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Monday, February 06, 2006

during chinese new year, my cousin-in-law bought this fireworks thingy and i saw a 30 second fireworks thingy 3 metres away from me! hehe. it was fun and all that. i was like in awe....so pretty, how can you not like it right?

the 3 meter away one in Taiping.

and NOW, omg, i think got supplier warehouse of fireworks in kepong! every other km got one place ith huge fireworks... and its not a 30 second one, (which by the way costs RM100+) it was on for about a few minutes for each spot. like whoooaaa...they spent SO MUCH on just fireworks!

even my neighbour lighted up the red ones! and timtamboy was SO freaked out!!! he was bending down and he did not know where to go! poor boy. i went to hug him and patted him on his back. then when i went to bathe, he stayed under my car...poor boy. so freaked out.


more fireworks picture from far.



owh, i went to PS the mall today!:) and i've succumbed!! i bought a cheap wallet there. damn cheap. i was paiseh to say here cos most of me lj friends are quite brand buying people. so there. i bought a wallet. done. haha. and its very pretty!:)

the ultimate love test period of not talking to sidney starts today. omg, only 0137 now. haih. 3 days.

no sms. no email. no calls. :(

i will survive!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 2/06/2006 01:26:00 AM

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