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Sunday, February 26, 2006
The emO.C.

The emO.C.

This is a parody of the popular TV show "The O.C.," entitled "The emO.C." It was written and directed by three guys: myself, my brother, and our roommate (we also play every character). This has gotten great feedback, so check it out and let us know what you think!

Karen wrote this at.. 2/26/2006 11:21:00 PM

flickr toys is addictive


Karen wrote this at.. 2/26/2006 11:33:00 AM

flickr toys' fun!

i was browsing, Roberta's blog and i found FlickrToys!

My creation

Then i made my slide show!:)

click, click!!

View slideshow

Karen wrote this at.. 2/26/2006 11:03:00 AM


everyone's doing it, since you're cool too, do for me pleaseeeeeeee??

karen rocks window!


karen sucks window!


no, its NOT the same!:)

so do it ok? then link yours too, so i can do it for you!:) *hugz*

Karen wrote this at.. 2/26/2006 12:32:00 AM

Friday, February 24, 2006

i wanted to post this picture , 22022006 here. then i realised, nahh...too sweet to show to the world!

HAHA..i am so syok sendiri. but nvm. studying is driving me nuts.

i posted it on lj instead.

see ya people!:)

study hard!

Karen wrote this at.. 2/24/2006 06:12:00 PM

cute chloe

i clicked one of my google adsense link...it lead me to here... so i was browsing and i saw this almost nude picture of Cute Chloe. she's like this pretty 18 year old who likes to take pictures of herself. and the funny thing is, she said in her website, she's the web's cutest teens! haha. i wonder if you people think her pictures are cute or more porn-like.

hehe. people make a living out of being cute. funny how the world works.

owh well. i've procrastinated enough on the internet. need to bathe and start studying.

Karen wrote this at.. 2/24/2006 01:14:00 PM

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
life's a bitch!

sometimes its so hard being in a relationship. with anyone.
other times, it makes you so darn happy to be with them. ofcoz when everything is well.
when everything is not, life's a bitch!

butterfly for you to see. i drew it!:)

lifes a bitch

Karen wrote this at.. 2/22/2006 12:58:00 AM

Sunday, February 19, 2006

i did nothing since yesterday except shop, clean my room and got a flu. thanx to the dust!:(

i'm allergic to dust!:(

just found out that my intro to research method's assignment is due on wednesday. yay. owh ya, need to study business.

been listening to the same miserable few songs on WMPlayer since last week. still not sick of it yet.
annie lennox, roxxette, kavana, some oc songs, wet wet wet.

Guan Lim thinks lj is very mah fan. and he's complaining to me. true, i asked him to blog on lj, but i never said it was the easiest to handle. well, it is, in a way, but layout wise, im not pro. blogspot, i can make a layout in 2 hours. :)


Summer: [after Summer and Seth have tricked Taylor into revealing her affair with Dean Hess] Hey, skank.
Seth: You were expecting someone taller? Blonder, with a pageboy haircut?
Summer: Welcome to the Terradome, Townsend. You’re busted.
Taylor Townsend: [smugly] For what, exactly?
Summer: Hmm. A little extracurricular activity with Dean Hess? Yeah. I saw you two making out at the dance.
Taylor Townsend: [smugly] So what if we did?
Seth: [stumped, to Summer] She makes one hell of a poker player. I mean, she’s pretty good.
Summer: Yeah, well, unless you and the Dean want this little thingamajig -
Seth: [corrects Summer] Indiscretion.
Summer: - to go public, we have a few demands. Don’t we?
Seth: Yeah.
Summer: Starting with the lifting of the ban of Ryan Atwood from Harbor.
Taylor Townsend: [indifferent] You can go ahead and tell anyone you want. No-one’s going to believe you.
Seth: [frustrated] She’s like a block of ice.
Summer: You willing to bet your squeaky little reputation on that, Taylor trash? ‘Cause I’ve got a *huge* mouth and an even bigger buddy list. Mmm-hmm.
[whips out Sidekick]
Summer: See this right here? Sidekick. Walkie-talkie of the twenty-first century. Who should we radio first?
Seth: How about my dad?
Summer: Yeah. 10-4, good buddy. So what’s it going to be? You can either tell Seth’s dad the perverted truth and save your sorry ass, or you can roll the dice. Over and out.


i think i posted that before, but thats such a classic summer roberts scene.

on to the photos..

fos is love
buy one free one!!! go to FOS nowww...


