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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i am blogging. nonsensical stuff ofcourse!:)

anyways, GuanLim asked me to make an excel spreadsheet to control my spending. Not that he really asked me to cos he sibuk la! but i asked him how to save money, cos once he blogged about saving money!:) heehee. and now, i'm on a plan to only spend RM8 per day!:) if lebih, next day must even it by spending less. hehe. i'm ALMOST on track today! paid RM4 for charity, so tak kira la! hehe. and 4.50 for lunch. i should bring my own water, then can minus some costs on food!:) i managed to plus and minus with excel!:) hahaha. i need to take CS101 to teach me more. the only Office thing that i dunno how to handle!:) heehee.

omg, its 944, i need to start on my design! i guess tonight will be a loooonnnnggg night! i still dunno what to do for my front cover!!!!:(

how now brown cow?

any ideas?

owh, btw, my blog is back! with an old layout. 2005.haha. i loved this layout. WingSun and KarenLee loved it too, so i made a "tutorial" on how to do the swirly thingy. hehehhee. i was so lame.

fyi, my ipod shuffle died. haih. need to do the troubleshoot stuff later this week to revive it. i want my ipod!! even if its only a shuffle. its FREE ok!!! speaking of "dying" things, my RM10 watch died too. :( sucks. now i don't have a watch. and i can't live without a watch! shall try. cos i donwanna spend on a watch and my parents won't buy me one. sheesh. now i need new mp3 player somemore.

thats why i have a financial guru. and a plan to save money! if all goes well, by next year, i can save money adey! that is if my dad gives money in december la. if not i won't be able to keep up. hmmm...

i need money.

anyways, i wanna go do my pages! byebye

Karen wrote this at.. 10/31/2006 09:30:00 PM

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