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Monday, March 10, 2008

i have always set my bars high, to be able to get the grades to study clinical psychology. Until i went for Abnormal Psychology class.

I mean, it is fun and all that trying to diagnose people. But, omg, the amount of studying and hafaling i must do. i can die five times okay! So then....I do not think clinical psychology is something i see myself do for the rest of my life. Well, for now at least.

then, i always joke around with my parents and friends that i want to be a marriage counselor.


yes, i do. Sounds fun, you know.


then today, something happened at church that made me want to save marriages and try not to let them fall apart.

There's this girl in church. We see her in church since she was like what 5/6 years old. She always comes to church with her father. He's this big guy, muscular and always with his daughter. Always. For a long time, we did not see her mother with her.

Recently, her mother started coming to church. We see them on and off la. They will be together. They have another child too, about age 3. Looked like a perfect happy family:)

Just today. She came with her mother to church. I saw them and wondered where's the father. Then halfway through mass, he came and sat at the back of church.

After mass, he went looking for his daughter. She came and gave him a hug. AND HE CRIED!!!

He cried. This man teared as he hugged his kid.

omg, when i saw, i wanted to cry also. I mean, we always see him in church and he would be always with his daughter. She always sat on his lap and like always together wan la. inseparable. Her mother was still sitting on the bench. never approached them.

So, I'm just guessing that he hasn't seen her in a long time. and i'm guessing marriage trouble?


So saddddddd......


well, i do not know the real story, but from what i saw, it is heart wrenching enough. i just hope things turn out fine.

i really hope i would be a good counselor and try to help people help themselves solve problems.

I'm talking to elaine about life decisions now. I still do not know what i'm going to do when i grow up(I mean get out of school). lols.

But for now, counseling seems feasible.

****even if it means getting lessr $$ per hour! hahahahah
*****yes, one of my reason for becoming a Clin Psych is to get the cassssshhhh lol. and look cooler also la. you know, "Hi, i'm Karen, I'm a clinical Psychologist!"
******* Ok, now, one two three "WTF!!!"

Maybe i shall just bake cupcakes for life...

Karen wrote this at.. 3/10/2008 12:22:00 AM

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