Photos taken while i was driving...:)

SKY pretty

SKY getting dark

SKY sunset

SKY dusk

Karen wrote this at.. 2/19/2006 04:48:00 PM

Saturday, February 18, 2006
Sunway College Rocks!:)

actually, lemme rephrase that, year 2004 in CIMP rocked!

went to watch a movie on thursday with Sidney. Fearless!:) twas nice!:)
sent him back at about 10pm. when i was in MRR2, i was at the right lane, going at about 100. so there was this car, he flashed at me. so i thought, ok, i will move to the left lane soon...then after i found the opportunity to move to the nest lane, he also followed me and kept on flashing the lights! i was SO freaked out at that time. i was behind this car and just drove slowly. he was flashing his lights for like 2 whole minutes before he moved on to the right lane and sped off! madness!!!!!
i hate people like that!gosssshhh...

oh well, went to pick KarenLee up cos WingSun would be late. we went to centrepoint to makan. she ate, i drank. we tah pau-ed the food cos it was getting late. reached WingSun's place and started photoshopping!:) hehe.

taught them the few things i knew and learnt, like colouring black and white photos, patterns and brushes. we also did wingsun's blog's layout. my old summer 2005 one, just changed and tweaked it a bit. haha, so fun to see one of my layouts again on another person's blog! yay!slept at about 3am.

wakey at 1130. lepaked until 1230. showered and went straight to College!:)

once we got in, we smelt the scent of college. we were like, "whoooaaaaaaa, do you remember the smell?? its still the same!!!" hahha. we all missed the smell of sunway college. it was the same. everything was almost the same, except that they have a super cafeteria now and also parking is Autopay! hahaha.

our first stop, corner coffee shop. we went out using the back gate, saw the tau fu fa lady at the gate. straightaway, we bought soya bean for RM1. so cheap eh? nice too!:) there's a new food shop at the corner and new cendol man there too. we walked pass pink shop and mamak. looks the same!:) then went to corner coffee shop, it was SO empty! last time, even until 230, the shop would be so packed with people. i think it is because of new food shops around. hehe.

we ate like pigs!!:) really, really, were pigging out that day, cos we bought all the types of food that we missed. har har..

sunway reunion2
Pan Mee KonLow, Fried Kuey Teow, Wan Tan Mee, Chee Cheong Fun and Nasi Goreng Kampung.

our staple food for that one year! haha. we also occasionally ate at medan and pink and mamak. owh, and not forgetting the nugget and fries lady to teman us during the long hours at Mr. Tan's office.

sunway reunion1

sunway reunion5
with Renuka..

sunway reunion4
Mr. Tan came and makan with us. *i look like crap here, owh well, i had fun*

sunway reunion8
another decent picture of us. haha.

we were taking so much pictures and (*in the words of wingsun) its not funny! hehe. we left the makan place and went to Ms Lisa Song's office to visit her. on the way, Mr. Tan taught us a new trick with our camera..

sunway reunion6
Look, we shrunk KarenLee. HAHA.

we met ms Song and talked a lot. mostly about WingSun and KarenLee's experience. we also talked about edboard. and how every lecturer we knew left and some are leaving soon. how sad...soon, we won't be able to go back to sunway and feel the same way anymore as everyone we know are also going to leave.

met mr Avila too. he was as usual, quite awkward to be around, but at least we know him enough to go visit him. we din visit the rest as they were all probably gone back to Canada or gone back for the day.

said our final byes and headed off to Sunway Pyramid. met Jung Wei there. Met Errol too, he was shopping for something and decided to join us. Venga came soon after that, we ate at Ming Tiens. yummy food!:)

went for ice cream after that. Baskin Robbins!:) yums. i had World Class Chocolate as usual. i hate to venture out of my choices.

sunway reunion9
the big one is JungWei's-Jasmine Tea and Banana, ugh!, Wing Sun's Butter Pecan, KarenLee and Venga's World Class chocolate, Errol's Lime and my World Class chocolate again. :)

sunway reunion3
a group picture of me friends.

sunway reunion7
all three of us had brown flipflops. how cute!:) haha.

ok, so we were dead tired by the end of the day. left there at about 830. went to WingSun's house and packed my things and left. Oh ya, we bought the same earrings at Pyramid, with the thought that we will be in different parts of the world by next week, so we will not be clashing!:) haha.

i'm going to miss them. they're leaving on wednesday. wish i could send them off, but wednesdays are retirement home day. owh well. maybe one day i shall visit them at australia. shall convince my parents to let me go visit australia since im not going overseas to study. hehe.

enough for a day. i think. owh, i went to eat lunch/dinner with Sidney today. only he ate, and i did not. hehe.

see ya people!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 2/18/2006 09:09:00 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2006
OSIM U-zap!

hahahahhahaha...my dad bought an osim uzap! really really geli la the uzap! hahahahaha..
im using it while typing. but its fun. "they" said can loose weight/fats in like what few weeks? we shall see!:)


Karen wrote this at.. 2/16/2006 12:48:00 AM

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Karen wrote this at.. 2/15/2006 10:55:00 PM

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
because pictures make me happy..

just realised that my lj layout is not working. sucks right?


in 2001...i think that was 2000...cos i did not have short hair when i was in form 3...

