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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Learning Styles

how do you study?
is it by...
a) Reading the text book/any material
b) Writing down notes in colours/highlighting/doodles
c) Listening to lectures, and whoa, straightaway enter brains!:)
d) You'll only learn through labs, playing with models and stuff?

do you know whats your style?? or you just read text book and hope to pass your test?? Well, i'm here to teach you! muahahhahahahhaah...
(i'm planning to blog about what i studied in Interactive Psych everyday, plan laa...*dunno how long can last!*)

So anyway, back to the "lecture"....Last semester, i went to the Scientology Center, and they said, there is a specific way of studying a "science" created by L. Ron Hubbard that everyone can apply and use, i say bullshit!!!!:P not everyone's thing is reading, right? cos thats what scientology's Study Technlogy is all about.

Making Learning Work: Learning Styles(LS)
So, today i learnt about Multiple Intelligence (see below to take the test and see what kind of intelligence you're more inclined towards!). We did not learn the Rogers Theory, but another theory that has 4 basic learning styles. Basically, people have 4 ways la. (ofcourse there are more!)
  1. Visual Verbal - Reading
  2. Visual Nonverbal - Viewing
  3. Auditory - Listening
  4. Kinesthetic/Tactile - Touching
These LS are usually different for different people. I mean, its common sense that everybody's different right? This is because people learn at a different rate also. There are three categories of Ls models. The first one is Perceptual Modality. This model is based on biological reactions and physical environment. That means its an innate ability of a person and the environment that shapes the LS of a person. We usually adapt to the LS that suites our innate intelligences. The second one is Information processing and third is Personality patterns.

So, my lecturer only focused on Perceptual Modality!:)
The main thing about this model is that people have dominant and an auxiliary way of studying/learning something. We usually use all our intelligences, like for example, we read, we hear lectures/OHP, but you only would prefer to use one, or you're more comfortable with one or two only. Or, you can use all, depends on you really. i'll explain what are the 4 learners and how to improve on them ok?

Visual Learners
Auditory Learners
Kinesthetic Learners
OK, NOW, learning Strategies!:)
the point here, is how to make yourself learn better so that you can do well in exams!:) if you really follow, i think you can do well in learning, cos in my opinion, it has worked for me!:) i just need to buck up and study MORE!:p

Visual Verbal Learner should...
Visual NonVerbal Learner should...
Auditory Learner should...
Kinesthettic Learner should...
Everyone can adopt a few learning styles. Like, for me, i've been using Visual Verbal and Nonverbal for my whole college learning process without even realising it!:) hehe. i guess, i will add more things to my studying like making good notes and stuff.

i hope it helped you!:) it sure as hell did not help me, cos i took an hour to write this and yea, i'm no verbal/typing person learner, more of writing with colours and mnemonics!:P and besides, i already am doing all the things he mentioned!:)

so, again, take the online test (or Multiple intelligence test) and see which kind of intelligent you possess and use some of these skills in your studying process, because everyone is smart in their own way...

btw, all info here are cited from my lecture today by Kenneth Phun!:) (Phun, 2006).

Karen wrote this at.. 10/12/2006 12:13:00 AM

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