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Saturday, January 28, 2006
food pictures.

HAPPY CNY everyone!:) since i've been rambling alot, i din put much pictures. now that i've accumulated my pictures, here goes!:) its about food. so drool!:) HAHA

(i forgot when!)
we had Nasi Lemak and Tau Fu Fa for breakfast.


gross, no? taufufa with Cincau! first time hearing this combination!i dunno how can sidney eat that!


Nasi Lemak(NOT!) its actually fried rice with eggs and sambal. HAHA.

As we were eating, the DBKL lorry came and parked opposite the road. before i could finish my tau fu fa, they were Saman-ing cars! i RAN towards my car and took it away seconds before this DBKL lady was about to write my number plate!

so then yesterday, we went to Pyramid at night for dinner. dinner was well, sucky!ate at this indian shop. pricey. food also not nice! bleh.


so since sidney recommended that place,i was not happy with my miserable thosai. so he belanja me Haagen Dazs!yummylicious Macademia nuts ice cream!


then, today! we ate like kings and queens! really, we stuffed ourselves with lavish food and wasted loads of money!:) HAHA. really, money should NOT be wasted on food.

morning:pick Sidney up - went to Red 104.9 to pick up KFC voucher - went to BTS - loitered around until 11 - went to KFC - ATE LIKE PIGS! - went to buy DVD's bought 5 dvd's. 2 are mine!:)


All these for RM8.88!!! (we used the voucher ofcourse! now im sick of KFC!

Afternoon: went to College at 2 - did my observation at HP towers Cafe - went to 1U - bought japanese slippers at Beach - met Lim Lee - ate New Zealands ice cream - went to Jusco to buy Sidney's CNY shirt - went back home

Night: pick Sidney up - went to the curve - walked around - ate at Vivo's - went back


Located at level 1 at the food area. American food konon! weird concept. you have to order yourself with a pencil (like Kim Gary's) and then pay at the counter. they will send the food to you. Price: OK la, not bad. not too mahal, but not too cheap either. ofcos more than your average chinese hawkers and mamak la!


Drinks and soup. mushroom soup. kinda nice!:)


our food!!! beef lasagna and curry chicken pizza. the lasagna was bad. pizza was nice. nuff said!
we wrote a suggestion letter thingy, complaining about everything! haha, we were bored. and they promised a "free gift"! sheesssh. malaysians!:)


and ofcourse, last but not least, the food critiques themselves. Karen + Sidney.

i'm going to Taiping tmr and will be back by monday/tuesday!:) im not sure. so see ya!:) have a nice time!


Karen wrote this at.. 1/28/2006 01:52:00 AM

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