I WAS SO FREAKING THIN OK!!! and i thot i was damn fat last time.. ish ish ish...


My brother and I...

aaron and karen

My cousins...now they are like going to be 30 adey. OMG.

mums side cousins

those were the daysss...


yes, yes, i was once that geeky.

school choir

Karen wrote this at.. 2/14/2006 01:18:00 AM

Monday, February 13, 2006

lookie, speed dating in Malaysia! haha. i never heard of this in Malaysia! ehehe. now i know. so if you want a date for valentines, you know where to look!

not that you need a date for valentines. valentines is too over rated anyways. expansive everything. i'm not celebrating it anyways.

Work progress
Developmental Psych Journal99.9%

Design Assignment 100%

Business Essay 20% (i think!)

so there. you know what did during the weekend..HAHA. i spent the whole of saturday doing my journal. haha. my business essay is so blah! i dunno what to write!! DIEDIEDIE!

wingsun and Karenlee asked me to stay over on thursday night, the friday go to back to Sunway to visit our ex-lecturers!:) hehe. fun fun fun!

dum de dum dum dum...

im waiting for rachel's design so i can print for her. poor girl. been sick the whole weekendand didn't realise that she has no printer and its due tmr. so i shall be a good person and print for her.

getting very sleepy tho. thats why im blogging. to keepme awake. is it working? am i writing craps yet? but how can i realise that i am writing crap? if i am that sleepy.

owwwwhh..maybe i shall do a new layout for my lj..hehe. ok set. shall do new layout.

see ya people. lookie down, i did this for my dev journal. will post some more of my pictures that i did for the journal.

karen kid

Karen wrote this at.. 2/13/2006 01:32:00 AM

Saturday, February 11, 2006
bye bye

Lea is leaving tmr! and coming back in June. yay!:) she's going to Queensland!:)

make sure you tell me about your adventure there kays? you're the first among us 3 to leave malaysia to study!:) hehe. hope you find your cute mat saleh there!:)

i made sth for you!:)

lea leaving sob

Karen wrote this at.. 2/11/2006 10:22:00 PM

i wanna eat ice cream

today i...

+watched the ending of Just for Kicks, A cinderella Story and Legally Blonde 2.
+watched My Super Sweet 16
+ate 7 ferrero rochers
+drank ALOTOF water
+ate nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner
+started on my developmental psychology assignment at 4.

how productive!:(

haih. i so NEED to finish it by today. if it means sleeping at 2/3am. haih. see la. if i can tahan.
procrastinating sucks.

its amazing how i can go on and on about my life in my journal, but i can't write about how to improve HELP. i have about 2271 words adey for my journal. and its only 50% done. haha. i can really write a lot of crap! haha.

the start of my journal assignment...:) someday when i'm brave enough and with ALOT of editing, i shall post it online..
Hi, my name is Karen Marie and this is my story. I was born on an early Thursday morning on the 29th of September in 1986. I was quite a heavy baby, according to my parents. Somehow everyone in my family called me “baby girl” since I was a little girl. From great aunties to my smallest cousin, my house name is always “baby girl”.
need to buck up my crapping skills for my Business assignment. that one must really crap a lot. how to improve HELP university college! haih. i have SO MUCH to say, but there are so little resources around HELP.

a few days ago while i was doing my design work. i discovered different brushes i can put on photoshop! wahh..i was super amazed. its like fonts, only better. haha. i shall go find pretty brushes later after the 20th. thats when my whole load of assignments are finished!:)

greeny picture


1. Thank the person who tagged you.
2. List five random/strange/weird things about you.
3. Tag five other people.

[info]ice_pwincesz thanx for tagging me!

1. i secretly don't like people coming to my house cos my room is always messy!
2. i've always wanted to go overseas to study, but i can't!
3. i've been farting a lot lately! HAHA!
4. if i like a song, i always listen to it repeatedly, i won't get bored!
5. i play solitaire on my phone everday before i sleep.

TAG: Tanya, Wing Sun, Elaine, Roberta and Amelia.


