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Friday, October 13, 2006
change of plans

so, ok, i was going to take interactive psych, but instead now im doing Interviewing :)


it is one of the core of communications that i need to do. we gonna learn how to interview? hehe. what a sucky subject! i mean interactive is so much more interesting, but i have no choice at the moment. have to finish UIU core first. so this sem, im taking Interviewing and Publication Design under UIU. i will be finishing 4 subjects by this year, and 6 more by next summer then its internship for Communications major. or i could do it this december at some event management company. i was thinking more of designing intern at Seventeen/Klue/any other companies. but event management also should be fine. OWH, btw, for psych major, we HAVE TO do a Final year project! which means 40 page of lab report. sorta kinda like a thesis la. design my own experiment, conduct it by hiring experimenters, about 100+ participants. omg, somemore, Ms. Winnee and Dr. Goh will be the supervisors! omg. i'm only in year 3 next year, and i need to do a huge ass experiment?? diediedie.

anyways, today, i went to college at 850 and waited until 4 for my Interviewing class. ofcourse, we planned to study and do work,but we ended up slacking! hahaha. super ugh. super tiring too. i came home and slept. i seem to be napping a lot lately.  is it a good thing or a bad thing?  tmr i should bring laptop. in case i get bored and i can finish some work.

catholic students network meeting tmr at 12. need to bring some food along, what shall i bring? my brother was like, bring watermelon la!!! hahhaa. cos we ALWAYS bring watermelon for any pot luck dinner! haha.

its 11pm and my brother's out, dad took the dog for a walk and mum's asleep. i think i shall watch tv...toodles!

Karen wrote this at.. 10/13/2006 11:53:00 AM

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