dunkin's. to keep me awake. and not hungry. luckily i bought and ate lunch+breakfast.

ok, i wanted to tell you sth..you know how this people, direct sellers, they came today to sell perfume. these perfume sellers, they usual la, so this is what happened...
"hi, saya adalah...(goes on blabling in malay..)..."
i just looked at him blankly, wondering what he's mumbling...then his assistant asked me, "are you Malay or Indian?" i was thinking, What the hell, do i really have to answer you that!!! i just nodded and said yes silently. i dunno to which race...but heck, i would love to remain malaysian. then she asked me, "do you want us to speak in english" "yes!"
then the other guy was like starting his preaching.
"hi, im selling perfume, its a new perfume. (sometimes they will incclude, its from France and Italy or Spain). this is a market product test, would you like to try it?"

so, since i was bored, i said, "yes, sure.."

"ok, so, lemme show you the perfumes.." *takes out the perfumes and puts in on the table*

"this perfumes are a new perfume. we're testing it in the market, and its going to launch next month in KLCC. so we're trying to sell and see if anyone wants to buy the perfume. "

*proceeds to try to spray on me, i was like "you want to spray all 4 on me?" (in my brains, are u sick and insane???) he was like, "then just smell it.."
*i smelt all 4, one smelt like lux soap, others smelt like normal cheap perfumes u get from watson's for RM5.*

"so, which two do you think is the best?"
*points at 1* " i think only one smells nice, others are not rreally appealing"
"just pick 2 of yoour favourites.." *i picked 2*
*takes the other 2 away, and brings the picked one in front*
"ok, now this two retails next month at the launch in KLCC for RM189.90. and for now only, you can get it for RM 59.90 and i'll throw in the other one for u for FREE!"
*looks at him blankly* (whats your point?)
i was like, "ok...no i don't think i want it, its not worth it"
"how about if you took onr bottle for RM29.90?"
"no. i dun use perfume" i ran out of things to say!!

HAHA. i so wasted his time. then he asked me, "how about a slimming belt?"
(you trying to say im FAT is it!!!) *he points at his assistant, who has about 4 love handles on her tummy* "she uses it too!it really works"
i just looked at him with a WTF face and said, "no thank you" and they left!

damn dum dum. i've come across so many of this perfume sellers in KLCC train station alley thingy. and they ALL said the same things. "launching next month in KLCC" like WTF. no one knows about your perfume also, until now!

ok i think i've blogged enough. its 230. i think i shall leave in 15 mins. but i desperately wanna pee..haihs. just ask the person beside me to jaga only la..but heck, takutt!! and i dun trust main block's toilets.

Karen wrote this at.. 1/26/2006 01:59:00 PM

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