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Sunday, March 02, 2008
slap me

my stalking level is at a critical point.

Ok, so, backstreet boys has a new fan club thingy which have to pay wan la. its like $44.95 USD. Get to read their blogs, watch videos, etc. butttttttttttttt, only certain countries can join, wtf!

sucks to be living here now, right? hahahaha

so i searched in FB for some other replacement. and i found Nick's FB group and Howie's FB group and the owner of the group actually updates the blogs from the newfanclubthing.

joy joy!

there's also Brian and AJ's Fb group by the same owner...but, i don't think they update their blog...

so anyways, here's nick's blog entry when he was in malaysia!:)

Im partying .....Haha ha ha ha
February 26, 2008 @ 4:58 AM
So check it. Im in kuala lumpur. And i am having a blast . It so cool here . Howie and i are kickin it with all the bodyguards Q , Marcus, . Are new manager Jen Is here as well. Were in the a lounge on the 20th floor. Its awesome. We've got a show tommorow here, and it seems like the fans are ready for it. I wanna say that the feeling of being out of the country is refreshing. The vibe is amazing.Everyone has a smile on there face . And it seems like life is full of Surprises . Im def net ly a little buzzed but.... im sure that all of you know that i love ya. I want you to know that you are important to me . And i am talking to ya cause you deserve it. This is the beginning to an amazing friendship. I wish you were here to see the beauty that the rest of the world has to offer. Im thinkin of one day movin to another country. I think it would be something that would help me grow into a better person and artist. Ok OK . Im freakin ramblin'. I love ya . and i will see ya soon. On tour lol ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ah amwah

haha. he actually went partying somewhere! owh maaaannn why whyyy didn't i go to the same club as him!:) or maybe he was just at Sunway Hotel partying there with his friends. . .

they really sayang their fan club people. cos they blog more there than their myspace... awwww..... i wanna be in that fanclub!! but NOOOOO, its only open to certain countries, cos the registration form doesn't have "malaysia"

x x x

ok, i am satisfied now that i know where to stalk i mean read their blog entries...

no more stalking, promise:)

My mum bought this nail art stamp thingy. Which is quite cool. I pimped my car keys, my mum's phone and also my nails!:) hahaha. will pimp my camera and phone next...

It is quite fun to play with, but their nail polish sucks!! hahaha..

Anyone wants a manicure? I charge RM10 per person. damn cheap okayyy!!

This is what you can do with a lot of creativity....lol

I'm halfway there...NOT!!!!

Karen wrote this at.. 3/02/2008 11:01:00 PM

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