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Monday, October 30, 2006

my lyyyl.blogspot.com is back on track! i was super sad okay!:( i thot it won't work anymore. i revert my layout to normal already. so now, you see a green blogspot layout. hehe. will make a new one soon :) for now, let's enjoy blogspot's layout. hehe.

hmmm....maybe i'll change it soon. hehe. looks so not me!:p and the comments and stuff...i might consider changing to Wordpress.com with my own domain. see how la. Mr. Tan hosts his blogspot on his own domain, maybe i shall do that too :) Inbam offered me something, but somehow his offer at Selltrade seems more feasible and more worth it. dum dee dum...

what do you think?
karenmarie.in (i have this collegemate, her name is serena in. this domain would so fit her...hahaha. www.serena.in)
lyyyl.net (i still own this one. cos they said its unavailable. either renew or dunno what)

so sorryy for not updating, its not me, blame streamyx and blogger.com. i could write posts, just could not publish it..HAHA. The only pages that i could surf and it actually loads is flickr.com. so i downloaded SO MANY pictures of flowers, pretty colors and stuff for my design. i still have 2 more black and white pages and a cover page.
i went to class today. reached college at 745. class was at 830. and finished at 9! like WHOA. wasting time and petrol only!!! half hour class. how nice! so i'm back now. its 1033am. so early. i should be sleeping now. but i shall refrain and start studying my Interviewing Chapters.

there's this chinese temple near my house's padang and they're having some celebration/makan/concert thing. The whole padang is covered with a stage and tables and chairs and huge jossticks. Now i hear lion dance song being played. hehe.

i should go do something useful. like my technical paper. owh wait, i wanted to study! hehe. byebye

Karen wrote this at.. 10/30/2006 10:34:00 AM

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