Karen wrote this at.. 2/11/2006 07:18:00 PM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

its been a while since i used that word, awesomeness.

i miss kevin lam!:) hehe. saw that message (awesomeness) on his msn nickname. somehow, we have nothing to talk about anymore, now that CIMP's over.

owh well.

i hate people who never put on signal light when turning. is it that hard to tell others that you're turning??? daymmm

haih. im super bored+missing sidney = not efficient at all!

my stomach has been feeling pretty weird since last week. and i keep on farting and having the feeling of wanna go toilet to shit..weird. i hope nothing's wrong with me :(

i am sort of close friendless in college. walking alone around "campus" (had to use the " " cos there is NO campus!) is not that scary anymore. has become a norm. i dun feel like i use to feel anymore. its not like i loved the place before. i hated it the moment i entered. but i learnt to like it as it will be my "campus" for the next 3 years!its good in a way that i have more aquaintances (however u spell it) but kinda boring when i have break time on tuesdays. but it was settled because i have intro to RM's tutorials from 12-1pm. another hour of break. usually spent with friends from intro. luckily wednesdays im free after 12. but adpsc meeting is also at 12. then thursdays, i like too. business and design. monday is 6 hours of classes. its fine when lecturers finish on time. but not fine when they finish early and im all alone again.

but its all good. i love my current lifestyle at college. i'm more free to do whatever the heck i want.

i became member of the CFP student council. class rep for developmental psychology class. haha!more commitments.

i don't think i am in American flyer, but i'm still on their mailing list! take me out!!!! i'm still unsure. maybe i should not join flyer. maybe i should. but heck i have 3 more years here. i have loads of time to be in flyer. so flyer out.

i wanna concentrate on being a tutor. i wanna get paid for being a tutor! HAHA.


Karen wrote this at.. 2/07/2006 06:50:00 PM

Monday, February 06, 2006

during chinese new year, my cousin-in-law bought this fireworks thingy and i saw a 30 second fireworks thingy 3 metres away from me! hehe. it was fun and all that. i was like in awe....so pretty, how can you not like it right?

the 3 meter away one in Taiping.

and NOW, omg, i think got supplier warehouse of fireworks in kepong! every other km got one place ith huge fireworks... and its not a 30 second one, (which by the way costs RM100+) it was on for about a few minutes for each spot. like whoooaaa...they spent SO MUCH on just fireworks!

even my neighbour lighted up the red ones! and timtamboy was SO freaked out!!! he was bending down and he did not know where to go! poor boy. i went to hug him and patted him on his back. then when i went to bathe, he stayed under my car...poor boy. so freaked out.


more fireworks picture from far.



owh, i went to PS the mall today!:) and i've succumbed!! i bought a cheap wallet there. damn cheap. i was paiseh to say here cos most of me lj friends are quite brand buying people. so there. i bought a wallet. done. haha. and its very pretty!:)

the ultimate love test period of not talking to sidney starts today. omg, only 0137 now. haih. 3 days.

no sms. no email. no calls. :(

i will survive!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 2/06/2006 01:26:00 AM

Saturday, February 04, 2006
my life in words.

i started my developmental psychology class' assignment today. 3 pages done with 2 terms. yay for me. i just need another 8 terms and a zillion more pages. i have not started on my business and haven't tweaked my design. arrrgghhh...i hate myself for doing last minute. sheesh. and i promised myself earlier this year. resolution my butt. karen needs a kick in the butt.

so today i went to Aunty Margeret's house. 8 YAC members were there. sorry to those who were not invited/not there. i was only invited a day before and the organizers said they invited everyone(haha)!:) but it was all good. we were talking. and as usual they were asking us to quick, quick start the youth group again.

haih. i really envy FGA's youth church. i see WingSun and her gang all have SOMUCH fun and fellowship in church. i wish our church could be like them too. so once upon a time ago, i went all out for YAC. then people at church broke my spirit and i told myself (in december) that i will never go for any church youth thing. i gave up on everything we (YAC) did. YAC too did not meet anymore. we were almost gone.. then today i saw me good ol YAC gang and once again, i asked myself today, who am i doing it for? GOD! and i can't give up. i want what the oher youths are experiencing. i really do. so i shall try once again to be active.

owh well, i dowan any comment on that topic please. cos i know there will be a few of you readers who will be all angry (or comment-ey) about my take on religion. thats ur view, keep it to ur self. i know my god and i wanna do whatever i like with my religious life.

ANYWHOOO...we ate lunch there and hung out there until 3.

