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Friday, October 06, 2006
TAMBOY chicken!

Dogs Can Be Scaredy-Cats When It Comes To Thunder

Prozac Works For Some Dogs

POSTED: 11:43 am EDT July 21,

There is a member of the family who suffers every time there is thunder and lightning -- the dog.Many dogs freak out during storms, Philadelphia television station WCAU reported."C.J.
is out of control. As soon as that first lightning strikes, he starts
to shake, cry incessantly," said Kim Newton of her precious pooch.Thunder also turns Sam, a Bernese mountain dog, into 88 pounds of horrified hound."It's
sad to see, actually. He's looking at you (saying), 'Make it stop, make
it stop.' But you can't. You can't make it stop," said Ivonne Van Arkel
of her dog, Sam."When some dogs get scared they'll become
destructive. They'll tear down drapes, chew at the dry wall, chew at
the door jams, and some dogs may get so scared they may break out of
the house, jump through the window and run away," said Dr. M.J. Potter,
of the Ardmore Animal Hospital.If you want to help your dog feel
better about thunder and lightning, some experts recommend creating a
hiding hole, a small, dark place where your distressed dog can feel
safe.Also, when a storm strikes, you can try drawing your
drapes, dimming the lights and turning up the TV so your panic-stricken
pooch can't hear the thunder.Veterinarians say one thing you can
do is desensitize the dogs. Get a CD of thunder and play it very softly
in the background while you play with your dog and give him treats.Some dogs do well with prescribed medication."Prozac for dogs. It works well," Van Arkel said.C.J. takes a tranquilizer to stay calm during storms."He does really well with that. It sedates him," Newton said.If you have a dog distressed over thunder, don't feel bad. Chrissy Knight is dealing with a pit bull that is a scaredy-cat."I do. I do. I have a perfect scaredy-cat. I don't think anyone told her she's supposed to be different," Knight said.Dogs
predisposed to thunder phobia are young dogs and the herding dogs, such
as collies, Australian shepherds and border collies, the station
reported. Hounds such as beagles and bassets also seem to be more prone
to develop a fear of thunder and lightning.

Source: http://www.wsoctv.com/family/9555123/detail.html

Many dogs get scared and want to hide when they hear strong noises such as thunders.
natural reaction of the master is to ease the dog and distract it from
the cause of its fear, but this can increase the fearful answer of the
dog, because it learns that when it shows its fear, the animal is
rewarded with the contact of its master, encouraging words and even
the noises that scare dog. Play them for the dog to hear them when you
know that this noise will not be produced. At first, play in with a low
volume and reward the dog if it doesn't get scared.


NOW I KNOW WHY TAMBOY SO SCARED!!!:) must find thunder songs now!:) ehhee.

Karen wrote this at.. 10/06/2006 11:23:00 PM

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