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Monday, October 09, 2006
joy, joy, joy!


i got a B+ in Research Methods!:)

so, ok. nothing to brag about...i mean B+(79 - 83) thats like NOT an A(89-100),or an A-(84 - 88) but its close enough....

and, and, and, she actually complimented me!:) i got winnee to notice me! muahahhahahhaha! : p (i've always wanted her to notice me..i dunno why, some weird psychological complex i have. ) i was so stress that i won't do well in august. quote myself...

i'm so stressed.

i'm sad and stressed. i so wanna do well for RM. and i keep on screwing up. how nice. :(

i'm damn annoyed too. at myself. for screwing up.

i'm hungry too. no wireless. sucks even worst. can't get some comfort from the internet. i know, damn lame, rely on the internet.
so not cool. but i do find comfort on the net.

thanx for everyone's concern abt my depression-state over the weekend. i am OK now, i think.

i'm damn worried about my presentation and its only like what, 3%?

but noooooooooo, its so much more than that. its winnee's impression of me..there goes my A and my chance of becoming a tutor.

ok, so i was waiting for Elaine to see this other lecturer in CFP. so wait wait wait, then winnee came excitedly...(NO, not to tell me how i did!) she was escited about some other thingy(not the point here) so, she walkd passed me and said, "Karen, you did really well in RM, congrats!" i was like, "Really? hey, miss winnee, can i know what i got, as in ADP grade?" she was like sure, and i went to her office to see her.

she told me B+!
i mean, only like 5 people got an A- and 5 got a B+ (est.i couldn't remember everything from her wall!)

i think i could've done better if i handed in my lit review!:(  minus HALF of my 16 marks for introduction OK! no one ever informed me about handing in lit review with lab report! haih. i read her course outline through and through. but, owh well. got 71/100 for lab report. (instead of 79!!) hmmm

but thats not the best part...she asked me if i wanted to become a tutor!!:) omgomgomgomgomg, she actually asked!:) Must be Irina who told her about me...cos Irina once asked me if i wanted to become a tutor :) heehee.i said YES with a big smile.

she just made my day. just when i thought i really did so badly this sem.

btw, i got a FREAKING B for religions. CANDIE! A- for Mass comm and B for human comm(super predicted this!)

i still haven't told my parents my results. im scared. can u believe me, 20 years old and i'm still scared to tell my parents my results. TOO MANY B's la this sem. im afraid my mum would freak. like, omg, whatever happened to her genius daughter? EVERYONE OF MY RELATIVES THINK I'M LIKE AN A STUDENT!!! I'M SO NOT!

anyways, just wanna share the happy news with the world!:)

owh, went for Publication design today. guess whats our project? REDESIGN THE AMERICAN FLYER!!! haha. super annoying kawkaw!

haha. bring it on man, im all psyched to study and do my designs.

and yea, i have to see christabel tmr about my UIU thingy. i should've seen her earlier. my bad!:(

gtg bathe now!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 10/09/2006 05:48:00 PM

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