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Sunday, October 15, 2006
omg, super emo

Publication Design

i hope to get my internship helping designers do layouts! i've always dreamt of working in places like that (heck thats why i even considered doing a mass comm major) but i need a "portfolio" to do so. i dun have any, do i? besides dumdum layouts i do! *shrugs*

i'm currently critique-ing the American FLyer.

owh, shits, its 10. gonna watch tv now. my weekly dose of malaysia production.

back. 1128 now.

i should sleep.


i celebrated Sidney's Birthday today!:) i always hear Elaine tell me about elaborate birthdays she throws for her friends and all, then i thought, why not i do one for sidney~! haha. then again, i thought, i NEVER ever had any elaborate birthday parties since i was 8 probably (not counting my highschool years where i cut cake+sweets+jellies+mihun with kids from my aunt's day car centre) haha.so how am i going to pull it off?? i don't even know how it feels like to have one big big celebration! (not that i want one, i'm just not used to it i guess, the singing birthday songs, everyone looking at you..) since long ago, my family's been just going out for big expensive dinners for birthdays, so i guess i adopted that as a "celebration". Guess i never had friends like Elaine who would go to so much trouble to make someone's day!:) she's really sweeet i tell you...:) once she bought me a cake to make me feel better!:D

anyways, today we ate big at the curve, i spent!:) i hope it was alright for him as its the big 21. i feel like i've not done enough for his birthday :( (comparatively to what he tells me about his friends' big birthday bash....i've got no resources to get him a big bash----he's in Klang, his parents are weird and he's not staying at Wangsa Maju anymore...how to organize a big bash right?) what should i do? hmmmm...

how do you celebrate birthdays? big big birthday celebrations extended families and friends, just go out with friends for big clubbing night or just dinner with family?

im getting all emo now. bye bye. tmr 830 class.. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .... .. . . ..

Karen wrote this at.. 10/15/2006 11:53:00 PM

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