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Saturday, October 14, 2006
sleeping beauty

HAZELLLL i saw your message on tagboard! hopefully by then, my baking skills will be erm, polished? and i will get a real oven this time, if not the cakes' bottom will be burnt like a few of my cupcakes the last time.

owh, i saw this simple cake Jaime Oliver did on the show, and i'm so gonna make it!:) its like 2 sponge cakes, in the middle got like whipped cream with berries(i'm using strawberries fo sho!) topped with melted chocolate...yums.

im so going to bake that soon!:) maybe this Raya...but people must be at my house to eat it up at once, or else not nice!:p

period's here. ugh. sucks man. i hate being a girl once every month.

i still haven't done my design assignment yet..i still have monday, i guess? im going out tmr to celebrate Sidney's birhday!:) he's gonna be 21 on wensday!:)

i miss him loads! wish he gets a job somewhere in kepong! hahaha

im going to watch tv. i've been sleeping like MAD lately! seriously...like yesterday, i went to college, fell down, came home at 10 and slept till 5. went for dinner, and slept at 10 till 10am on saturday..had period cramps, took panadol and slept at 2 till 7...and im sleepy now too. what is wrong with me?

Karen wrote this at.. 10/14/2006 09:07:00 PM

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