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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Meet up with La salle gang

Reunion Yam Cha Session
Place: Adam's Bistro, Manjalara (the food sucks!) + Eng Hoe's place for card games
Time: 9pm
People: Karen + Wei Foong + Eng Hoe + David (Jia Wai)

Ng, Low + Foo.

they were posing!

Group picture!!!:) HAHA. we took a few, but i looked fat in so many, until they asked me to stand at the back! HAHA.

anyways, i had fun meeting up with them. esp Jia Wai. i din see him since std 6!! he was disappointed that i can't speak cantonese anymore. haha. well, im disappointed with myself also! i forgot a language! haih. i still can speak a lil, but pronounciation cacat adey! haha. owh well.

Chinese New YearReview
CNY was fun! i was at Taiping+Ipoh... will blog later. im so lazy to upload pics. as usual, met my nephews and nieces! fun fun kids!:) i feel so old. cos they're so young. can you believe it, im 20 this year! omg!

we went to Taiping Zoo! omg, it was so hot. and the zoo is kinda nice. if only the animals were awake and lively like in Madagascar! HAHA. then it would be nice. we took 4 kids there (darren, derek, wei jun and wei yao) and man, it was so hard trying to keep up with them. because they were running around like mad.. but twas fun. the zoo was so big, imo. we walked until we got so tired!

in taiping, we brought our lap top there. so whenever we on the laptop, there will be one kid saying, "i wanna play lah!" haha. they can't really speak english, but they try hard when trying to talk to us. cute lil kids. they speak mostly mandrin and hokkien( for the taiping kids). i learnt so many hokkien + mandrin words! hahaha..
so once day, when i was trying to do my assignment, they ALL came. and i had to amuse them. so i took their picture and asked them what colour they liked..and made them frames with their names on it. hehe.
synn yee
This is synn yee. my first aunty's second daughter's first child. HEHE. she's 12.
i made this the last, cos she wasn't bugging my life. so the others were asking me " why she got star wan?" i said, " she never touch the computer, so she get star lorr" darren said, " i never touch worr" wei yao said, "i also never touch la" they all said they din touch when i made lil star for synn yee. HAHA. actually while i was doing their pictures, they were bugging my life, trying to touch and press the laptop's keypad.

This is ah boy. my first aunty's second daughter's second child. HEHE. he's 7.

This is darren pretty boy. my first aunty's second daughter's third child. HEHE. he's 6.

This is men men. my first aunty's second daughter's fourth child. HEHE. he's 4.

wei yau
This is yau yau. my first aunty's first daughter's first child. HEHE. he's 7.

wei jun
This is jun jun. my first aunty's first daughter's second child. HEHE. he's 5.

my first aunty's first daughter is expecting another child!:) and its a girl! yay, another niece!:)

i love kids! nuff said!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 2/02/2006 11:01:00 PM

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