Top: Chris N, Louanne, Aunty Margeret, Yvette &Fat bum.
Bottom: Chris T, Uncle Ben, Thomas, Jia & Victor


i look fat there beside the super thin Yvette. owh well. i am. hehe. i went with Christopher Tham to their house. Thomas and Jia was with us. when balik time, i was so late adey! i was supposed to meet Sidney, you see. the moment i went home, i went to straight take the car keys and sped to subang! haha.

met him there, ate like a pig!!! haha. ate marshmellows and coleslow at Daves deli and ice creams at anderson's. (not really nice also! wasted money only) i had fun, the few hours we had. i missed him loads.

starting monday till wednesday i was not supposed to talk/sms/email or contact him in any way. he wants to reflect on stuff. he calls it the ultimate love test! HAHA. i can stand 3 days not talking (NOT!) haha. i shall reflect myself, on my journal assignment! haha.

hope all goes well.

i will be going out with Wei Foong and gang tmr. going "pai lin" (visiting) and getting a lot of ang pows!! just hope all their married family members are around!:) haha.

i was writing about my primary school life. hehe. funny how i look back and write about the things i did and thought. i love psychology classes!:) well, some of em.

i think i shall stop writing and sleep. i need some sleep. for tmr. cos tmr i'm going to have a tiring day of outing. shucks, i hope i x waste money tmr! i'm prone of finishing all the cash i have in my wallet. OWH YA, i need a new wallet. preferbly a long wallet. cos i've always wanted those!

anyone can suggest a few nice nice wallets?
please keep in mind that i'm a cheapskate and was never brought up with expansive things. HAHA. budget below RM50.

shucks. need to buy the financial planner papers for my organizer, so i can see how much i spend everyday!:) haha.

i give that one week!:)

good night people!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 2/04/2006 11:49:00 PM

Friday, February 03, 2006
Where Does Psychology Take You?

i found this on myPride (HELP's intranet). Center for psychology stuck this up and i found it amusing! HAHA. so many jobs i can do. just wonder if jobs will come falling on my feet when i graduate!:)

Where Does Psychology Take You

Karen wrote this at.. 2/03/2006 11:11:00 PM

Thursday, February 02, 2006
Meet up with La salle gang

Reunion Yam Cha Session
Place: Adam's Bistro, Manjalara (the food sucks!) + Eng Hoe's place for card games
Time: 9pm
People: Karen + Wei Foong + Eng Hoe + David (Jia Wai)

Ng, Low + Foo.

they were posing!

Group picture!!!:) HAHA. we took a few, but i looked fat in so many, until they asked me to stand at the back! HAHA.

anyways, i had fun meeting up with them. esp Jia Wai. i din see him since std 6!! he was disappointed that i can't speak cantonese anymore. haha. well, im disappointed with myself also! i forgot a language! haih. i still can speak a lil, but pronounciation cacat adey! haha. owh well.

Chinese New YearReview
CNY was fun! i was at Taiping+Ipoh... will blog later. im so lazy to upload pics. as usual, met my nephews and nieces! fun fun kids!:) i feel so old. cos they're so young. can you believe it, im 20 this year! omg!

we went to Taiping Zoo! omg, it was so hot. and the zoo is kinda nice. if only the animals were awake and lively like in Madagascar! HAHA. then it would be nice. we took 4 kids there (darren, derek, wei jun and wei yao) and man, it was so hard trying to keep up with them. because they were running around like mad.. but twas fun. the zoo was so big, imo. we walked until we got so tired!

in taiping, we brought our lap top there. so whenever we on the laptop, there will be one kid saying, "i wanna play lah!" haha. they can't really speak english, but they try hard when trying to talk to us. cute lil kids. they speak mostly mandrin and hokkien( for the taiping kids). i learnt so many hokkien + mandrin words! hahaha..
so once day, when i was trying to do my assignment, they ALL came. and i had to amuse them. so i took their picture and asked them what colour they liked..and made them frames with their names on it. hehe.
synn yee
This is synn yee. my first aunty's second daughter's first child. HEHE. she's 12.
i made this the last, cos she wasn't bugging my life. so the others were asking me " why she got star wan?" i said, " she never touch the computer, so she get star lorr" darren said, " i never touch worr" wei yao said, "i also never touch la" they all said they din touch when i made lil star for synn yee. HAHA. actually while i was doing their pictures, they were bugging my life, trying to touch and press the laptop's keypad.

This is ah boy. my first aunty's second daughter's second child. HEHE. he's 7.

This is darren pretty boy. my first aunty's second daughter's third child. HEHE. he's 6.

This is men men. my first aunty's second daughter's fourth child. HEHE. he's 4.

wei yau
This is yau yau. my first aunty's first daughter's first child. HEHE. he's 7.

wei jun
This is jun jun. my first aunty's first daughter's second child. HEHE. he's 5.

my first aunty's first daughter is expecting another child!:) and its a girl! yay, another niece!:)

i love kids! nuff said!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 2/02/2006 11:01:00 PM

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