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Saturday, February 11, 2006
i wanna eat ice cream

today i...

+watched the ending of Just for Kicks, A cinderella Story and Legally Blonde 2.
+watched My Super Sweet 16
+ate 7 ferrero rochers
+drank ALOTOF water
+ate nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner
+started on my developmental psychology assignment at 4.

how productive!:(

haih. i so NEED to finish it by today. if it means sleeping at 2/3am. haih. see la. if i can tahan.
procrastinating sucks.

its amazing how i can go on and on about my life in my journal, but i can't write about how to improve HELP. i have about 2271 words adey for my journal. and its only 50% done. haha. i can really write a lot of crap! haha.

the start of my journal assignment...:) someday when i'm brave enough and with ALOT of editing, i shall post it online..
Hi, my name is Karen Marie and this is my story. I was born on an early Thursday morning on the 29th of September in 1986. I was quite a heavy baby, according to my parents. Somehow everyone in my family called me “baby girl” since I was a little girl. From great aunties to my smallest cousin, my house name is always “baby girl”.
need to buck up my crapping skills for my Business assignment. that one must really crap a lot. how to improve HELP university college! haih. i have SO MUCH to say, but there are so little resources around HELP.

a few days ago while i was doing my design work. i discovered different brushes i can put on photoshop! wahh..i was super amazed. its like fonts, only better. haha. i shall go find pretty brushes later after the 20th. thats when my whole load of assignments are finished!:)

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1. Thank the person who tagged you.
2. List five random/strange/weird things about you.
3. Tag five other people.

[info]ice_pwincesz thanx for tagging me!

1. i secretly don't like people coming to my house cos my room is always messy!
2. i've always wanted to go overseas to study, but i can't!
3. i've been farting a lot lately! HAHA!
4. if i like a song, i always listen to it repeatedly, i won't get bored!
5. i play solitaire on my phone everday before i sleep.

TAG: Tanya, Wing Sun, Elaine, Roberta and Amelia.


Karen wrote this at.. 2/11/2006 07:18:00 PM

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